• Logdotzip 1 week ago

    Everyone tell me your favorite thing about this snapshot!

  • mandy bermudez 1 week ago

    the sea pickles were added last snapshot btw but really cool vid <3

  • magnetic animations 1 week ago

    I can’t wait to see you at minefair o((*^▽^*))o

  • jpenderdragon 1 week ago

    The reason we r all here is the dolphins. No one cares about the other stuff.

  • Hristyan Dimitrov 1 week ago

    It would be sooo cool if you could tame them and ride them.

  • TheUltimateGam3r 1 week ago

    minefaire sucked

  • Gucci Gang 1 week ago

    Jeez xbox 360 Minecraft needs these awesome updates

  • bubbles the duck 1 week ago

    Do u rlly need 3 ads in 15 minutes?

  • Taro Faytrat/Zichis20 1 week ago

    Conduit French word meaning Conducting a Conduit is also a Device that conducts Currents and objects

  • Shark Dude14 1 week ago

    Ha I called it I said I should get darker going down 😁 🦈😃

  • Gabriel Young 1 week ago

    So we have been swimming in cold oceans this whole time, r.i.p. ppl

  • MA Hacks 1 week ago

    How do you get that

  • MA Hacks 1 week ago

    Dolphins are my fav animal

  • Mathawn 1 week ago

    Who’s exited for the MineFair. And Tyler I might be there but probably not.

  • Ferrei7boi Loud 1 week ago


  • Agent Bananna 1 week ago

    i tried spawning dolphins in a river and they kept jumping out of the water and getting stuck on the grass

  • PrabhanandMP 1 week ago

    Pretty sure 11th of April was my birthday.

  • Tide Pods 1 week ago

    yay dolphins my favorite animal

  • Tide Pods 1 week ago

    Ya know what we need now…


  • Radmanawesome 1 week ago

    Orcas for colder areas and regular whales for the ocean

  • Armin Arlart 1 week ago

    umm logdotzip bro how to uptdate minecraft

  • Applemonster87 MC 1 week ago


    good one YouTube

    mine is the dolfins

  • Smalls the Timelord 1 week ago

    Hi! I am thankful that you have stayed loyal to Minecraft! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  • Toqst 1 week ago

    do they rape you too?

  • Rohan Man Shakya 1 week ago

    I subbed, goddotzip!

  • EpicAntos 1 week ago

    1:42 R.I.P Logdotzip’s Keyboard.

  • BING sgiurl 1 week ago

    Logdotzip you look like notch

  • Ainextra Gaming & Drawing 1 week ago

    Well im selling my minecraft for console because reasons

  • Christmas monkey- Minecraft and more 1 week ago

    I use blue ice for decorating

  • Dr - gaming 1 week ago

    The 14th is my birthday yaaaaaaaayyyýyyyu

  • Brix Junar 1 week ago

    congratulation for 2 million subcribers!

  • Primusox Zyill 1 week ago

    You can make dolphin park.

  • Yu-Chan 1 week ago

    Jotaro would love this.

  • DECTY 1 week ago

    I thought dolphins help not kill…

  • Prince Vegeta 1 week ago

    Dammit I was just in los angles

  • AimPlaysMC MCPE and More! 1 week ago

    Is the chemistry update here?

  • TheRedstoneEnderman 1 week ago

    Logdotzip will ignore this comment

  • Ark Files 1 week ago

    the conduit is the best cuz u can breath underwater with out potions.

  • Green Sheep1239 1 week ago

    Who else thinks that the hart af the sea looks like its from candy crush saga

  • DragonHunter1202 - Spore and other games! 1 week ago

    I hope we’re able to place active conduits away from prismarine with commands, cool map making block

  • Juuso Hietanen 1 week ago

    how do you get those colours on the commands?

  • BJ Gamer 1 week ago

    Just tell everyone it’s a mod Tyler stop lying

  • thanggoulien gogou 1 week ago


  • Orang Tea 1 week ago

    Try out the seed “Ocean”

  • Splatling * 1 week ago

    Great video! I just love the dolphins they’re so cute! Apparently you can ride them! 😀

  • Lhancelot XDGaming 1 week ago


  • Theodore Santos 1 week ago

    Why don’t they have minefair in Boston

  • Ricky Seale 1 week ago

    So Dolphins are Underwater Pigmen

  • Георги Галинчев 1 week ago

    Mod ?????

  • Георги Галинчев 1 week ago

    MOD MOD PLIS ????

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