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  • The D00DERINO 1 week ago

    The phrase ‘mumbo jumbo’ relates to a man wearing a wooden mask running out of the woods screaming and then proceeds to tie a woman to a pole and beat her with a stick

  • LuffyJosh 1 week ago

    Can you build the bitcoin line (sorry Idk how to say the word in english)

  • - Coco_EC_2003 - 1 week ago

    I had -34 fps.

  • Boost Adict 1 week ago

    He uploaded then immediately took it down
    (Hermitcraft 5 piston house

  • john bryer 1 week ago

    could use a command block to automatically clear items after 30 or 40 seconds of activation

  • _Jarn_ 1 week ago

    I’m not looking forward to the 1.13 update personally. The new weapons etc. are cool, but the new water mechanics are going to break every system that uses water. All water-item conveyer systems will be destroyed, and as you addressed in this video; all redstone is very laggy in the new snapshot. Without the use of the water conveyer systems, item transportation will become exponentially more laggy requiring the need for several more hoppers. Some multiplayer servers have a hopper limit for ones base, so a lot of things are going to become damn near impossible when this snapshot releases as the mandatory version for multiplayer server use. No one seems to care that everything is going to break though.

  • James Dlading 1 week ago

    Build it on the hermitcraft server👍🏻😻

  • Rigidity 1 week ago

    Only 9k views in 1 day? So low xD

  • Rigidity 1 week ago

    /gamerule commandBlockOutput false & /gamerule logAdminCommands false

  • Keoni Holmes 1 week ago

    make a lava lamp using this sand trick wave thing

  • Butering83 1 week ago

    Have a nice day!

  • Marethyu MMM 1 week ago

    Wouldn’t be less laggy if he turned off particles so the water bubbles dont show. (in the snapshot)

  • Red stonethebomb 1 week ago

    u can do /kill @e[type=item] because /kill @e[type=!player] will also kill the falling sand the item 1 will well only kill items

  • A Rock. 1 week ago

    Friday da thyrteentf

  • Bluecool97 1 week ago

    0.0001 FPS

  • The13th_Empire 1 week ago

    /kill @e [type=item]

  • Tacobell1384 1 week ago

    Why don’t you turn off particles to help with lag?

  • opgamin osc 1 week ago

    Mumbo, i subsibed and liked almost all ur vids but this,

    Blow my life

  • Kitten with one video But needs 50 subscribers 1 week ago

    Wait I did reaserch.. Mumbo jumbo is MagmaMusen?????

    If this was obvious, then I’m stupid xD

  • shot q80 1 week ago

    Why did that sand look like rayqaza from pokemon

  • Ben Brinkerhoff 1 week ago

    when 1.13 comes out. i hope that mumbo gets credit with all the mind-blowing machines he has invented!

  • Denis Vandebenderie 1 week ago

    Build a manual 3×3 piston door

  • MCMeatBox 1 week ago

    /kill @e[type=!Player]
    to just kill everything except yourself. can be useful when clearing items of the ground.
    quot from harkatt it would be better to use /kill @e[type=item] because /kill @e[type=!Player] would kill all entities and if you have other entities on the worl you build this it would kill them so use /kill @e[type=item]

  • Some Kid 1 week ago

    Try using world edit when you make creations that involve modules, it will save a lot of time, also, you should take a look at Grian’s world edit tutorial is you are going to end up using it.

  • Kay's Kreations 1 week ago

    Oooooh so many things you keep coming up with that are so cool …hahaha this is totally awesome 💕

  • Fiercepuffin 1 week ago

    You can also find perfectly good waves in real life.

  • Imat Hogwarts 1 week ago

    Mumbo: Ive over complicated things. *builds crazy wave machine* yes yes much simpler

  • Mr inquisitive 1 week ago

    263 😉

  • Michael Wyatt 1 week ago

    So many awesome quotes for the techno remixes! “Freaky” “…but smooth!”

  • Ollie 150 1 week ago

    you should disable particle effects in the options menu to reduce lag

  • BrenTDEurie Minecraft Adventures 1 week ago

    your video is a bit jittery

  • Aragorn Jocson 1 week ago

    I was expecting this

  • matheus pipin 1 week ago

    That was amazing

  • TheFireTakerWater Emmanuel Lexis 1 week ago

    Also put Magmablocks.

  • Bobby Tarantino 1 week ago

    This guy is overrated. He’s an average redstoner. If you even try to learn about redstone, you’d be in the same level as him.

  • RBFlesky 1 week ago

    could’ve just done /gamerule doTileDrops false

  • Jovan Plavsic 1 week ago

    That was satisfying

  • TexanBossGuy 1 week ago

    Make a hidden entrance inside of a portaloo

  • jeremy tejero 1 week ago

    Dear Mumbo Jumbo

    I’m trying to figure a way to combine these two red stone contraptions, I’ve done it in creative and it work there but when I’ve tried to build it in survival something won’t give. If you have time and you look through and see if you can make it more combated? Thank you

  • Skyler Kidder 1 week ago

    Mumbo do /gamerule doTiledrops false that way there wont be as much lag

  • Motion Crazy 1 week ago

    How is that possible

  • manlego031 1 week ago

    how i play 1.13 on teamextreme launcher?

  • Sruthik Warface 1 week ago

    I stopped playing Minecraft but i still watch you 😃

  • Al Weighs Wright 1 week ago

    The end result looks like an eel

  • Muntas 1 week ago

    How does Mumbo deposit multiple stacks to dispensers from a single stack of items?

  • Snake King 1 week ago

    Lava lamp 2.0?

  • Sebastian Burgoyne 1 week ago

    993rd comment SO EARLY

  • Weikai 46 1 week ago

    Turn off all particle effects, thank me later.

  • Thomas Orr 1 week ago

    it’s confirmed mumbo needs a new much stronger computer

  • It's Thinzy 1 week ago

    Make a printer using a wave machine :3

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