• A few doods dude 2 weeks ago

    Please sub I only have 20 subbys

  • A few doods dude 2 weeks ago

    I do more Minecraft streams

  • yoboiplays 2 weeks ago

    You should go on mixer and donate there bc there is a lot of Minecraft and fortnite players on there m8

  • A few doods dude 2 weeks ago

    Please I rubbish at youtube

  • Jose Luis Torres 2 weeks ago

    mr beast rip off

  • WilloGaming 2 weeks ago

    bro i know you will probably wont read this but i have been stugling to stream because all i have is a mac i would like to stream to help my family so we can do stuff together again. i know u wont read this but if you do ily videos you are the best if you read this please reply

  • Yurgen Waiba 2 weeks ago

    i was crying in that vid 😀

  • Julia Chu 2 weeks ago


  • Gamer Celeste 2 weeks ago

    I saw funneh video 😂😂

  • Julia Chu 2 weeks ago

    YASS SCOTT, his reaction to it tho😂

  • Sara Felise 2 weeks ago

    Please do moreeeee

  • Ąmixa 2 weeks ago

    I wish i was one of them but Ill just have to wait

  • ItsDragoCraft 2 weeks ago

    I love these videos, good job peston

  • Ben Norton 2 weeks ago


  • sarah mike 2 weeks ago

    preston pls donate to karinaomg!

  • sargisbelgium 2 weeks ago

    Preston come to mineplex and friend me my name is vincentik2008

  • Remi Braelynn 2 weeks ago

    If that happened to me I would CRY

  • JONATHANW123223 2 weeks ago

    Toxiccat23 twitch that is a good person oh and doni Bobes maybe made the same video couple hours after you uploaded this same title one word is changed lol 😮 just thought you should know

  • Flaming Gamer 22 2 weeks ago

    You are sooooo much better than BajanCanadian

  • Hurricane N 2 weeks ago


  • James Lumanas 2 weeks ago

    how can i download minecraft on pc

  • tinyarielpearl 2 weeks ago

    Wow that’s so Kind of you to support others your awsome. Have subscribed. 😁💚

  • Sharlene GoesNyaNya 2 weeks ago

    Lol when u clicked on Dangthatsalongname i was like AAAAYYYEEE SCOTT

  • Cooldrumer 01 2 weeks ago

    donate money to sapturtle plsss

  • EvanMC985 2 weeks ago


  • King Of Minecraft 2 weeks ago

    Donate to rh game on their trying to raise money 💰 for type one diabetes

  • Katryn Morrissey 2 weeks ago


  • Haydn Small 2 weeks ago

    Donate to lachlan to troll

  • Roan Despabeladero 2 weeks ago

    Where’s the Roblox video

  • Craftymin 2 weeks ago

    Donate to shot but only donate like 10 cents

  • Kaylan Kasim 2 weeks ago


  • Roan Despabeladero 2 weeks ago

    Hey Preston if you play Roblox first than Landon I think you have more sub than him

  • King Baby 2 weeks ago


  • Aisha Al-mubahka 2 weeks ago


  • Nicolas Bueno Esparch 2 weeks ago

    Man this is so funny

  • Unkillable Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Preston please make part 2!!!!!

  • draycoplays 190 2 weeks ago

    I do yt my channel is Draycoplays 190 and i do fortnite and rocket league on ps4 and that’s what I stream on 3 subs and hope can i get to ten plz help me Preston i want to as successful as you so plz help me I put effort into this is i hope to be just as great as you ur amazing so I wish you good luck and i hope u give me luck too thank you for ur work and continue to have a good life also i stream on weekends so make sure to plz be on weekends plzzz and i thank you so much

  • Dominc Wong 2 weeks ago

    hey preston

  • Valvona 2 weeks ago


  • Atunna skilZzz 2 weeks ago

    Arclow on Youtube or ArClow_ on twitch

  • SouthPoleSanta 2 weeks ago

    Preston Playz is who you should donate to

  • Cool Cat 2 weeks ago

    Yes Yes Yes, and by the way, ur awesome!!!

  • Elliott RENTON-GIBB 2 weeks ago

    Omg you need to do this way more Ofen

  • DeadKnight 2 weeks ago

    I was watching Jerome when you donated

  • DJ Ballin 2 weeks ago

    Ninja (fortnite streamer)

  • Jr Maaño Maaño 2 weeks ago

    Preston your the best!

  • Jj Playzz 2 weeks ago

    You should donate to JjGamzz

  • Unknown Gamer 2 weeks ago

    PLS DONate tO NoahFromYT i like the vid

  • Lucas Cheese 2 weeks ago

    *Oh MAHY GUD!*

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