• OminousNotebook 1 week ago

    Personally, I am fine with the screaming, but it just probably feels like you are in the range of almost peaking sometimes so it may startle people. Especially headphone users. Keep being awesome though, Beef.

  • Z ed 1 week ago

    Doc flies in his skyblock D;<

  • mark wilcox 1 week ago

    O/ I care about the looks of the Island

  • JanssonSimon 1 week ago

    More building would be nice, but spawners are cool too! Also keep screaming. It’s fun. ;D

  • wer57 LPs 1 week ago

    Hey Beef, I think you mixed up your episode description, and your tags

  • FaithfulMC 1 week ago

    I’d like industrial farming way and island level should be filled from the bottom void with diamond/value blocks (PUT ALL SPAWNERS IN THE SAME AREA!)

  • Meaghan Doherty 1 week ago

    Your dryer has become it’s own entity

  • Cyberra 01 1 week ago

    Hey, I suggested you rig a button to trigger the piston from the ground. Not my fault you didn’t notice.

    People explained that the tick speed, which governs the growing of cactus and reeds, was slowed way down to prevent lag.

    I don’t think it’s the scream itself that’s the issue. It’s the volume. Especially for headphone users. It’s LOUD

  • Jessica Wood-Hagen 1 week ago

    Please stop screaming !!! I honestly don’t mind it but everyone else in the house does, and I can’t watch your videos if you do :/ I don’t have earbuds or the money to buy them either. I watch on my TV

  • TigerEye16 Roffel 1 week ago

    The description is so mysterious… :c

  • dragon97006 1 week ago

    The screaming is funny, I laugh every time.

  • Rebecca Hugo 1 week ago

    I think your cactus farm isn’t working because not enough light is getting to the lower levels

  • TigerEye16 Roffel 1 week ago

    When Beef said “Block shop” it reminded me of *clap* *clap* *clapclapclap* *clapclapclapclap* Doc Shop!
    From Minecraft Mindcrack season 3 😀

  • Astral Toons 1 week ago

    Beef I enjoyed this series very much. Please, every part of this skyblock adventure you’ve taken us on is enjoyable. Keep it running for as long as you’d like! I know for sure your viewers will keep on watchin!

  • Patricia Buckner 1 week ago

    Can you just say you don’t care that you’re hurting people’s ears and you are going to keep screaming, that way I can quit watching! I don’t want to quit watching but I don’t like the screaming and my ears hurting!

  • JurassicTom 1 week ago

    i care about whst the things you build in skyblock look like

  • Heroshyn 1 week ago

    Why not just set it up with a redstone clock? so every now and then it just pushes things on its own, without actually having the pig touch the thing, of course you can keep it, but in case it doesnt work the redstone clock would do it

  • CRABST3R ! 1 week ago

    To fix the pig spawner put it on a timer and forget the trip wire pressure plate. Just grass and pistons

  • Dragodelchaos 1 week ago

    I defnitely love the building, it’s just a Beef thing we got used to.

  • Binidj 1 week ago

    That is the ugliest house ever. 😀
    Aesthetics is everything.

  • chaoslavno 1 week ago

    love the screaming when you fall. i do the same. its involuntary. lol

  • WhatAboutSarah 1 week ago

    I’m voting for prettiness!

  • dope head 1 week ago

    22:54….😂😂😂…Thanks Beef you made my whole day

  • An Okay Channel 1 week ago

    Personally not much into building other than generally making things nice at some point. Really prefer the concept of incremental gaming starting with minimal items / income streams.

  • ReaderWithACat - 1 week ago

    Swicth the piston for an arrow dispenser… it’ll knock the pigs off. Arrows you can use from the skeleton spawner.

  • pro gage 1 week ago

    To fix your pig problem put the grass block under the string and put a block on the sticky piston like your cow farm.

  • Zixxter 1 week ago

    Beef, I think if you add a block to that sticky piston the pig farm will work

  • Max Haibara 1 week ago

    Just make a button to push the pig then set a timer to your mouse with auto clicker.

  • Иван Иванов 1 week ago

    Beef, you can build something like silo around the pig spawner and it will look better! And i like your island to be decorated just make your house look better.

  • boxxer81 1 week ago

    The Scream is great! Just do what comes natural that’s what makes you so great.

  • MrFredsworth 1 week ago

    I care

  • Bayley Anderson 1 week ago

    You should get an ender chest and put all your items in there in the pvp area before you die

  • TheWOOFinator1337 1 week ago

    Personally don’t care about the “beautification” or aesthetics of skyblock, but you do you Beef.

  • L Jay 1 week ago

    Keep the scream, it’s funny and scary. I like to see a nice looking build along with technical stuff. Making it look good is hard, but you do a great job.

  • ahugs88 1 week ago

    You can scream if you want to, you can leave the negative commenters behind, cause the negative commenters complain and if they complain then they’re no fans of yours…

  • Semper Fortis 1 week ago

    Those skeletons “throw them bows”

  • Semper Fortis 1 week ago

    I think it would be awesome for VB to do a Skyblock series with Etho

  • Macenator 1 week ago

    I care what the decor looks like!

  • Garretta Thief 1 week ago

    I like the decorating too

  • Noob Nation 1 week ago

    Yo try to do a slab beside the piston so its pushing the pig

  • Dojin_Sinn 1 week ago

    have you tryed spikes for your mob killers? and go for a mid volume scream instead of all out lol good luck

  • Domagoj Coca 1 week ago

    Maybe you could do a redstone clock and make it push the pigs from the grass in the lava, and you can buy witch or spider spawner to put where the cactus farm is

  • Joost Luijben 1 week ago

    I am here for the redstone and spawners. You already have some series with decorations

  • Jeremy Hall 1 week ago

    Will the pigs spawn on a pressure plate on top of grass? Thatd solve the issue with some redstone

  • Love the builds!

  • Symbro 1 week ago

    beautiful skyblock is great
    much better than 3 episodes of building a trap for visitors.

  • David Young 1 week ago

    Easiest way to move the stuck pigs, leave room to shoot them with an arrow. From what I have seen, mobs spawn with no ai, but once hit they react with usual mob ai. So even if the arrow doesn’t knock them in to the trap wire they will start to move occasionally and then will trigger the piston eventually. Or set up a dispenser with arrows in it pointing down from above which you can activate with a button press.

  • Ellery Ardy 1 week ago

    The Pig Farm, Most People Just AFK overnight holding a piece of carrot, so that Pigs would fall in the lava. And if you AFK overnight, you might not need porkchops anymore for the whole season.

  • TheFurriestOne 1 week ago

    I could see a fan buying that over-priced beacon as another way of gifting stuff to Beef.
    Ha, somebody did! XD

  • Gamer Mikel 1 week ago

    When in envoy keep a close eye on the chat because it ended and you could’ve gotten all that stuff

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