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    🔴 Welcome to SHARKSLAB! ? What did you guys think of RAINBOW STEVE SPOKE TO ME VERBALLY!?
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  • fire Dragon 1 month ago


  • LavaBoyGaming 1 month ago

    you should travel to the herobrine dimension I LOVE U SHARKK please listen to me plsss

  • Elijah Brown 1 month ago

    Shark i seen enity 303 when you was breaking the toomb

  • Javier Rodriguez 1 month ago

    Bring null

  • Jonah Thomas-Makepeace 1 month ago

    How do we know that u didn’t just shut down ur computer…


  • martono Sumali 1 month ago

    Yo andrew legit i saw entity303 legit when u broke 1 layer of wool

  • martono Sumali 1 month ago

    The monument turned to stone for peet sake

  • Claire Tilley 1 month ago

    I noe how to spawn hin

  • Dark Wolf155 1 month ago

    Herobrine is 303’s enimy herobrine =good 303= evilNull=evil So use herobrine

  • Timothy Harris 1 month ago

    Entity303 and hero brine are enemies if you span them in at the same time they might fight if not log out

  • katya quintana 1 month ago

    shark! i saw entity 303 while you were breaking the red glass!!!!

  • Thekoolkid 455 1 month ago

    What happened to the lab? 1:07

  • Ousmaan Abrar 1 month ago

    Call the squad and ask them to help with the worst lore

  • Sebina Alex 1 month ago

    Entity303 hack ed me while I was watching

  • Loredana Bistran 1 month ago

    Waht your real name ????????????

  • -_-F1RE ORB1T-_- 1 month ago

    Ok emmmm….. u know entity 303 is a hacker and he is the leader of the hacker i know from 2-Bit Arliez

  • jarul asma 1 month ago

    At 7:16 entity

  • Relio GT 1 month ago

    Shark u are really blind when u break the glass in that tower in 7:28 Entity 303 is leterly is watching u in top face palm

  • MegaCherry YT 1 month ago


  • Zachary Adam Shirr 1 month ago

    I saw Entity 303 on at top left on that little hill at 9:06.

  • Sparklezdood 1 month ago

    You missed him at 9:07 and at 9:38

  • mysterious gaming 1 month ago

    Shark entity 303 crashed my CPU and I think he got to yours be careful while hunting him good luck

  • Angry Cassie 1 month ago

    Help? Stop doing this myth characters me and my step sister haten on them proving u wrong

  • Riley Foster 1 month ago

    How do you screenshot on amazon fire

  • HeroBrine 1 month ago

    i thought she quit

  • Izaan Rehman 1 month ago

    There is Entity 404! 😥

  • lara Jorissen 1 month ago

    i know how that happend,sumtimes if you look at a hacker,he could hack youre minecraft or pc…

  • Leah Fish 1 month ago

    I cild hem

  • Karaoke Girl 1 month ago

    what if entity 303 and null connected or related or what if entity 303 and null are the same thing what if null is entity 303 and entity 303 is null

  • saige paige 1 month ago

    I love your videos!!!!!!!!

  • Lisha Mckinney 1 month ago

    What if Null and Enetiy303 are the same

  • Bianca Ann Jimenez 1 month ago


  • MythicalGiraffes UwU 1 month ago

    What’s the intro name?

  • Pixiler Bloxer 1 month ago

    I’m friends Entity 303

  • Incredible YouTub e 1 month ago

    That santa looked freaky!

  • Incredible YouTub e 1 month ago

    Entity303 was at 9.6 to 9.7

  • Incredible YouTub e 1 month ago


  • Duck Gamer 1 month ago

    Shark plz do a old entity that is the strongest of all which is LICK

  • ZombiePlayz MH 1 month ago

    All of them are hakers

  • Xavier Beverly 1 month ago

    that is so creepy

  • music monster 25 1 month ago

    Entey 303

  • music monster 25 1 month ago

    If you go to a certain website to search up Entity 303 on Google it will give you the things that he is weakened by if I’m correct it is either white and black blocks or its surrounding himself by lava Which is less likely but I know you can kill him buy trapping him in his own trap

  • music monster 25 1 month ago

    Comuncatet by sines or chat

  • music monster 25 1 month ago

    If you thought Herobrine was bad Entity 303 is the son of Herobrine 10 times worse than his father

  • Jamie Hicks 1 month ago

    Entity 303!!!!!

  • WolfCraft 1 month ago

    how about the fact that both null and entity 303 are forms of Herobrine

  • ssgtgibby 1 month ago

    Entity 303 was on top of the magma block. Plus you can see him/her on the magma looking down on shark

  • Evan Bell 1 month ago

    OMG he is real no you are beb 💀😯😨

  • Lucas Tigelaar 1 month ago

    At 9:25 entity 303 was at the behind the monument you can see it at the right side of it

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