Minecraft survival. Today we head over to the Library to do a bunch


  • Caro 1 week ago

    I was actually sad when he removed the jumping wall 🙁

  • Caro 1 week ago

    Etho, I was wondering if you’ve been thinking about doing another Terraria series with some friends? I liked the previous one and miss it. Keep up the good work!

  • Caro 1 week ago

    How did Ergo get the llamas to walk around the Sandy City like that?

  • Masmelloking 1 week ago

    Great episode! Been watching since s2 started and you’re still probably my favorite youtube person.

  • sammko 1 week ago

    How about using BitTorrent for the world download?

  • Original SBWL 1 week ago

    I’ve been subbed for like 5 years

  • Ethan Clouse 1 week ago

    ladders! i go up and i go down!!!!

  • Just Jeff 1 week ago

    Hey i just started my channel a week ago and i know ive just started so i need feedback to help me progress. If anyone could take the time to watch part of my videos it would mean alot. Many thanks

  • Filip Jícha 1 week ago

    Onto another 500 episodes

  • thedarkbatty 1 week ago

    Etho will you ever finish the silverfish farm

  • Elizabeth 4642 1 week ago

    Ive been watching ur vids for like 5 years lol Idont know exactly but i know its been at les 4 and this is my first ever comment on one if ur vids lol

  • Lightning Lance 1 week ago

    Noo, don’t change the villager head!

  • Lightning Lance 1 week ago

    22:20 the birch planks/stairs there really stand out in a bad way, it kinda ruins the aesthetic imo.

  • Mackan Mygga 1 week ago

    17:03 cheated items confirmed ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Derek Linker 1 week ago

    face revel at 500

  • jimjam Gaming 1 week ago

    Good old etho, no plans. 🙂

  • Mr.CarMor 1 week ago

    You should upload 3 times a week

  • MrShourin 1 week ago

    And here come 1.13… “I’m going to break the nexas.”

  • Gam3rs Edge 1 week ago


  • Simbacaned Guy 1 week ago

    Hey, Etho, we can all tell that you have been lacking in inspiration in this series for a while now (Because you’ve said so). Maybe after episode 500 you could hang up the coat for a while and focus on a new series? Whether that be someone else to do with Minecraft (Hermitcraft) or a while different game all together. I don’t think you want to stop this series, but maybe a break for a while until you REALLY want to get back on the world and build stuff.

  • Gleb Firstov 1 week ago

    I love your oldest videos of this when your voice was softer and scratchier, it was like ASMR

  • Aidan Luong 1 week ago

    I love the library, but i have to stay strong and hate it due to the rivalry between this and wilson

  • Jordan Melton 1 week ago

    Dont do ANOTHER world tour 😂

  • Pay Pal 1 week ago

    Etho, you should have a self-destruct button in the man cave that will set off tons of tnt and destroy everything.

  • Wade Marshall 1 week ago

    Etho, would you do a Factorio LP? I used to love your modded world, and I cant get enough project ozone; a Factorio LP would be really fun!

  • Pants are PBE 1 week ago

    get rid of the fences and replace them with banners

  • Lil' Snow 1 week ago

    Hey etho,
    I’m a long time viewer and i can’t even remember when I started watching you content, I remember some cobblestone spiral and you though a thing at a block and it spawned a silver fish, anyway unimportant, I stopped watching your videos, but I came back to this discovery, you’re almost at episode 500! I honestly can’t believe this series isn’t dead, I thought this would be another mind crack, I’ve also seen the mind crack YouTubers stray from they’re content, Seth going to mar/io being the most drastic change, but I can speak for all of the viewers here, old and new, as a celebration video, let’s see some huge things happen, Wilson fixed, zenith take for a and a grand tour of the world, I love your vids and I hope you never stop making them. Also one question, did you even think you would make it this far? Not only making 500 episodes but this far as a channel?

  • Sarfnic Harth 1 week ago

    Ah the dwell nexus. A great, but stressing device!

  • Cristian Araujo 1 week ago

    Man I haven’t watched one of your videos in a long time to be fair I haven’t been really good at leaving time for myself and watch some good videos or any videos in general but you bring back watching you from mindcrack which I loved that server was the best when it existed I wish it was still a thing but I understand things change people change and I did watch the reason why you left mindcrack which I respect and I’m happy that you just play this game because you love to play it you are so positive and it’s great hope you keep doing your thing and being the best you can be and I say this like I’ve lived a long time I’m still young just got wiser I guess

  • Carl Herner 1 week ago

    Etho you are boss, thanks for being who you are and doing what you do. Looking forward to the next one as always, take care

  • JTapia96 1 week ago

    You should do a subnautica lets play, the story is great man, I think you would like it

  • The Grandbull 1 week ago

    Hey etho can you clean my room

  • HeatherRose23 1 week ago

    I love the orange clay in the library. It’s definitely a nice addition to the color scheme. 🙂

  • Omar Abbasi 1 week ago

    Damn. I was going through my subscriptions on YouTube and I found ethos there. Havent seen the channel in years and I forgot much stuff. Glad to see you’re still playing what you love missed your videos, but obviously people get older and change taste. Best of luck
    -old fan

  • SigmoidLamb 4713 1 week ago

    HES BACK!!! YAY pls get a world download. That would be amazing

  • mr cheese 1 week ago

    16:30 Trump would not be pleased…

  • Nathan Sturgeon 1 week ago

    I believe that is a half cylinder not a dome. A dome is a half sphere

  • garansbabarans 1 week ago

    Yo! 500 came so soon!

  • Jey Nyx 1 week ago

    Heyo Etho!! In one of your older videos you said you hoped that by doing Youtube, you’d get better at speaking and conveying your thoughts. Looking back through all your videos, do you think it has helped? Because it certainly shows – young Etho was quiet and didn’t show much voice variation, then came deep voice Etho who was becoming braver and louder, explaining your builds in great detail. Now you’re so chirpy and it makes watching your videos even more entertaining. It’s an honour to watch you grow and see how far you’ve come. Congrats for reaching 500 episodes and thank you for all your hard work 😀

  • James Walters 1 week ago

    You should livestream the world tour, and then upload the vod later. I think it would be really fun to interact with the chat so you can visit what the people want to see.

  • Santiago Rodriguez 1 week ago

    I’l never get tired of this series

  • Bobby Hill 1 week ago

    8:50 “garbage block”

  • Haggart inc. 1 week ago

    Oh gosh it’s been a year or two since I’ve watched an etho video.. Anyone know if he ever finished the nexus??? I see he never finished the library lol

  • josephHD 1 week ago

    so happy for ep500 and plenty more to come. as etho mentioned in todays episode “every 50 episodes a world tour” not stoping guys !

  • Carter Slade 1 week ago

    Etho you should finish the dragon egg chamber.

  • Kysen 1 week ago

    Hey Etho, you get asked tons of questions on every video but is there a question or type of question you wish someone would ask but they haven’t yet?

  • Simon Scott 1 week ago

    Hey Etho.
    Instead of using trap doors to break up the 2D area’s around book shelves try use ladders so they look practical as well 😀
    Also instead of transferring the items manually item the drop off chest at the nexus, make a spot where you can place shulker boxes on top of hoppers

  • necronsplayer 1 week ago

    You can jump four blocks but you have to jump from the very edge to make it. It takes a bit of practice.

  • Japeth 1 week ago

    yesssss. . . .new ep!

  • Zachary That Guy 1 week ago

    HYPED FOR 500!!!!!!!

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