• Lexea Jones 1 week ago

    I am so interested!!!!!!!

  • Luigi/Stinkyclawkilla 1 week ago

    Instead of coal you can use a bucket of lava and it lasts a LOT

  • StarDestroyer playz 1 week ago

    what is your username i want to invite you to my realm

  • pig man 1 week ago

    Denis do the speed

  • DARK PRINCE 1 week ago

    Make rechenald an armor stand and put his head in it

  • dope884 1 week ago

    Pls don’t cut it

  • Aleisha Knowles 1 week ago

    Bring Reginald

  • Serena Lim 1 week ago

    Hahahahaha what are you doing,I am better than you at Minecraft hahahahahaha

  • shekia zyra 1 week ago

    Hello denis 🙂

  • Jake Nelson 1 week ago

    Can you go to the end

  • IC ET Perfect 1 week ago

    Play pixel gun 3D

  • Theory Kids 1 week ago

    it took me half an hour for this to load!

  • ALYSA Matilla 1 week ago

    Are you going to get a dog and a caty?????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wilmer flores 1 week ago

    I’m a big fan of your video

  • Bertha Bravo 1 week ago


  • WolfyTheSAVAGE 1 week ago


  • Emilio Guzman 1 week ago


  • IshmehCookieh TM 1 week ago

    You: Knock knock!” Me: Who’s there?” You:THE OTHER PILOT, NOW LET ME IN!”

  • NarwhalPoop 06 1 week ago

    Dennis. I couldn’t care less about what you put in your videos. You put whatever is easier for you. I am happy you even make videos. Thank you for making them! ❤️ I love you. Can you go on tour?

  • Azul Romero 1 week ago

    U should do the fam in ur house but u put it in a little room and you enter an u see all ur 🐓

  • KittenSissy 123 1 week ago

    I start off with a wood block for the house and then upgraded it as I go

  • KING ROYAL Chand 1 week ago

    I dont wanna see mineing only building🏬🏬🏬🏩🏢🏪

  • Mighty Alien 1 week ago

    you a cool

  • Samuel Jones 1 week ago


  • Wibwob 432 1 week ago

    You can place blocks on grass😀

  • ANGELA QUIOC 1 week ago

    play more murder mystery plz plz plz

  • Selwyn Seman 1 week ago


  • Torbat Gaming 1 week ago


  • Bax Hines 1 week ago

    I was watching this while I was walking

  • jason mol 1 week ago

    i love minecraft more minecraft

  • Juri 100 Gaming 1 week ago

    Better minecraft than roblox

  • memo medo 1 week ago

    I love too see you angry in finding diamond (lol)

  • Hero de Vroom 1 week ago

    Build a house

  • Carlos Pulis 1 week ago

    you could smelt things with wood!!

  • Anime 1 week ago

    Denis start using poles 😀

  • Wilbur Gachoki 1 week ago

    make a Minecraft airport😃

  • Little Ocelot Gaming! 1 week ago

    Use concrete

  • leo swan 1 week ago

    Cut out some mining include diamonds or dungeon

  • ALFIEBIGDUDE White 1 week ago


  • juan pablo gamer super pro 1 week ago

    Don’t cut anything

  • ItsKatrina andKayla 1 week ago

    28 x 8 = 244 lol

  • Lewis Reid 1 week ago

    BBBEEEAAASSSTTT At minecraft 😊

  • egle tammets 1 week ago

    Dont cut out

  • Zakdab 1 week ago

    This series is meant to be about doing stuff in MINECRAFT

  • Turbo Blossom 1 week ago

    Denis just speed up don’t cut 🙂

  • celien plays 1 week ago

    i think denis has 7 or 8 egg

  • celien plays 1 week ago

    Or 11

  • tyler Tan 1 week ago

    Ur duch a pro denis😉

  • Afrida Doang 1 week ago

    How u color ur bed un Minecraft PE

  • BFF Show 1 week ago


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