• Bigbst4tz2 3 weeks ago

    WOOOP! Brand new Series! 🙂 We hope you all enjoy!! Make sure to show your support to the series. Thanks for watching!

  • ryan123ZMach 3 weeks ago

    I know this is kinda early but I wonder if there’s gonna season two in which you play a few updates later. Or maybe each season you go up a Update

  • Minecraft pro Lu 3 weeks ago


  • Starfoxx Gaming 3 weeks ago

    Finally an smp in the community

  • Sky Thao 3 weeks ago

    He sound like grain

  • Minequackrages 3 weeks ago

    What days are this season going on YouTube

  • foxxie jester 3 weeks ago

    I love your vids

  • the fnaf gamer 3 weeks ago

    Um 666 likes

  • X Dragon23 3 weeks ago


  • spllitz Guy 3 weeks ago

    More pixel gun 3D! Plz

  • SNGamer KH 3 weeks ago

    Hi i’m From Cambodia

  • ghost 7272 3 weeks ago

    There are no hunger bars in that virson

  • ghost 7272 3 weeks ago

    Hero brian

  • Betinha e Carlos 3 weeks ago

    Big b when you play murder mystery 2 do a challenge like use the perk foot print or something!

  • aivarask 911 3 weeks ago

    Is it me or thers two grians

  • TheGreenCreeper // DanTGC 3 weeks ago

    BigB u sounds so different you’re not like super HYPE. Why

  • Evi Kurniawati 3 weeks ago

    Why are there two grian

  • ShirutoRK 3 weeks ago

    Grian…. ITS GRIANNN

  • LeaderWolfMCYT Gaming 3 weeks ago

    Wow. You are using a the best version of minecraft my pc can run… i know, sad. Lol

  • exotic 3 weeks ago

    Make more of there’s vids

  • roxanne balancio 3 weeks ago

    cookie squard were are you at

  • roxanne balancio 3 weeks ago

    cookie squad were are you at

  • Jake Apex 3 weeks ago

    Mc has come a long way good memories

  • Jdsgaminglive TheJDGamerYT 3 weeks ago

    … you missed some wood

  • DJHGaming 3 weeks ago

    when chunks didn’t spawn correctly

    wait that still happens

  • Noahblox - Gameplay and More! 3 weeks ago

    You’ll be alright!
    *creeper explodes*

  • Andre Rhode 3 weeks ago

    I will enjoy

  • Heath Ceicys 3 weeks ago

    play guns of boom

  • Prankster Gangster 3 weeks ago

    Your so bad at minecraft

  • GAMER YT 3 weeks ago

    Lol he called grian grin xD

  • shadow dog 456 2 weeks ago

    Where was the hunger bar

  • MasterOfGaming 342 2 weeks ago

    This is amazing love this❤️❤️

  • caden sandy 2 weeks ago

    The only one I dont know/ havent subbed to is systemzee

  • Noahblox - Gameplay and More! 2 weeks ago

    this will not fool you

    See More

  • TroyTube YT 2 weeks ago

    So you invited stampy sister and not stampy?

  • Gavin Edreich 2 weeks ago

    There’s no hunger dumd butt so the food heels you

  • MagicBuilder798 2 weeks ago

    This vid is so funny and I laughed cuz there was a lot of mobs waiting

  • BattleFrontGamer19 2 weeks ago

    Grian has a diamond sword

  • No Copyright Music 2 weeks ago

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  • GamingWith XPXx 2 weeks ago

    Keep doing more plz I’m a big fan I found out about u last week and I think your channel is amazing I love pixel gun and mine craft those are my favorites do minecraft evo still

  • Portal Master 2 weeks ago

    MCPE 1.2 is aperently more advance than java Minecraft 1.2 ok .-.

  • Delta Hunk 2 weeks ago

    Who else is hyped?

  • Ocean Blue Animations 2 weeks ago

    Hey BigB I love this concept and I will keep watching this until the end I wanna know where you go with this

  • E doge 0978 2 weeks ago

    AHHHHH!!! GRIAN!!!

  • dude gamer 2 weeks ago

    i started playing mc when 1.6 was out

  • Tanner Robbins 2 weeks ago

    I love it

  • Zaya Williams 2 weeks ago

    GRIAN <3333333333333333333333333

  • Quack The Duck 2 weeks ago

    you didn’t mention the two Grians. xD

  • Gapingcorn 6 2 weeks ago

    This is like hermitcraft, but beta!

  • Mine Dan 2 weeks ago

    The castle is grians base if you didnt know 🙂

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