• Nick Heyde 7 months ago

    Sell iron from ig farm

  • Amanda L. 7 months ago

    Just a thought…
    if you could superbreaker diamond ore with a silk touch to get extra ore…
    could you technically place the ore back down and do it again to get more?…. 😁 idk just a cheeky idea.

  • Bodiax 7 months ago

    Make 2 Etables

  • Bodiax 7 months ago

    Can we get your Faithful – Low fire texture pack?

  • OGSmallkaiser 7 months ago

    I think kenny got the best from the dungeon loot

  • Amina Begum 7 months ago

    Guys let’s see if we can reach Kenny to 1m

  • Ezotic_Blaze 7 months ago

    U should sell ur old house to generzon, he still doesn’t have 1 cuz he sucks at building so sell it for like 200k or something (he said he sucks at it btw he tried to get a admin to spawn him one in)

  • Ella Swan 7 months ago

    ask justin if you can take his stuff, diamond, enchantements books to sell it like so he can see it

  • MegaZls 7 months ago

    Kenny make the enchant table like viks

  • Ian Yang 7 months ago

    vikk has 1 good book its necromancer 3

  • Frost Shadow 7 months ago

    Btw Kenny if you want you can make the staircase to the enchant room out of slabs to make it more gradual

  • Dxvid 7 months ago

    Kenny if the wall is ore themed you should make the walls mixed with diff ores and replace the button with the redstone ore

  • neox clipz 7 months ago

    At 19:39 Kenny said a no no :0

  • JakesGraphics 11 7 months ago

    When does this pack come out?

  • Marc Young 7 months ago

    Kenny, you should give Generzon half diamond amour because quiff stole his (it will cost around 50k)

  • Twin Gaming01 7 months ago

    Make the enchant room a different room and use that room for something else!

  • Ryan Hodges 7 months ago

    Go mining next episode

  • Wyatt Greenlees 7 months ago

    On skywars go on map shire and try to make it to every island on the map

  • Augustin So 7 months ago

    does disarm work on mobs? you should have used your fist

  • Augustin So 7 months ago

    change your skin back pls

  • richiexx16 lol 7 months ago

    vikk needs a god apple he used his in the tower

  • Augustin So 7 months ago

    Kenny all your 5 diamonds were singles

  • May M 7 months ago

    poor nooch xD

  • Augustin So 7 months ago

    kenny’s puns 😀 two enchat stations if we wanted to(two) XDXDXDXDXD

  • Ethan Shah 7 months ago

    The highest his chat rate went was higher than the amount of likes he has😂😂

  • VoidWalker 7 months ago

    Kenny Make a Quad beacon!!

  • Nico Gawel 7 months ago

    Low key vikk talks to much

  • sirmunchPvp 7 months ago

    The floor is lava in

    Oh your already on your bed…

  • Niel Gabriel Anahaw 7 months ago

    kenny you always striming 4:00 in the morning

  • LandMark Studios 7 months ago

    You’ve done a “stack” of H4M videos! 🙂 Get it, cause Minecraft a stack is 64

  • myhowtos789 7 months ago

    When you first got there you looked right at the cave with the prizes

  • Kurniawan Wirodimedjo 7 months ago

    Kenny, if you see this, just ask laake, to make it 1 door for your entrance…

  • Anish Varma 7 months ago

    Remember when you used to say that your cod channel did better than ur mc channel?? 😀

  • gezelmark gajjar 7 months ago

    Kenny the keyboard god

  • Damyon François 7 months ago

    I think kenny got the best books all round compared to everyone else

  • Jonna Kling 7 months ago

    Where you heard someone building when you arrived at the tower (at 12:44) you were looking at the place the chests was. It was probably an admin adding the price in the chests for everyone , so if you had gone and looked you probably would have found the chests!😂

  • Damyon François 7 months ago

  • PuppieSmuggler 7 months ago

    Make a 2 wide staircase down in the room, then go each way and re link it back underneath, you can then make it a 3 wide staircase so the enchant table works in conjunction with the room

  • Sanjei Jong Seijuro 7 months ago

    where is Petey?

  • Sanjei Jong Seijuro 7 months ago

    it’s a remembrance okay? don’t be shy and secretive about it….

  • Christian K 7 months ago

    Kenny you’ve put a secret room in a secret room in a secret room, you better keep putting secret rooms inside eachother that’d be so cool

  • Gotri Hidraysni 7 months ago

    kenny u should rename a paper “1 mil $”

  • Eve Richardson 7 months ago

    Put slabs across the top of the bookshelf to make it look finished and meet

  • Wapan Plays 7 months ago

    You deserve more subscribers bro

  • BEASTBOY 7 months ago

    Subscribe to my channel please I will mean a lot if you do please

  • DaTurtleCat30 7 months ago

    Could’ve used a Bane of Anthropods for those spider lol.

  • Dazie Miller 7 months ago


  • ToshiroAki 7 months ago

    idea for a cruel prank:

    Leaves decay when farther than three blocks from a log, imagine placing leaves 2 blocks under a grown tree. when someone removes the tree the Leaves will decay. here is the cool part, when leaves decay they trigger a localized redstone signal. so imagine running a line to a TNT block, or better yet… a ton of TNT minecarts on a powered rail which explode on decay…

  • Brad Real 7 months ago

    AM I the only one that hates it when Gen keeps screaming ow like just shut the fuck up.

  • Youssef Mohamed 7 months ago

    man u moved ur house no more iron golem farm or vilagers abuse or horse place or dunktank or roller coaster :/

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