• Hoot Owl 2 weeks ago

    Really enjoyed the stream, as always! Keep up the awesome work! Enjoy your weekend and take care.

  • Cooking with a killer robot 2 weeks ago

    First <3

  • wOrlds oF Col0rs !!!!!!!!!!! 2 weeks ago

    Yey! For no reason

  • EpicTP 590 2 weeks ago

    He should host a nodded server

  • EpicTP 590 2 weeks ago


  • Aidan McGee 2 weeks ago

    YAY!!!!!! Steam

  • Magic Wisdom 2 weeks ago


  • Snake Meme 2 weeks ago

    DanTDM is that you?

  • I love assasin creed yo 2 weeks ago

    Your chanel is so cool ecko you the best youtuber ever and also please subcribe to my chanel my name is ahmad nalumen

  • Grimgrunt 9232 Legend 2 weeks ago

    I like pie 🙂

  • Ian Turner 2 weeks ago

    Keep up the good work😊

  • Ian Turner 2 weeks ago

    Ecko if you were wondering my ign is WizardMinecraft1 I would love to join the fax because you are the best and you work very hard to give us the best content you can

  • Paul Kautz 2 weeks ago

    I don’t want to try no under the triton maybe they’ll make it after all all Lantus

  • AlexPlays 2 weeks ago

    nice stream

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