Today we play some battles with crazy lucky blocks!


  • naven chen 8 months ago

    In the description it says lucky blocks Jerome why????

  • Tyler Noel Snyder plunkett 8 months ago

    Township in Minecraft

  • zachary cottrell 8 months ago

    Every episode please keep giving him green carpets…

  • Dragfolar The gamer 8 months ago

    The ship is made out of Spruce wood

  • Andrew Snow 8 months ago

    Jerome, not complaining or anything cause like, i love your vids, but can you please empty your inventory sometimes😂

  • Thatglasgowduck 0247 8 months ago

    Should off got some wool of the ship when you were looking

  • Gaming Kitten Katie 8 months ago

    I want Tewity back!!’

  • Bluelions311 8 months ago

    not liking the bit between were we dont see!!!

  • James Beattie 8 months ago

    where did you get the hammers from ?

  • Drizzt Do'Urden 8 months ago


  • Isaac_B123 8 months ago


  • James Schulte 8 months ago

    Why is Ben so salty near the beginning

  • fire gaming12 8 months ago

    Builder hut looks poooppy

  • lit mania 8 months ago

    Their is crazy loot on the pillars of the asteral sorcery fountain

  • Joe Bozic 8 months ago

    lll lll

  • Damian f 8 months ago

    Hey Jerome I Saw You Yesterday At Minefaire And i got your merch

  • King James 8 months ago

    00:00 <——————— press if not loading

  • swagman419 8 months ago

    jerome can you start up a new trolling series plz p[lz plz plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • conner cradic 8 months ago

    whenever all my chests are full and everyone has a full invintory I BUILD MORE CHESTS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tim Sledge 8 months ago

    How do you get this modpack

  • Rennie Bates 8 months ago

    dis anyone else notice the description said move or die

  • ThatPugPvp 8 months ago

    lol game : mowe or die, disripction : lucky blocks

  • AwesomeGlitch 123 8 months ago

    When will jerom clean his inventory???

  • Music 8 months ago


  • Side PackCrafted 8 months ago

    Ground Control to Major Tom, my circuit says there’s something wrong. Can you hear me Major Tom, can you here me Major Tom can you hear. It feels like I’m living in a tin can, far across the world. Planet Earth is blue and there’s nothing I can do.

  • Ashley McLees 8 months ago

    I like how instead of saying H Ben says haych Like if agree lol

  • chase osterritter 8 months ago

    When you have two brothers it makes your life hell

  • GarryWayne Moore 8 months ago

    so anoying empty your ivtory put it in a cheast and put a sign on it with your name

  • Eric Lee 8 months ago


  • Tait Games 8 months ago

    You have to think that it’s a school time so kids half to do there homework

  • jameshinauko 8 months ago

    So Iron ore is disabled through mining you have to mine Granite iron ore different named iron ores. Which can be found in different biomes.

  • Funny gameplay 8 months ago

    Jerome continue pls

  • Ryan Nicholas 8 months ago

    Make a new town that doesn’t look like somebody blew it up

  • Bluebat55 8 months ago

    Hagrid – You’re a wizard Harry
    Harry – A what?
    Hagrid – A wizard
    Harry – No im not Hagrid im just Harry
    If you get that reference you are my god

  • Bac0n Shapeshifter 8 months ago

    If you get 10k will you do it every 1 and a half days

  • Chris Has fun 8 months ago

    Skip 10 to work

  • Chris Has fun 8 months ago

    Or more

  • Benjamin Ogilvie 8 months ago

    dont change to day or itll break the npcs

  • Zach wood 8 months ago

    Where’s tewity

  • MIKEYCHU 11 8 months ago

    That’s mean my names michael

  • MIKEYCHU 11 8 months ago


  • Corey Cridland 8 months ago

    3:28 “Well lets go around playing with all the villagers” ~ Jerome 2k17

  • Benjamin Engel 8 months ago

    Alexandre Clark that’s l’ex Luther and Clark Kent Superman if u didnt know

  • isaac reid 8 months ago

    He did an episode off camera i guess

  • Evan Rogers 8 months ago

    Is that eo4

  • DigitalGamer123 Unknown 8 months ago

    How could you not have had your shire pudding

  • Wooden Door 8 months ago

    what is the modpack

  • DreamKiller161 8 months ago

    can we get a petition for Jerome to clean up his inventory

  • AnimeDecendent 8 months ago

    yooo they need to get slime boots and a sling shot great for travel and fall dmg

  • josh shreve 8 months ago

    At 17:50 the zombie blade is killing, finishes the mario theme song that jerome and ben are singing. Listen closely to it. lol

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