Minecraft Building with BdoubleO! Enjoy!



  • Ryan Sadusky 6 months ago

    Please bdub, I want yo download your intro song! Where can I find it?

  • Jess kater 6 months ago

    I actually love the color of the grass

  • Kerfuffle 6 months ago

    Bdubs. This series is amazing. Your channel is amazing. But as much as this has been asked already…please please bring back Planet Coaster and Rocket League! I’m gonna guess though your PC can’t run either atm like with Flabaliki, hence why you’re sticking with Minecraft (that being a low-spec game ofc)? Keep up the great work here but please bring back Planet Coaster soon! 😀

  • Tachizuu 6 months ago

    the reason the villagers aren’t picking up bread is because you have mob griefing disabled. They also won’t harvest or plant crops.

  • Lili M. Nel 6 months ago

    loved the episode bdubs

  • Builder BB 6 months ago

    Getting that Bob Ross action on – booshes

  • AZ Baobab 6 months ago

    Hey Bdubs! If you don’t like the desert colors, you can change the biom of a specific area using WorldEdit. Maybe a bit cheaty, but it would give you the colors you like without having to move the whole build to a different biom.

  • AlabasterJazz 6 months ago

    Hey Bdubs, I know you like the detailed builds, but I see you have no Terraria videos. That game has a ton of potential for amazing builds, plus it’s pretty fun just to play. Might be worth a thought if you ever want to change things up a bit

  • Reginald Bonhuk 6 months ago

    When villagers are mating you literally CANNOT look at them, I’ve heard this from many minecraft youtubers and even seen it on my own world. Its just another one of the conditions that have to be met.

  • Beni Gaming 6 months ago

    Bdubs great video the hobbit hole is coming along very fine. Does anyone know where i can get the better leaf texture and the one where the blocks overlap? 🙂

  • Boss Romos 6 months ago

    Your catching up to etho… he better push his lp so you don’t eat his snaxs

  • SPAM .03 6 months ago

    These videos are just so relaxing to watch while drinking tea or something. So good

  • terry4prez 6 months ago

    I know that it takes away from the vanilla nature of this series, but you could always World Edit or something and change that biome so that it’s plains instead of desert.

  • Orange Devil 6 months ago

    can you play Cities Skylines agian

  • TurtleDucky SQ 6 months ago

    Bdoubke can make ur resource pack for mcpe, I’m a builder and I need ur awesome detail resource pack for minecraft pe

  • Chroma Spark 6 months ago

    What makes the sand and grass connect?

  • Henry Myers 6 months ago

    too much bonemeal

  • Der Jona 6 months ago

    I’ld prefer to use another type of leaves for the threes

  • Cactus 'N Gaming 6 months ago

    Henceforth, this kingdom shall be called “The Drainage Pit”

  • Hikikomoriloser 6 months ago

    Just make a bunch of stores for “real fake doors” that are filled with doors

  • julia58161 6 months ago

    I love the difference the landscaping made! Like night and day, from boring to beautiful! On the subject of golem farms, I have looked at those, coveted the iron and walked away. They are so ugly and I don’t want them in my world. But if anyone could make a functional, but beautiful (or at least fitting) golem farm it would be you! Glad Ari found her toys 😀 Made me smile…The trash man took them… too funny!

  • Jared Telford 6 months ago

    YO Bdubs, you can use MCedit 2 to paint in biomes.

  • Andrew Knepper 6 months ago

    You could add some stone buttons as small rocks rather than cobble stone blocks

  • MashMoPotatoes 6 months ago

    Thought he said her favorite toy was Papa Troll. I’m tired.

  • abab AAbb 6 months ago

    on the sidewalk over the water, did out a little on the side towards the top falls so that you can see that the water is going under you

  • Hessel van Vliet 6 months ago

    Bdubs, you probably won’t read this, but please bring back the vlogs, miss them so much.
    Anyway, keep up the great work, and I hope we will see videos on bdoubleolive again.
    Wish you all the best!

  • Shadow Knight 6 months ago

    Has anyone ever notice b double o is just boo

  • Lydlazer Shaw 6 months ago

    469, eh?

    4 69s:
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Lydlazer Shaw 6 months ago

    bdubs, PLEASE get rid of the block in the corner of the entrance of the first hobbit house u built there. It’s buggin the hell outta me!

  • WalkerTexas17 6 months ago

    Hey Bdubs why aren’t you uploading hermit quest???

  • Ryan Dresser 6 months ago

    Leave 1 iron golem alive

  • Ryan Dresser 6 months ago

    Bdubs do some land scape near r castle like you said so it will look better

  • Ryan Yovichin 6 months ago

    Bdubs if you don’t like the grass use concrete powder

  • Fatehali Abdullahi 6 months ago

    Looks good to me

  • Fatehali Abdullahi 6 months ago

    By the way is pungence your bother ????

  • Bossking 6 months ago

    You views have slowed down ever since the episode of hermitcraft where you said you were out of ideas. Have the war already

    Btw i love all your siries and a long time subscriber.

  • DxNzer047 6 months ago

    Bdubs! You should play Ark! Its kinda like minecraft, but not blocky and with dinos! I would love to see what you create in that game, and i think you could have a lot of fun with it!

  • Jack O'Donoghue 6 months ago

    Bdubs you should make a huge custom tree that ends just above the iron golem spawn height, then it will look like it’s raining iron golems

  • modsiw10k 6 months ago

    Paw patrol is a terrible show. The only way it’s plot ever progresses is because of the stupid adults that inhabit the “adventure bay” which looks like a smoothed over minecraft alpha. I have to watch it because of the children i babysit, and I absolutely hate it. If i hear “No job is too big, no pup is too small!” or “Chase is ooonnn the Case!” one more time i’ll kill myself. 😀

  • William Nagore 6 months ago

    You have a bit of a stuttering problem…..

  • Avelin Canela 6 months ago

    I have a couple ideas to make it into an Iron Farm.

    1) You can probably make a lake that has a 3×3 or 2×2 *sinkhole* that leads to a lava pit that kills the golem.
    2) Make a little shrine in the middle with a trapped zombie (that won’t despawn for obvious reasons) so that it lures the golems to it and then the golems end up falling underneath/through the shrine. Possible room for some Lore in the area?

  • TheQuantumCreeper 6 months ago

    Put a zombie in a box in the middle. Villagers would run away from it, iron golems would go towards it. Put a hole around the zombie. Hide it a little bit. Done.

  • King Cozza 6 months ago

    Make an industrial type area with iron golem farming, mob spawner farming, and like mass produce of farming…almost like a factory

  • King Sylver 6 months ago

    I think that the iron golems should be a dark grey like all the other iron items

  • soerry2 6 months ago

    Ok i REALLY want that leave ad on for my jungle custom map!
    Where can I get it or instructions to make it myself?

  • D-dog gaming 6 months ago

    Do another flyboys series

  • paolovf 6 months ago

    That waterfall looks great

  • BrientheGirl 6 months ago

    Two-part question- when are you going to release an update of your 1.12 texture pack, that will include the better leaves, and also, are you going to include the fences-stairs-slabs variation that feline astronomer came up with? The second part I ask because I can’t seem to figure out how to download her add-on.

  • Erin White 6 months ago

    the bob ross of minecraft

  • Laura Osborn 6 months ago

    Bdubs is like the Bob Ross of Minecraft.

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