• Pepsi cats 1 week ago

    I’m just so excited for the next episode

  • ItzAnti venom383FTW 1 week ago

    Denis you can use eye of enders to find a strong hold

  • Devon Dunker 1 week ago

    I also bought your merch so I can burn it

  • Catdev 1 week ago

    DENIS! You haven’t finished the house!!!!! It has been waiting for 4 episodes!!!!!

  • nancy bubello 1 week ago


  • Eduardo Contreras 1 week ago


  • 正和唐明順 1 week ago

    the stone you see is lava block
    if you stand on it it will doze damage

  • David Stevens 1 week ago

    Hope you get well soon! Good video!

  • Abot Zablan 1 week ago

    Denis that magma block is one of the updates and even the endermans u can’t take damage if u hold shift in magma blocks

  • orhan valiyev 1 week ago

    if denis doesnt see wrie in other videos ples

  • Harbir Singh 1 week ago

    Make a part 8 and 9 and 10

  • John Straystar 1 week ago


  • Osef Pedrezuela 1 week ago


  • Pauline Chua 1 week ago

    Episode 8 please

  • EmmaGamesSometimes- Im still learning 1 week ago

    hes so cue in this video

  • Lunar Alley 1 week ago

    Denis… You can active the furnace with using a single bucket of lava. You can melt or cook 100 food or ore…

  • TheLittle Flowers_ 1 week ago

    Please make minecraft game everyday please

  • Kay Wern Yeoh 1 week ago

    Y U no wear armor?

  • Otto Kapanen 1 week ago

    You can use magma blocks to def house or make a mob farm cause (non-fire resistant) mobs get damaged too.

  • Jens Kvanvig 1 week ago

    Play more!

  • sing, dance, do gym and have fun 1 week ago

    you should play minecraft story mode
    its a good game

  • Collin Wingfan 1 week ago

    Denis do not dab if you dab i will arrest you

  • CHARLITA OLARTE 1 week ago

    That material is magma block

  • Juzer Yousuf 1 week ago

    I hope u feel better

  • Ruben Langenhuizen 1 week ago

    Waar woont Dennis?

  • Enel Fillsaime 1 week ago

    I love denis

  • pika chu 1 week ago

    Do minecraft relam

  • Kelly SpaceKitty 1 week ago

    love the vids of mincraft

  • Swiftly Lifty 1 week ago

    I hope you get better denis

  • Abdul fake Fake 1 week ago

    Denis make more minecraft vidoes

  • Abdul fake Fake 1 week ago

    pls make more

  • JessGAming YT 1 week ago

    Not a stronghold its a nether fortress silly and can you please pit in some mods when your ready 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 PS.I’m from Africa so when I’m sleeping my phone goes of a a lot because i m subed to ALOT of ppl😂😂

  • John Howell 1 week ago

    💎 usually spawn at level 12

  • Lily Sulieman 1 week ago

    you were jumping because there is an option of auto jump it is probarly turned on

  • Kelly SpaceKitty 1 week ago

    why is it creepy i love it hay can i have it pls

  • Kelly SpaceKitty 1 week ago

    why is the cat of the day creepy

  • Kelly SpaceKitty 1 week ago

    ill tell you my add gras on twitwer

  • Kelly SpaceKitty 1 week ago

    i live in benitsfel

  • Kelly SpaceKitty 1 week ago

    i need to find your po box tho

  • Adwaith 1 week ago

    Don’t make videos take care of your health

  • Brickorplate Gaming 1 week ago

    Denis that lavaish block you were talking about is called magma

  • richard oconnor 1 week ago

    strong hold is in nether fortress

  • Ender Henry 1 week ago

    Magma block maybe you can make a mod trap

  • Zeezo007 Vlog 1 week ago

    Denis oh ya

  • Will McCann 1 week ago


  • Jeremy Clyde Bugia 1 week ago

    Just press shift

  • Ilyass Stevenson 1 week ago

    Make a diamond sword next episode

  • XELITE Gaming 1 week ago

    Denis… u should remember that u showed us the kitty of November 10

  • Alex Myrtle 1 week ago


  • maddison rose 1 week ago

    play minecraft with all the pals and do hary potter epersods on minecraft

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