• Pratish Shrestha 3 months ago

    You should go to your another house..

  • 13ra011eyA 3 months ago

    you need to go deeper

  • coolness 1235 3 months ago

    You can

  • Shane Norman 3 months ago

    you can kill it

  • Rav Goldking 3 months ago

    If i were you.. Put a shaders folder in your minecraft instead cause shaders can make light even your holding it to you left slot hand

  • [SSG] NIA 3 months ago

    Sub to me yall

  • Adam Mallia 3 months ago

    Its my birthday TG

  • rampager gamer 3 months ago

    That’s a chicken bro

  • wolfpack man 3 months ago

    They are called blaxes

  • Rebecca Waller 3 months ago

    come on i got to go to school oh no this is bad

  • Amanda Scruggs 3 months ago

    flint comes with gravel

  • angelica Lopez 3 months ago

    When your are in the water put a torche and get close so you can get aiR

  • PROFESSIONAL Gamer 3 months ago

    Can you do more mine craft

  • shuree moosmann 3 months ago

    when you get good a minecraft do mods

  • Typicalgamer team_TGE7 3 months ago

    Hello mr.andre if you can remamber those black skeletons they are actually Wither Skeletons if you can get 3 of their heads and put them on the soul sand blocks you can spawn the most dangerous mob ever i mean more dangerous than ender dragon

  • Rewind 3 months ago

    TG find were you fell build a box around the lava and use a bucket to clear the lava and pick up stuff

  • Sam Potter 3 months ago

    That good weed

  • Kai_1723 3 months ago

    You should use cheats tot get all your items back as you should have

  • Dean Myburgh 3 months ago

    gravel is found near water

  • OLDEST HD 3 months ago

    I have Wait for This FINALLY NETHER!

  • GerrardGaming 3 months ago

    Omg samara is soooo loud😂😂

  • Brock DODD 3 months ago

    to get flint mine gravel and there will be 10% chance there will be a peace of flint instead of the gravel block

  • Aurora Gamez 3 months ago

    You should fight the nether first!!!!!!❄❄

  • Jay _- 3 months ago

    TG turn your mic up on next stream it’s really low.

  • Mads Stabell 3 months ago

    You best you tube

  • Terry Brown 3 months ago

    me and my sibling are a huge fan of your mincraft vids thx so much for them

  • Dylan Schoendorf 3 months ago

    When I saw that u had a iron door I was like u need a preasher plate or a button

  • Kevion Henderson 3 months ago

    great video

  • William Wilson 3 months ago

    Sin the pool

  • Kobe Whitaker 3 months ago


    He said ”KOBE!”………..

  • King Savage 3 months ago

    Just tp to her

  • Josue Vazquez 3 months ago

    the nether land is dark so bring fire and wepons

  • Mike Gaming 3 months ago

    You should play minecraft: Story mode from tell taled games, or in the future you should play crazy craft, with mods

  • Lyubov Bredikhina 3 months ago

    the are magma cubes

  • Isaias Motiel 3 months ago

    When can you build a under ground bunker

  • Ranse Almenteros 3 months ago

    Not a smart move destroying the spawner those are your chances of getting potions

  • Tonya Grisdale 3 months ago

    Don’t leave base

  • Kerryann Poyser 3 months ago

    The yellow guys are blazes

  • Kerryann Poyser 3 months ago

    In lava you can’t get back everything

  • Kerryann Poyser 3 months ago


  • SpiralCraft Blank 3 months ago

    Go to the End defeat the ender dragon and get wings and fly

  • Isaiah Pickett 3 months ago


  • Lettys Leger 3 months ago

    U can make die with flowers

  • Matthew Ford 3 months ago


  • Joey Sanders 3 months ago


  • Jawuan Bailey 3 months ago

    Your girl is annoying af lmao

  • Brayshin Choice 3 months ago

    Tp to her dumey

  • ma. leilah yunsay geronimo 3 months ago

    Wow u got 5 million subscribers 🤔🤑🤑😶😶😍🙂🙃☺️😇

  • Jack Godwin 3 months ago

    do more vidio

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