• villagerkiller 2 weeks ago

    Think the reason your carrots wont grow is that it isn’t litup over there, so they’re only growing via daylight.

  • No Name 2 weeks ago

    Hahaha faceless person is me. I’ve been thinking to change my skin from stone to something else. Lmao.

  • Amanda smith 2 weeks ago

    Asian guy lol😂😂

  • No Name 2 weeks ago

    The chest opening was probably an administrator lol

  • Nicholas McDevitt 2 weeks ago

    You have the youtube power! Share it with the pesants please. They need you beef! Love the series! Keep up the great videos!

  • Sam Cro 2 weeks ago

    Get a damn sell wand Beef!

  • Ricky Vuong 2 weeks ago

    Why don’t you put iron blocks that is from the iron farm?

  • Funs Hendriks 2 weeks ago

    Beef could you come to mystic and visit my island? 😀

  • Nick Hunsberger 2 weeks ago

    For the carrot farm. Make it zig zag upwards.

  • Tailor Lanam 2 weeks ago

    Witches drop redstone so you should make a witch farm

  • Blue _ Boy 2 weeks ago

    They nerfed RandomTick to cut down on lag, just so you know

  • Vanessa Hernandez 2 weeks ago

    The way he says “Ohnn nooo” after every mistake lmfao

  • Darth Nerdist 2 weeks ago

    You pronounced assassin as asian???

  • Mandi 2 weeks ago

    Nims is awesome, his tuts are nice and easy and he walks you through it. +NimsTv I use his afk cobble gen when I play skyblocks

  • Odd Eleven 2 weeks ago

    Multiblock pickaxe. Yep. saw that coming xD.
    Thx for the laugh man! 🙂

  • Grandmasterzk 96720 2 weeks ago

    Beef you should use a different cobble gen design that one is very inefficient i have a much better design if your interested

  • Dean Martin 2 weeks ago

    I think I look forward to your intro more now hahaha

  • Charlotte O'Neill 2 weeks ago

    How to join server???

  • Exodus 2 weeks ago


  • - scrub 2 weeks ago

    I started laughing so hard when he said “Asian guy loves my videos!”

  • Alex Briggs 2 weeks ago


  • boydart101 2 weeks ago

    Sky blocks the way, the way to mordor

  • Jamez15fullstop 2 weeks ago

    Pigmen are a pain to farm because the chests fill up with swords

  • Leah Jones 2 weeks ago

    Put the banners you keep receiving on their corresponding islands!!

  • rick454p 2 weeks ago

    The multiblock pick got me too, it works for taking down a large build quickly though

  • TeeTheCee 2 weeks ago

    Oh my gosh Beef (in Beef’s viewer’s voice) you should be grateful for the picks you get…;)

  • kershaw2k11 2 weeks ago

    Are you gunna make your bridges to other islands more asthetic, makes your island overall nicer?

  • Fnassau 2 weeks ago

    I gotta say, that was pretty funny 😀

  • Christina Applegate 2 weeks ago

    Great Work! As always of course. I was wondering if you could Beef up the pathways leading to other areas? Maybe Quartz or glass women love bright colors of the rainbow or pastels, a crystal fiery cave from the neither, if u cant use it make it a ruin, anything but cobble, with all the other options it should be use sparingly. we have to look a true buildings from history and not what we are told will be ok in the situation. done preaching at the choir. You are a kind man. these comments a not meant to be malicious in any way. I am a true fan of yours and hope to continue to be so

  • Никитос Майнкрафтер 2 weeks ago

    Рома сделай серии по дольше примерно 20 мин

    Подпишитесь на мой канал и посмотрите тизер нового проэкта “Месть казаха”. Спасибо. Подпишусь взаимно, лайки подписьки все дела

  • boxxer81 2 weeks ago

    I think you still have glowstone in the walls affecting your Skeleton and Blaze spawns.

  • maikel Mblaster 2nd 2 weeks ago

    Make a cobble farm that you use your multiblock pick

  • Yvette Kruisenga 2 weeks ago

    Make iron bars dan sell

  • Carlo Schreiber 2 weeks ago


  • ByondTime 2 weeks ago

    Nims has good tutorials! I’ve used a few of them (in singleplayer, the lag might be effecting your’s) and they’re always super easy to follow and make, glad you found him 🙂

  • edtuckerartist 2 weeks ago

    Try placing a sign with [welcome] (include brackets) on it in a room on your island, no need to keep typing tpaccept. If room is sealed players won’t be able to roam your island.

  • humane monkey303 2 weeks ago


  • humane monkey303 2 weeks ago

    Haha awesome reaction time beef!!

  • Cristobol Santantantana 2 weeks ago

    Le Boeuf – come check out my cobble gen. It’s not 100% afk but it doesn’t lose blocks. And it’s fancy.

  • Sion Dwenneker 2 weeks ago

    Beefii Boii,

    You can create a cobblestone generator which will generate a 3×3 area.
    Also I think that is the only way the multi block pickaxes are useful.

  • DuelScreen 2 weeks ago

    (takes a bow) You’re welcome, Beef. 🙂

  • Matthew Sbriglio 2 weeks ago

    make mumbos cobble farm

  • John bane 2 weeks ago

    480p club lol

  • Landen Suorsa 2 weeks ago

    Noooo Beef you got my name wrong!!!! And you accept and I’m AFK lol. This would only happen to me

  • “Sell enderporal msg me to make a deal”

  • Laurence Cotter 2 weeks ago

    Nice singing voice Beef! Londonbeat if I’m not mistaken…?

  • Reece Sherlock 2 weeks ago

    Please upload more of this series!

  • RayquazaBoy89 Games 2 weeks ago

    It is assasin guy not Asian guy

  • jeremys924 2 weeks ago

    remember the time when he said he was going to show the new island level? i member…

  • Danny Herbert 2 weeks ago

    Honestly Beef, if I’d known ahead, there’d be a central void chest and everything leading into it.

    Have an old skool 4xcobble generator, but GOD the bows…
    Skelly spawners, no. Can’t sell arrows, bows dont stack, clogged my system right up.

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