• Jeanette Walters 1 week ago

    Please Please Pleeeeeease start a Minecraft series!

  • ImmagiTube 1 week ago


  • Frankie He 1 week ago

    OMG you not need a potion to see under water!!!

  • Star Warrior24 1 week ago


  • Upgrading Master 1 week ago

    what if minecraft added a reaper leviathan

  • Jake Andrade 1 week ago

    I miss minecraft and crazycraft

  • CatCya Animations 1 week ago

    Finally some minecraft!!!

  • Hey Look Its Griffin 1 week ago

    Hey James!!! I saw this video popped up and I was like “whoa yes!!!!” I couldn’t believe it- Thnxcya doing Minecraft agian! I mean, I understand that this was just kind of a looking at Minecraft again which I still really love! I’ve watched your channel do so long (since the first yogbox) and I still watch it today and I just want to say I very much enjoyed this video and seeing your beautiful Minecraft skin again after all this time and I would very much support any sort of Minecraft content returning in the future! Stay awesome!

  • Maumaiora Whakatihi 1 week ago

    We have waited, meny meny moons, and many many suns. You allways forget about things like that

  • CoolGuyRyan Z 1 week ago


  • Jamirwon 1 1 week ago

    Bring back minecraft

  • DJ Murdock 1 week ago


  • legoshowtv 1 week ago

    way to long since u made a good snapshot video i think the last time was for me at least 1.11 that you made one

  • A the slayer 1 week ago

    They have swimming animations and a new weapon

  • legoshowtv 1 week ago

    do a video on the new textures

  • legoshowtv 1 week ago

    yea i dont like the new typing thing it makes me mad xD

  • legoshowtv 1 week ago

    ever item floats now

  • Aoko Nakamori 1 week ago

    Lol you forgot to strip the birch wood XD

  • Squirrel Girl 1 week ago

    I’m blessed I was the 444 like

  • Joshua 4arty 1 week ago

    Plz do way more Minecraft I love your Minecraft videos

  • Agent_Duck Quack 1 week ago

    11:22 It’s diamonds in the deep lads, anyone else remember that reference?

  • Muhammad Khuzaima 1 week ago


  • Michael the Pikele 1 week ago

    Finally minecraft I was such an inactive sub for so long

  • john melchek 1 week ago

    Good, we need the old James back. Been watching your old yogbox videos craving one of the only Youtubers who can make me enjoy Minecraft.

  • Ivory Fox 1 week ago

    You can breed the turtles using sea grass and you pick it up by using shears I think 🙂

  • Mihael Zubak 1 week ago

    We need crazy craft

  • Hoot0woot 1 week ago

    Squids have always inked

  • Ghaiothy RS 1 week ago

    You forgot the birch 😢 19:35

  • octopusquid game 1 week ago

    That village is completely normal

    And im a squid

  • Bobing Bobing 1 week ago

    Survival LET’S PLAY!!!

  • James PVP 1 week ago

    Play bedwars

  • Anto Prime 1 week ago

    James you can swim now in Minecraft

  • Pikachu II 1 week ago

    Thnxcya if you want to play more Minecraft Maps go to a website called MinecraftMaps

  • Great0 Dude 1 week ago

    Make Song of this minecraft version, please

  • Great0 Dude 1 week ago

    Make song

  • Emmanouel Vasiliou 1 week ago

    I just got the best idea. TURTLE RIDING

  • micnmindisney 1 week ago

    if you breed the turtles like we do with cows chickens etc they make a little digging motion on the sand and then there is an egg which well eventually hatch. I just do not remember what you feed them with to breed them. Thank you. great video

  • Mika Bradley 1 week ago

    You need to go back to slime rancher

  • Squidthepug- Roblox Shenanigans and More! 1 week ago


  • תומר הופנברג 1 week ago

    I forgot how ur skin looks so much time yay minecraft again

  • Lisa Fillingham 1 week ago

    You don’t need night vision in the new update. When a baby turtle grows up it gives you the scute (shell pieces) you can craft a shell with the helmet formation, brew it or ware it. when you brew it it makes the the turtle master potion that gives you slowness and resistance. Also when you put magma underwater it dragged you down and soul sand pushes you up (you acted like magma was new)

  • Everscream 1 week ago

    Another big snapshot arrived after this video was uploaded, check it out as well, idk.

  • Tirukes 1 week ago

    This Channel is dieing:(

  • Jesse mix game's 1 week ago

    Nice James i saw you with the stream of dan you donated 50,00 thats kind of you

  • GD Norwegian 1 week ago

    Hi James i saw you donate on Dans stream :3

  • Logan Krecic 1 week ago

    check out the trident and the 4 enchantments and the new potion

  • Logan Krecic 1 week ago

    salmon spawns in rivers as well

  • Logan Krecic 1 week ago

    zombies crush eggs

  • Dragonlord the king of dragons 1 week ago

    They should put piranhas and have piranhas in lakes

  • yolo 1 week ago

    Aqwatic 0:54 why Aqwatic???

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