• Lilay Ni 1 week ago

    Me in New Jersey

  • TryMeh_ 1 week ago

    Lol ben is a stinky newspaper

  • Gaming Ninja 1 week ago

    I missed the stream? Man,

  • Alan Joye 1 week ago

    Hey eeeeccchhooooooo buuuuuuddddyyy

  • The weekly Banana man 1 week ago


  • killer 1 1 week ago

    Your battle dome videos bring me to cry because of how long this game mode has been on Minecraft i watch almost all of ben so i love your videos so keep up the great work

  • cool face 1 week ago

    I rilly ‘ll this tipe of batle dome

  • Joseph Gove 1 week ago

    Ben is not a master he is a golden piece of bean dip crap

  • DarkKnight290 1 week ago


  • Theweirdguys12345 1 week ago

    Ben is a cheater he spawned in the overpowered boots he was wearing

  • Jeff Kaplan 1 week ago

    Can you guys do 1v1v1v1 battledome

  • bobby cella 1 week ago

    ben is gay af

  • Ellis Gutierrez 1 week ago

    Wow that’s like his first L

  • Zack Bossgaming 1 week ago

    Battle dome

  • Jennifer Wilkins 1 week ago

    Hi your my favorite youtube

  • Admiral Blake Cobalt 1 week ago

    Meatless chicken is delicious xD

  • Jericho Magallanes 1 week ago

    Eco body

  • LeBach Nguyen 1 week ago

    Jerome should have won , he lost because alex was jumping in front of him and blocked all the hit for Dasha and Been

  • LeBach Nguyen 1 week ago


  • Jericho Magallanes 1 week ago

    Eco buddy say benbis nasty

  • Alexander Elderhorst 1 week ago

    1:40 so artifact armour or the weapon is like a box of chocolate. Also good for you Austin mr. two sticks, girls like a man with two sticks… I hope no children get this referance and girls probably wouldn’t actually like that. Also Ben’s smack talking to Jerome after beating him in a 3v1 while also having Dondo die…… Ben just shut up you had replacement sets of armour.

  • legonathan789 1 week ago


  • Bailey Simon 1 week ago

    Do this but multiple parts so one part for resources one for building and then the battle phase

  • ZenoBox 1 week ago

    Yeh the master of cheating

  • ZenoBox 1 week ago

    Not even fair

  • HR 59 1 week ago

    You left diamond

  • Amirul rasyid 1 week ago

    i love how jerome keep missing diamond

  • krystaldavey 1 week ago

    Benbenben is my fav YouTube pleas tell him

  • Joshua Shu Hong Pasterkamp 1 week ago

    Wait what,if beans a master…then everyone ealse on this earth is a god

  • springtraps nightmare 1 week ago

    Ben says he’s the master at the end but considering it was a 3v1 and jerome even killed one of them I’d say that’s pretty unfair.

  • The weekly Banana man 1 week ago

    Do it everywhere #savesml

  • AnonymousCookieMonster 1 week ago

    your a bacca why are u becoming vegetarian

  • Wyatt B 1 week ago

    Beeees aghhhhh

  • BigBlue4Life 1 week ago

    I could never become Vegetarian

  • Kayla Barnes 1 week ago

    I realize that you are color blind, but, What are those ores that you’re ignoring?

  • TheSavage Killa 1 week ago

    More like Jerome challenged to master of saltinest camping ben

  • Kayla Barnes 1 week ago

    Austin… Math for ores…. Really?

  • Kayla Barnes 1 week ago

    The master? Seriously Ben?

  • etizel 99 1 week ago

    Make huge opening of those artifacts and then fight to death and theres difrent game modes like regular battledome with obsidian,all V all,team deathmatch (sometime given and most kills win),portal guns teams or no.

  • Declyn-James Fourie 1 week ago

    You guys should pay attention to the chat because Ben gives himself stuff

  • Tatsuya Shiba 1 week ago

    So anyone notice how Ben took golden regen boot out of cheat mode and then was wearing them the whole battle

  • Jesse Bramley-Brett 1 week ago

    Buddy bockers

  • Rightfuljack The charizard tamer 1 week ago

    Dasha ate god apple

  • sans the skeleton 1 week ago


  • Isaiah Smith 1 week ago


  • Death Bot 1 week ago

    Thanks for cheering me up I broke my leg.

  • MultiPurposeLife 1 week ago

    Ben is the master of nothing, Jerome has bested him at everything.
    The student has become the master

  • Svenson_ 1 week ago

    Ben,”You tried to challenge the master and lost.” Jerome survived for 2-3 minutes alone and took out dondo almost took out Ben while he wasSOLO

  • Robert Miller 1 week ago

    see hear this vegetarians eat planets that produce oxygen and reduce co2 and real men eat animals that produce methane and c02. so who does the real harm.

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