Minecraft survival. Today we discuss the future plans for the LP


  • J0k3r 3 months ago

    Etho, you are one of my favorite Youtubers. I’ve watched your content for a long time now. But please, for the love of god, play other games too. There are so many great games out there, even if not all of them would work for a video format. Minecraft got so stale for me a long time ago and for other people too seeing as the views are going down. The only thing I can still find enjoyment in is the modded stuff, because it got new mechanics and content. But please stop doing so much Minecraft. I like your style and personality a lot, but I fear I’ll quit at some point too if it continues like that. And I really don’t want that too happen.

  • Ku Jili 3 months ago

    Etho let’s play is back

  • Neb Gnol 3 months ago

    long time 20 year old’s represent **high ten**

  • Sweaty Spaghetti 3 months ago

    I’ll watch these videos for as long as they keep coming out. And after that I’ll watch em again

  • RedstoneZephyrMC 3 months ago

    Im in my 20. My high school afternoons were on etho. Favourite youtuber. However, i feel your episodes are forced. Its all well and good to play a game to keep challenging yourself but if your not inspired to play then it reflects into the videos. I will always watch your videos. As much as i love this world, i think it is time to change. Perhaps for the aqua update. Or perhaps consider making your own modpack and make a modded series. It doesnt have to be technical, it could add survival aspects, decorations and tweaks. The issue with starting a new base in your world is you will always return to your old base. A new world, vanilla or not, has the challenge of a blank slate which i find much more entertaining. A base from nothing is funner to watch than a base from a chest.

  • Darius Lee 3 months ago

    Etho is such an OG at minecraft

  • Michael Burgwin 3 months ago

    I’m not sure when I subscribed, but it must have been quite a while ago. I remember I had already been watching you for a while when you made the episode about Beta 1.3’s changes. I wasn’t a kid- I first played Minecraft in Alpha 1.2.5 when I was 21, Nonetheless I have had a lot happen in my life since then. back then I was working at a crappy job that paid barely enough to live off of and didn’t seem to have any way “out”. Then I had enough and quit which didn’t help at all. I remember rationing a can of black olives for a week of sustenance, using McDonalds Wifi to send out resumes and cover letters, and getting whatever wifi connections I could with my laptop. Sometimes I would get a nice steady connection and I would use video download helper to download the videos you had put out since I had last checked. It was a small positive thing I had in what was a very dark time. Thankfully as bad as things got they did turn around for me and now I’m working as a software developer in C# and have been since 2013. I’ve continued to watch your videos. I like to think that the positive attitude you exuded from your videos rubbed off on me and helped me get through some of those low points.

  • douglasperdue 3 months ago


  • The beast 3 months ago

    can’t have an etho build without randomly placed leaves

  • Jiang Ping Jiang 3 months ago

    I was here when you still was building your man cave so I guess around 2013 or 2014 and I’m 11 now… When you slowed down on uploading I’m sorry but I sorta stopped watching but I think you’re getting back into the groove of things! You were one of the first YTbers that I every watched and to be fair you really helped me to love Minecraft and be inspired by your red stone and amazing build and ideas… I just hope you won’t be stopping your channel anytime soon! :> <3

  • Muzza GW 3 months ago

    Great job on the videos Etho, hopefully you feel inspired to keep making more for years to come! I personally really like your chunky base design. Take care of yourself Etho : )

  • Amargeddon12099 , 3 months ago

    y dont u start building an underground railway system to get from A to B alittle quicker

  • Bradley Silvers 3 months ago

    I’ve kept up with every episode of your let’s play since I started at 1.3 because you were my biggest inspiration for my Minecraft days, and you’ve never failed to entertain in all of your videos. I’m 21 now, so it’s been just about 6 years for me as a subscriber, keep up the good vids man.

  • TheRubiksrocks 3 months ago

    Maybe try to keep the new base entirely in entity processing chunks from the center chunk so you can do crazy stuff with minecarts and farms. Love the content as always Etho, it never gets old. Take care!

  • Zeylnor Kranqum 3 months ago

    turned 18 2 months ago have been watching for such a long time I especially loved the mindcrack season where you built etho’s lab and everybody had their own shops. It would be a lot of fun if you would start another server with some other people like doc and bdubs or the hermit guys. even tho i dont watch you as much as i used to i still love your videos thanks for all the content over the years

  • LuciousLisaa 3 months ago

    Turning 40 this year, still regularly playing Minecraft off and on, been watching you since episode 1 and still jump on every video you put out as soon as I see the upload in my RSS feed. I guess I’m the exception to the rule!

  • TheTechyGamer24 3 months ago

    Erryone in their 20’s, legend 90’s kids.

  • justjimmy 3 months ago

    You need to be using actual vines for those hang downs

  • Roscoe Foley 3 months ago

    Firstly – please add roofs to the houses, or at least make the tops looks interesting.

    Secondly – I’ve seen a resurgence in old mindrcack videos being pushed by YouTube and I’ve loved it. It almost feels like a few of the old crew are coming back to Minecraft. Oh how I’d love to see you Doc and Bdubs tackle a map.

  • justjimmy 3 months ago

    you broke the no. 2 rule of minecraft…

    you’re building in even numbers! 😣🤔😖😫

  • Wood It Work 3 months ago

    Really like the direction you’re going with new base! And im really excited to see ur water base!

  • mika hytönen 3 months ago

    Same story. Lost interest in the game myself but your content is just something else. Been here forever since my teen years and still, every time you post a video it is the best moment of the day.

  • Drew McMenamin 3 months ago

    Instead of having gray stone filler for the flat surfaces, maybe you could use different clay colors and/or use pixel art. I think it would be a nice colorful/artistic touch.

  • Michael Hogan 3 months ago

    Anyone else miss ethos transistions? Like with breaking blocks and running through sugar cane. That was my favorite thing.

  • Mosk17 3 months ago

    You should use vines on the side of buildings, that way looks good from he inside chunk and doesn’t stick out on the chunk on its side, also you can stop them from growing by using string

  • AFluffyOrangutan 3 months ago

    Hey, Etho why dont you use Optifine since it improves FPS.

  • Victor Mirchev 3 months ago

    It’s not a base if it doesn’t have an ugly brick thing.

  • Cimera 3 months ago

    The new base idea sounds pretty good.

  • OutLawNinga6 3 months ago

    Not another base again u never finish them. But I like the sound of the underwater base go for it. It will be something unique.

  • Frederik Hansen 3 months ago

    ethos lab OR etho slab

  • Jordan Heslop 3 months ago

    i think this new area is the breath of fresh air that this series needed, good job etho. also i think a low slab which is nether themed would be good for a portal, may also make it more convenient getting to the new base

  • Chancellor Wewuz 3 months ago

    How was I not notified?!?! Nice to see let’s play episode!!! Don’t start a new world. Just move away and build somewhere else. I like watching you build. I honestly don’t want to watch you start all over again. Usually the first episodes on a new world are super BORING!! Lol! Just my two cents!

  • Ryan Combs 3 months ago

    So I think you should make the new area based off the hanging gardens of Babylon. I think that’s good influence for what you’re doing and it would look beautiful.

  • fine93 3 months ago

    some games never get boring, i play dota and minecraft and those games have a tone things you can do every time you log in, sadly only the devs can ruin the game for you, thats what happend to dota….

  • Sotan81 3 months ago

    Hi I’m 36 and I love ur videos specially the mob stuff. Keep up the good stuff 👍👍

  • frognik79 3 months ago

    Should have just waited for the aquatic update and moved to a newly generated ocean and make a modular underwater dome base.

  • Spotter 3 months ago

    i just started watching this series. I’m on ep. 6. Wish me luck

  • Noah Alvard 3 months ago

    I love the new idea for the base. Your last base was basically all underground. I can’t wait to see how tall you decide to make this one.

  • Drag Boy 3 months ago

    I wish we could play this map in pe ;’)

  • funnyrick01 3 months ago

    I love this way of building the new base! So simple yet so cool looking.

  • Charlie Campbell 3 months ago

    Odds of etho finishing this project are the same as Steven hawking writing another book.

  • Dat Hong 3 months ago

    Nap been with ya since the time when cows didn’t give meat

  • Eric Gregson 3 months ago

    Take a shot everytime he says slab from here on

  • Clarion 3 months ago

    Etho, necessity is the mother of all invention. Why make a base when you have all the resources you’ll ever want? The reason the other bases failed is their were devoid of purpose. Without purpose there’s no reason to continue building a base. I think if you start a new world you’ll have much more fun and you’ll have more to do. You’ve practically run out of things to do. Take what you learned and start over and do it better the next time. This a Buddhist premise represented by the sand mandala.

  • Matorral 3 months ago

    I love everything about the design idea, but the idea of leaves blocks as a building thing, i hate it with a passion between 2011.

  • Phily N. 3 months ago

    I’m also in my twenties and I still love watching every singe video on your channel. There are not many YouTubers out there that I watched for so long, but you never fail to deliver videos I can relax to. Even if I don’t play Minecraft myself anymore I kind of get the urge to try new stuff everytime I see you mess around with new ideas. Keep the videos coming. We all enjoy them very much =)

  • Drew Laslo 3 months ago

    Etho, you are the gold standard for Minecraft youtubers in my mind. I’d much rather watch someone talk me through what he’s doing in a friendly mentor kind of way over someone spazzing our looking for views/subscribers. Thank you for being the sane one in the psych ward that is YouTube. Keep up the excellent work my friend!

    EDIT: Are you going to make any snapshot videos of the aquatic update like you have in the past for other releases? I’m curious about your take on it so far beyond the lagginess and glitchy hoppers.

  • 966Broadcast 3 months ago

    Etho’s Lab’s Slab Lab

  • Dipocles 3 months ago

    yay change!

  • Oli414 3 months ago

    Well shoot, you’re onto us. We’re all old now. For me personally, I haven’t played Minecraft for years and rarely watch Minecraft videos anymore. However, I haven’t missed a single episode of Etho plays Minecraft. Been here since the start and it is always awesome to see what you’re up to in a world that you’ve gotten to know so well. Keep it up!

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