• Dark Corners 3 weeks ago

    What would you do if you saw Granny in Minecraft?

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  • Thunder Fist 3 weeks ago


  • Iris Aladzic 3 weeks ago

    Granny is in minecraft mod

  • Tashana Moestadjab 3 weeks ago

    Omg I had that seed

  • Oddly Odd 3 weeks ago


  • Robin Nelissen 3 weeks ago

    Did you notice the 🕇 too where the bonuschest was?

  • Robin Nelissen 3 weeks ago

    Or is it just me?

  • jbl cerwin vega fan 3 weeks ago


  • Ascraft 3 weeks ago

    The ice spikes biome is just rare.

  • Jeanette Schoeman 3 weeks ago


  • Melissa Finnegin 3 weeks ago

    i read a minecraft book about herobrine and the book had a ice spike bio

  • __ gabriela __ 3 weeks ago


  • __ gabriela __ 3 weeks ago

    *those are totally in-game sounds*

  • caleb Sparling 3 weeks ago

    U know where the chest was well something made it into a cross intil a torch ruind it

  • gamebuddy 72945 3 weeks ago

    The ice Spike biome has been on the game for a long time.

  • manga fan 3 weeks ago

    dark use cole blocks in the furnace cole blocks spend way less then cole

  • febry rusmayadi 3 weeks ago

    dark can you please play dreadout that would be nice if you play dreadout, you can play the DEMO first you dont want to play actually game

  • the dark player 3 weeks ago

    Hey dark i saw a sand house in the distance at 2:42

  • Spainy Gaming 3 weeks ago

    That is because you are playing aquatic update

  • Grigor Hakobyan 3 weeks ago

    You can tame a polar bear by feeding it fish and you can ride it .

  • The_overlord1240 3 weeks ago

    Ice spikes is a EXTREMELY rare biome. Your lucky you found one….

  • The_overlord1240 3 weeks ago

    That bunny looked like it had red eyes. If it did then ironically it was not a peaceful mob : it was a killer rabbit which has a spawn rate of less than 0.5%

  • The_overlord1240 3 weeks ago

    I have a video idea. When the aquatic update occurs see if there are any creepy new stuff in the shipwrecks or other new structures.

  • Dark Angel 3 weeks ago

    I think bat is the most anoing

  • Shohini dey 3 weeks ago

    It’s old

  • joseph carvil 3 weeks ago

    Hey dark play temple run

  • Selli Kelly 3 weeks ago

    1:25 – 1:35 right side of the screen a cross I think..
    4:50 almost cross
    4:14.. notice how fast the snow was disappearing… Yes it may be bc of the torch but then why didn’t the other torches melt the snow? And I think it was making a cross out of it but Dark Corners walked away….😶😐
    Dark be more alerted plz !

  • Jack Gagnon 3 weeks ago

    Dark I was on your server and I’m never going back on because of what I saw and you need to check it out there I was making my sword and entity 303 took it over my hope house everything I had I tried to get my house back and he tried to kill me every time I tried to get my house back please investigate your server I’m not going back till this is fixed please go it thank you ☺

  • Alyssa Bonilla 3 weeks ago


  • Alyssa Bonilla 3 weeks ago


  • محمد اليماحي 3 weeks ago

    Villagers and bunnies

  • mmm mmm 3 weeks ago

    Bad grandma

  • Super random Bros. 3 weeks ago

    Ice biome is a very uncommon biome

  • charizard gamer 3 weeks ago

    that did not look like a skeleton at 12:18

  • the cubing dude 3 weeks ago

    Dark corners has hit a low. Like super low.

  • the cubing dude 3 weeks ago

    Hey dark, in your next Minecraft video can you turn down the volume of the music by a little bit?

  • Arelie Tiai 3 weeks ago

    you should start making vlogs

  • The_Soviet _Gamers 3 weeks ago


  • TrimBiscuit 8754 3 weeks ago

    The biome is rare

  • JayThePlaya _ 3 weeks ago

    I think your base looks better and more nicer than the quick guys in the ground.

  • JayThePlaya _ 3 weeks ago

    I mean huts

  • Dieu Poulet 3 weeks ago

    Polar bear and the weird skeleton(I don’t know his name in English) were there since1.9 or1,10

  • Trip's Animations 3 weeks ago

    Ok, ok.There’s no way! There can’t be!

  • Miriam Arredondo 3 weeks ago

    When dark drowned to get his chest a cross formed I swear🤤

  • Team 12 3 weeks ago

    U should play granny

  • Atif Riaz 3 weeks ago


  • shubham bahuguna 3 weeks ago

    Play dame th cosito seed in Minecraft

  • shubham bahuguna 3 weeks ago

    There are many cross there

  • JohnvvenPlayz Productions 3 weeks ago

    You have to delete that world!

  • Jack Productions 3 weeks ago


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