• MooseCraft 1 month ago

    *Comment down below if you want to see us make a Minecraft Pocket Edition channel!*


    Suh dude

    do you like tacos?

    lel i ate bekfast today

    cant wait for bekfast tomorrow!


    alright im done dood

    stop scrolling XD

    legit its done.. dont scroll down anymore!


    tacos with a side of… STOP SCROLLING!

    theres something top secret down here but u cant see it!

    dont u dare!

    lel trolled. nothing down here u noob

    moose army is the best army


    since u got this far…

    click this link for a secret!

  • Brandi Rummer 1 month ago


  • Brandi Rummer 1 month ago


  • The dummest personever 1 month ago

    I like ur little moose thats on ur microphone

  • Robert Bryce 1 month ago


  • scott butler 1 month ago

    yo moose is cute

  • Ethan Taylor 1 month ago


  • Leanna King 1 month ago

    I would love if you make videos in pocket edition. I play on it and my user name is Seahourse33.

  • Lane Hoover 1 month ago


  • Mark Eddy 1 month ago

    Congrats for reaching 1MILLION SUBS 😮

  • STR SQUAD 1 month ago


  • INoobLegend Gaming 1 month ago

    Do it

  • INoobLegend Gaming 1 month ago

    Do pixelmon in pocket edition plz

  • Xxninja_dragon 1745 1 month ago

    Roses are red 🌹
    Violets are blue💙
    Moose milk is so good
    You are too

  • lucy hearfily 1 month ago

    yes do pocket edition on different channle

  • Wendell Nelms 1 month ago

    people go crazy for you man

  • Zulkipli Hassan 1 month ago

    This video is so funny I nearly peed myself from laughing so hard 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mitch Playz 1 month ago

    7:37 rip Jeff he was a loved moose 1 like=1 preyer for Jeff the moose

  • Jennifer Llaguno 1 month ago

    nathen iz a Savage

  • Jennifer Llaguno 1 month ago

    at 17:53 h spelled butt on the search bar XD

  • Olivia Oliv 1 month ago

    when are you going to make the pokemon vido ?

  • Olivia Oliv 1 month ago


  • ninja [populargaming] 1 month ago

    Moose what screen recorder is that

  • Xboy 645 1 month ago


  • morgan silalahi 1 month ago

    moosecraft you so funny but dint play chite is dont fare 😀

  • FarhanZ 1 month ago

    It will be my pleasure to see PE videos of Unspeakable & Moosecraft

  • what textor pack

  • DJ_KC AwSoMe 1 month ago


  • Ken Kaneki 1 month ago

    Do The minecraft pe channels ._.

  • Deidra Sanders 1 month ago

    I saw Jeff die yesterday

  • Jason Ervin 1 month ago

    I love your videos moos

  • Thang Niang 1 month ago

    yes I like you guys channels

  • Frank He 1 month ago

    Reported the vid done by this scum

  • Ruth Garcia 1 month ago

    Moosecraft do PE

  • Gavin Leach 1 month ago

    What do you play on?

  • Gavin Smith 1 month ago

    I LOVE YOU JEFF 7:33 to 7:42

  • Kaylee Archbold 1 month ago

    give me the Holly grape of moose milk

  • Lexa Mendoza 1 month ago


  • Brooke Strand 1 month ago

    I love your channels moose 😍😍😍

  • Marco Kendrick Visconde 1 month ago

    Bek BekFast

  • Romeo Lugtu 1 month ago

    i sub please reply

  • Plain Freak 1 month ago

    you watch jake paul?

  • Demon overlord girl 1 month ago

    DOOOOOOOOOO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

  • Brandy Mills 1 month ago

    I love your vids just like I love your MOOSEMILK moosemilk for life also moosecraft is the best I love your moosemilk

  • Jim Lundstrom 1 month ago


  • Ender_Assassin90 1 month ago


  • Marco Kendrick Visconde 1 month ago

    Hi Dood We love You two. Your pet Jeff is awesome

  • Marco Kendrick Visconde 1 month ago

    More Minecraft PocketEdition Vid Pls ☺

  • Bryn Daniels 1 month ago


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