• Bryant LaMore 6 months ago


  • H8FULLCRAFTER TY 6 months ago

    I am born from Spain sorry English is balb

  • Bryant LaMore 6 months ago


  • Johnathon Perez 6 months ago

    I love Prestonplayz meme #UNSUBFROMSHOT

  • Bryant LaMore 6 months ago

    I even have your skin in Minecraft

  • Bryant LaMore 6 months ago

    Because u are the best YouTuber EVER

  • Katrina Sellens 6 months ago

    What Texas is awesome co live in Texas

  • Piggy defender 6 months ago

    Hey Preston, I could be your recording buddy, I have good parkor* and pvp plus Texas is awesome!!!!! I’m sorry about the hurricanes,#unsubfromshot(whyd u do it in the first place????)

  • TheLegendaryDragon Playz 6 months ago

    Lol 7:22 “I hate you!!!!!”

  • Rainbow Dash 6 months ago

    in texas

  • Rainbow Dash 6 months ago

    live in texas

  • Nguyen Cam Nhung 6 months ago


  • Nguyen Cam Nhung 6 months ago


  • Hikaru Sasaki 6 months ago

    Shotgun you suck presten is way better then you you shity fuck

  • Nguyen Cam Nhung 6 months ago


  • Lane Bridges 6 months ago

    How dare u shot gun I’m from Texas to we r coming shot

  • Beckett Lynch 6 months ago

    Un sub from shotgun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lane Bridges 6 months ago

    Can I have shot I well pay $0.00 he’s worth that much

  • Scryptical 6 months ago

    Preston, *_your final score_* wouldn’t be 38 since you restarted the map! Like so Preston can see

  • Emanxd Cooltdf 6 months ago


  • Andy Mesina 6 months ago


  • Jack Tube 6 months ago

    Shot is starting a WAR. 😭😭😭😭

  • MrPancaeks 6 months ago

    Australian accent, im in 😉

  • AnselTDNE // TDNE // 6 months ago

    Texas is my city

  • Charlotte is random 6 months ago


  • TBNR fanz 6 months ago

    Anyone else worried about preston and hurricane harvey

  • kcmcglennon 6 months ago

    “Say Texas is my city”

  • Absolutely Mewly 6 months ago

    Stop shotgun hate

  • Shiveski10 6 months ago

    I want to be your recording partner I will be much better than shot at parkour and I have unsubbed him, I also love Texas but its sad that recently a flood happened there. Preston, sadly I only have 29 subscribers, but I could be a better partner than him and maybe with each other’s help, we could become more popular (probably you as I have a much longer way to go) and take over the number one space. I am based in England so plz choose me to be your new recording partner. Thanks Shiveski10

  • CblueDiamond_YT YT 6 months ago

    I just sub to shot and unsub

  • Katsy Jiménez 6 months ago

    I have 0 subs im texan and im in the mid range of good in parkour and bad at parkour (theres my application) :p

  • Hunterpro 28 6 months ago

    Can I be you’re recording partner I am a new youtube I have no videos but I am a pro bedwars player trust and also tell shot #unsub2shot

  • Fatima Mohammadi 6 months ago

    You roasted pokes girlfriend

  • CblueDiamond_YT YT 6 months ago


    #unsub to shot

  • Hunterpro 28 6 months ago

    I only got one but can you help me get 1k plz in a video of yours shoutout me I’m a bit nervous if I don’t but if you can I will pray for Texas #texas4life

  • Hunterpro 28 6 months ago

    And one more thing I….am…..11

  • APembsBaby 6 months ago

    Unsub the shot 🇨🇱 is the best

  • Francesca Lutz 6 months ago


  • Princess Sweet Shy 6 months ago

    I could be your recording partner. I don’t live in America or Texas (sorry ._.) but I do have a great accent. I love your videos BUT I don’t have alot of subscribers (saying that is embarrassing and ruined my chance but you asked for it). I also NEVER SUBBED to Shot in my ENTIER EXISTENCE!!!!! So to end this of #UNSUBFROMSHOT!!!!

  • Belinda Zhou 6 months ago

    nope shotgun is here ruining the fun
    in the intro
    thumbs down

  • Jonathan Jonathan 6 months ago


  • Extremeblockz 6 months ago

    Channel name: Extremeblockz
    Quality: skywars
    Dream:record with Preston
    Opportunity: very high

  • PandaMonium Nation 6 months ago


  • Aamu Rantala 6 months ago

    Unsub2shot he sucks

  • RockyG035 6 months ago

    That’s the chilly flag

  • Starburst Galaxy 6 months ago

    Ladies and gentle men, welcome to a new **POPCORN** map😉

  • CoolMCPlayz 101 6 months ago

    27000 deaths for shot :llll

  • epic troller of minecraft pocket edition 6 months ago

    16:02 player joins and teleported them back to the beggining

  • Ashley Jones 6 months ago


  • Ashley Jones 6 months ago


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