Today we try to catch a Mega Blastoise in Minecraft Pixelmon Island


  • Sachith Praveen 4 weeks ago

    he wont read comments lol

  • John Tirkes 4 weeks ago


  • Charlie Malady-Strawhan 4 weeks ago

    Electric attacks versus aerodactyl is best and they can usually match or.beat it’s speed

  • Fishing and Pokemon god 4 weeks ago

    Hey Jerome you should ask Ben if he can add the pokestop mod

  • LonelyMan7213 4 weeks ago

    33:04 – 33:10 LOL squertal died

  • Злой Заяц 4 weeks ago

    игра BIOMUTANT.Steam лучшие скидки будут только у нас

  • Upsize down Dog 4 weeks ago


  • Ben Olson 4 weeks ago


  • Geaner Engelke 4 weeks ago

    Meow meow I’m a cow

  • hannes180 Hedbom 4 weeks ago

    the keyshanemon is op

  • David Waibel 4 weeks ago

    We want mine blade

  • Toxic Moe 4 weeks ago

    jerome play island royal

  • SuPERsAN 808 4 weeks ago

    get false swipe with syther and it wil be easier to get pokemon

  • Noah Davis 4 weeks ago

    Hey Jerome

  • Kian Brennan 4 weeks ago


  • Elijah Lee 4 weeks ago

    You passed so many blastoises

  • Logan Ritchie 4 weeks ago

    Jerome you should catch a garchamp or ask deisha for hers instead of Salamance

  • Chris Likokas 4 weeks ago

    Jerome, you’re the best. But you Seriously need to learn those type matchups. Just search a Pokémon type chart online and I guarantee it’ll come in handy

  • Alvin Wong 4 weeks ago

    Guys go to 31:21 now look at jynx so inappropriate 🤭🤭🤭

  • Jawad Rajab 4 weeks ago


  • gaminpro 4 weeks ago

    I love pixelmon and your channel 😀

  • Julani Johnson 4 weeks ago

    64,001 view fite me

  • gaminpro 4 weeks ago

    Put XP all back on.

  • Aaron Bell 4 weeks ago

    Get 2 dittos and breed them

  • #proudtobeblack 4 weeks ago

    You didn’t even get mega blastoise

  • noname boy 4 weeks ago


  • DDD Reds 4 weeks ago

    Dont do pokedex

  • Carter Pyles 4 weeks ago

    Jerome: wait you actually like chandelure? my mind: who doesn’t like chandelure?

  • Carter Pyles 4 weeks ago


  • Carter Pyles 4 weeks ago


  • Winston Yee 4 weeks ago

    You missed a shiny scraggy

  • Jared Halliday 4 weeks ago

    Just saying, fighting is weak to flying. So the Blaziken -> Aerodactyl was not a good match the first time. (Obviously you learned afterwards but flying is stronf to fighting for future reference)

  • John Crouch 4 weeks ago

    When he said hey Siri Siri turned on

  • Dennis Lee 4 weeks ago

    Austin is kind of a scumbag. Why is he even op’ed.

  • UDminison 4 weeks ago

    Tewity should put a chople berry on his smeargle. It’ll counter fighting type sweepers. If he runs a meme setup set or a meme tank/support/self-healing chople berry or leftovers will help greatly.

  • dollars sign 4 weeks ago


  • I De Fox 4 weeks ago

    Jerome have you heard of magnet-mon and sewage-mon

    Magnetite and muk

  • Samdy Wu 3 weeks ago

    Ben needs some milk!!

  • CaliforniaLife193 3 weeks ago

    35:10 shiny ditto Jerome!!!!!!

  • Thatonepokeytuber !!!! 3 weeks ago

    Jerome eggucute is good he can learn theif with is good for shiny hunting

  • Do u know The way 3 weeks ago

    # Austin is a 🥔 Potato

  • Alexander Elderhorst 3 weeks ago

    reforged has something called a pokegift you put the ball down, throw a pokemon out of its ball, click the ball and anyone can claim the pokemon…. sad XD a release that can be claimed like in ark.

  • Alexander Elderhorst 3 weeks ago

    If used correctly kriketune can actually be sorta good as a mediocre physical sweeper especially since leech life does the same damage as x-scissor now but with the healing.

  • kyle reeves 3 weeks ago

    Hi jerome I love your vids and you should get gardivour and mega evolve her as she is psychic/fairy so is immune to dragon attacks and she is op and is my favourite poker on
    Also keep up the good work

  • Trond Holiløkk 3 weeks ago

    Craft a camera

  • Nicholas Klos 3 weeks ago

    Anyone remember when jinx was black?

  • FoxTrot Gaming 3 weeks ago

    Hey Jerome you should trade out ampharos for absol so you can catch more Pokemon because absol can learn thunder wave, confuse ray, and false swipe. EDIT: Also his ability once he mega evolves is magic bounce witch returns status effects back to the other Pokemon.

  • Michael Aravantinos 3 weeks ago

    Why are u facing the gym when u have levelling locked?

  • KendallDaPug 3 weeks ago

    I pronounce Bidoof as ‘Beedoof’ because ya know…


  • Benjamin AMOAH 3 weeks ago

    I love the fact u can hear heroes playing clicker heroes in the background

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