• LurkingCthulhu 4 months ago

    when is ep 5? i love ur vids

  • Shraddha Tiwari 4 months ago

    Just quickly mine some obsidian and make some flint and steel to go to the nether and once you get there get that soul sand and have a boss battle with the Wither

  • Daniel Nel 4 months ago

    Denis, watch MR CUBEY, one of his house tutorials to build an awesome, but simple minecraft house, trust me it’s really worth it

  • DJ Playz 4 months ago

    When u break the grass u get seeds

  • Greendawa 4 months ago

    Can you play bed wars or go down with water bucket and break the obsidian and you need to go to ender to win the game😁

  • Elway Dj 4 months ago

    Denis play mincarft ep 5

  • Juan boy gamer Natividad 4 months ago

    Do more xD

    Ep vids

  • G4M3RCAT XX 4 months ago

    Try making diamond sword,AND enchanting,if u enchant,it will be good.

  • G4M3RCAT XX 4 months ago

    Also try getting emerald to trade,it does some help!

  • SebsterGaming TV 4 months ago

    You schould make a cave at the place you are moving into because there will be more chanses to find diamonds there

  • Ihsan Zakaria 4 months ago

    Denis ur very good at minecraft

  • Jonathon Sibley 4 months ago

    Plz hang out more with jailbreak ❤ u

  • Grunnlagnir Pípulagnaþjónusta 4 months ago

    Play mor minecraft!!!!!!

  • NexusPlays 4 months ago

    Yo denis!! u forgot to craft da flint and steel m8!

  • BDDHK Dhaka 4 months ago

    Denis you need to play more episode of Minecraft and you can only power up your item with ingented table ok

  • Dylangamer 101 4 months ago

    I am getting mine craft for crismas do another vid about mine craft

  • Jianxian Wang 4 months ago

    Tip:just use lava with water and flint and steel to make it to the nether XD

  • Dylangamer 101 4 months ago

    Part 5 plz part 5 denis

  • Dylangamer 101 4 months ago

    Make the nether portel in part 5 please

  • Sidra Akid 4 months ago

    More min Kraft pleas

  • Mason Baker 4 months ago

    When’s next vid of minercraft #5 plz tell me

  • Alessandra Palermo 4 months ago

    Yah art

  • Annie Johnson 4 months ago

    Plz make more Minecraft vids Denis

  • Rudy Bartlett 4 months ago

    Part 5 plezZzzzzzzzzzzz

  • TheCatMaster2 4 months ago


  • NING NING ZHAO 4 months ago

    Are you using 1.12? if yes then hardened clay is replaced with glazed terracota which is the ultimate
    pattern blocks or floor patterns would be great

  • Tony Arteaga 4 months ago

    Denis, instead of a stone path, you can make a path with a shovel.

  • derpyduck 4 months ago

    why not make a cobblestone house!

  • Gracie Yates 4 months ago

    It’s probably the same reveen

  • Gerald is cool 4 months ago


  • Gerald is cool 4 months ago

    DENIS you can dual wield items by holding an item then pressing f

  • Aurea Contreras 4 months ago

    Denis make a nethier portol

  • Aurea Contreras 4 months ago

    Denis make portal plz

  • Zagilar Ghostshade 4 months ago

    potatoes are seeeeds

  • jovel vasquez 4 months ago


  • Aphamau Vela 4 months ago

    you can collect saplings to plant trees around you and you can get clay and cook it to make bricks and then with 4 pieces of bricks you can make a block of brick and you can place a water bucket on the ground to erase the tall grass instead of your hand and one more thing you need blaze powder and a ender peal to make a ender eye

  • mhougestol 4 months ago

    Clay is for bricks

  • Andrea Rivera 4 months ago

    Build a cat and live in it

  • Michelle Meyers 4 months ago

    Denis is the best
    And more minecraft

  • AlessandrA Reyes 4 months ago

    Denis when you build the enchanting table you can enchant/Renovate ur stuff for example if you have a diamond sword and it’s almost gonna run out you could also enchant it and it will be brand new

  • Chris Strickland 4 months ago

    They hide in the nether

  • Altanbagana Shiituu 4 months ago

    Denis hear this song called party rock athem

  • Altanbagana Shiituu 4 months ago

    There is no potato seeds so plant potato

  • The epic dummy Gamer 4 months ago

    You can make brick out of clay

  • Jane Tsang 4 months ago

    Mobs can open door but they can’t open trap door

  • Bornaqueen Savage 4 months ago

    You don’t suck😂😂😂

  • 11 JG 4 months ago

    to hold items in your left hand you press f

  • citrus blast 4844 4 months ago

    Don’t forget to take Reginald!:-D

  • Link Master 4 months ago

    Tame a osolot to mack a cat(with a fish)(craft a fishingrod)😼🎮

  • Riahn Audrey M. Palanca 4 months ago

    A potato is a stem,not a seed

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