Minecraft survival. Today we spend some time adding more details to


  • Bellamy Sams 2 weeks ago

    Hey Etho! for the first time in a while I felt like a LP Episode had interesting content in it. Take no offense, Im just saying that this was a great episode! It was nice to hear you talk about exercise because ive been thinking it and this really helped so thanks a lot for that!

  • Millicent Oak 2 weeks ago

    24:40 Maybe stairs up here? Give it a bit more depth, so it’s not a totally flat surface – the light in the middle is inset, after all.
    Was going to say “no, stick with even numbers for the change and the challenge” but then you mentioned rails and redstone and I went “oh yeah, fair cop”.

  • Andres Arriaga 2 weeks ago

    Great work! Love this new base and love your work. Keep it up!

  • Major's Chanel 2 weeks ago

    Etho I am enjoying the constant uploads latly and wondering why you stopped uploading as much, I remember when you uploaded everyday. Also wondering do you have a real job? or just youtube?

  • Jake Spinnler 2 weeks ago

    I just realized that I’ve been watching your channel for over half of my life

  • Jared Nuttall 2 weeks ago

    What happened with hermitcraft

  • Harry Tatum 2 weeks ago

    Hey Etho, I wouldn’t recommend doing situps. They can cause back pain in the long run and aren’t actually the most effective way to get abs. I would recommend doing planks, they don’t cause back pains and work out more of your muscles in general. (Not just your abs.)

  • Katrina S. 2 weeks ago

    I used to watch Etho consistently many years ago, like 5 or 6 years ago, but I stopped watching while remaining subscribed. I’ve started watching again and it makes me so happy that Etho is still posting because it brings back so many memories. Thanks Etho. Keep up the hard work

  • Chaotic Sword 2 weeks ago

    Go rock climbing! Its fun and works on your core!

  • Hypixel Shorts 2 weeks ago

    Slab city is like…the best thing that has ever happened to me.

  • OJ Gaming 2 weeks ago

    I’m loving Ethoslab city, it’s giving me an idea for something I could do in Terraria or Minecraft

  • mad max gaming 2 weeks ago

    Face reveal at 2 mil?

  • yodashuttle Munoz 2 weeks ago

    Nice bro
    Love these videos. They are Quality videos 👍

  • Zenger 2 weeks ago

    These last few episodes have been very energized! I feel like it’s a nice change from the other recent episodes (which have been good, but this just blew them out of the water). Thanks for providing these fantastic videos Etho!

  • Benjamin Tan 2 weeks ago

    etho you’re insane what kind of a man can increase his sit-up count by 70 in a month

  • Wolferania YT 2 weeks ago

    I honestly thought he was exOrcising

  • Austin Alfonso 2 weeks ago


  • King Cordova 2 weeks ago

    Hey Etho!
    Long time watcher and I absolutely love your content! I know life happens and plans don’t always line up, but are we ever going to see more ark or and more hermitcraft server shaningans? Keep up the wonderful content!

  • Drew Laslo 2 weeks ago

    Thanks for sharing some of your personal life with us. I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better after you started exercising! ❤️ I went out and got a job as a trucking dock worker after I was dealing with depression for awhile… The physical activity that yielded did wonders for my heart and mind, though it took awhile to fully sort it out. I’m still working there too, only using forklifts to unload semi trailers instead of doing the work by hand. It’s amazing what good physical labor will do for your mood.

  • The Iguana 2 weeks ago

    Make the paths 50% coarse dirt

  • Mikey Clark 2 weeks ago

    The ugly brick thing isn’t ugly enough.

  • Nuuk the Greenland Shark 2 weeks ago

    I’m trying to do 100 sit ups a day (in one sitting) and build up to achieving my record or 500 is easy. I’m also doing weights and doing cycling spin training on my spin trainer. I’m 14.

  • jason park 2 weeks ago

    Exercise as you know releases endorphins in your brain (a type of chemical), which provides a natural “high” and they feel awesome. Its your body telling you that exercise is good and to do more of it and rewarding you for doing so.

  • jason park 2 weeks ago

    instead of sit ups, you should try doing crunches or flutter kicks. They target the abs much better as to sit ups which actually use more of your neck and its bad for your back

  • Tai Guy 2 weeks ago

    Why do today what you could put of till tomorrow, because that is the Etho way. – Etho 2018

  • Ben Perreault 2 weeks ago

    Hey Etho, during your workout story you talked about your previous work. What did you do for work before Youtube?

  • Joaquim Cheah 2 weeks ago

    Hey Etho what’s your favourite food? Good job with the consistent uploads btw~

  • Master Siu 2 weeks ago

    While Etho is talking about muscle mass I’m imagining a BUFF Kakashi sitting near the computer playing minecraft XD

  • Matt embro 2 weeks ago

    does anyone else repeat ethos outro back to him or is it just me.Take care……Bye Bye. 🙂

  • Austinitsua 2 weeks ago

    2:08 uhhhhhhhh

  • etho, one really nice physical activity you could try (depending on where you live in relation to the water) is fishing. i LOOOVE fishing because you get to semi relax but it does actually give you a little bit of a workout. plus, you can get free food if you don’t include bait.Anyway, that’s just a suggestion but im not yo momma so do you man.

  • _lion123 2 weeks ago

    9×9? Direwolf approves!

  • Marcus Gilmore 2 weeks ago

    Kinda crazy I started watching Minecraft because of ethos let’s play like around the Start of the new world. And continued to watched literally every episode until now. I’m 17 and a half now. That’s crazy lol.

  • King Of Cats 2 weeks ago

    Exercising is good but flaming hot Cheetos are also good

  • Leah Sloan 2 weeks ago

    Love the new base, another base idea that I haven’t really seen is building an entire base on the diagonal. It would be like an isometric base!

  • You’re good stuff Etho.

  • Ernest Loveland 2 weeks ago

    I tried when that started and got 5 out of 7 but since then havent gotten that far at all.

  • TheGlaticDoctor 2 weeks ago


  • doktormorris 2 weeks ago

    Keep up the exercisin etho! We all need it, with how much we sit every day. And remember, 5 pushups every 30 mins throughout the day is better than an hour of 100 pushups.

    My top 3 exercises fyi:
    – static/dynamic hip thrusts (dont do them in public)
    -bicep stretch, your biceps are flexed all day while minecraftin’ so you gotta lengthen them
    -rows of all sorts, turns your back into a bulletproof shield

    Also, forward neck posture doesnt come from the neck, it goes from your whole upper back being tilted forward. Speaking from experince

  • skelAton132 2 weeks ago

    Can you do more of these lp

  • Damstraight68 2 weeks ago

    I feel as though the staircase should be it’s own individual tile.

  • willtoawaken 2 weeks ago

    Etho, how much do you weigh? or how tall are you? Cheers.

  • Madran7 2 weeks ago

    Next time…Etho will use Granite…:D

  • bob bob 2 weeks ago

    I would recommend some cardio Etho and You should jump rope every day, something like as many jump ropes you can do in a minute or 2 or like 3 sets of 30 jump ropes. At least jump rope till you are out of breath and tired, it is good for your heart health and could increase your stamina.

  • Chi Toys 2 weeks ago

    Etho I really like your building skills. I try to build a nice house in my mc world but I can build it only from your vids. keep the series!!!

  • Chi Toys 2 weeks ago

    I know my english is bad. Thats beacuse im from finland.

  • Chi Toys 2 weeks ago

    When you do a new vedio??

  • Jimbob Larry 2 weeks ago

    How about a nice new EATS road to the new base?

  • JorisTriesGames 2 weeks ago

    Good for you etho, I love excercising as well. You just have to keep at it, makes it so much more enjoyable if you make progress. And for the mood/energy you will notice big difference

  • Nick Kotte 2 weeks ago

    Etho by the way you should only take one day breaks. Muscles deteriorate after 48 hours. Also consume a lot of protein for better results!

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