• Isaac Ojibara 6 months ago

    You should make a pen for Joshua

  • Melanie Valencia 6 months ago

    good job Denis

  • yadira peralta 6 months ago


  • Austin Daily 6 months ago

    Denis your post to get the egg with a torch

  • OfficialRetro 6 months ago

    I thought u beat the game but I’m dumb XD

  • wenger sancon 6 months ago

    wow denis you killed the ender dragon on hardmode and survival wow your the best minecraft gamer i ever seen im happy to you nice

  • Kaitlin Croz 6 months ago


  • Ella Bella 6 months ago

    There’s an end city

  • Ramon Barajas 6 months ago

    My name is Joshua this is my dads account

  • Aaron Gecko 6 months ago


  • Sas4 plays Jackson 6 months ago

    Hi I’m kai and I’m new

  • Sas4 plays Jackson 6 months ago

    Denis plz ceap God 1 and ceap up the work plz I love you

  • Julie Coltra 6 months ago


  • MUFFFN PARDISE :3 #loves muffins 6 months ago

    Omg this episode made me cry so much GOOD JOB DENIS 😭😭😀😀😀

  • Nathaly Alburquenque 6 months ago

    You should invite the pals to your world

  • shazia arshad 6 months ago

    I’m 9 years old I’m a girl uggh I AM SOOO LATE EP 32 IS wooooooooow I better start to do my homework fast

  • Veronica Jackson 6 months ago

    You are amazing reader

  • Wino Ebomoyi 6 months ago

    you can defeat the ender dragon I believe in you Denis

  • Brooklyn Rose Williams 6 months ago

    good luck to you and your friends.

  • Monkeyboy M 6 months ago

    Dennnnnnnniiiiiiiiiiissssssss!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU FORGOT THE ENDER DRAGON EGGGGGGGGGGGG IM so happy not because of the EGG but because you have beeten the ender dragon

  • shazia arshad 6 months ago

    I watched you read all that BTW I’m 9 years old I’m a girl IM UR BIGGEST FAN

  • shazia arshad 6 months ago

    End city anyone?

  • Vanessa Wheeler 6 months ago

    You should make invisibility potion

  • Lynnette De La Torre 6 months ago

    Btw Denis, The Ender Dragon is a she not he

  • Paulo Balmadrid 6 months ago

    U still got the wither

  • hoang le 6 months ago

    Pls play some Roblox Welcome to Bloxburgh

  • Paulo Balmadrid 6 months ago


  • Maryann Olo 6 months ago

    Unspeakable can beat the ender dragon in 5minutes

  • Haziq Hamizan 6 months ago

    plz call ur horse dinnerbone XD you’ll see what happen to ur horse if you do that lol

  • Wiaan Vosloo 6 months ago

    This credits dusent make sense

  • catereena123456789 Cat 6 months ago

    denis use the fish to get a cat at the jungle near the mansin.

  • TYPICAL GAMING noob 6 months ago

    your are better than me denis

  • z angela 6 months ago

    Make blocks and make regenald a snow holem plzzz

  • Rakel Polden 6 months ago

    you could just use the sword when he is in the center

  • AstrialFox 6 months ago

    there is a bunch of blocks of gold in the water monuments.

  • Jimin Park :D 6 months ago

    Add egg getter

  • Lisa Delbos 6 months ago

    Denis get a cat or dog 🐶 🐱

  • Тomilena Peti 6 months ago


  • Astherical 6 months ago

    U should do some Terraria it fun game

  • Natasa Golijanin 6 months ago

    maybe sir neighss a lot is a better name not a hater just saying

  • Killer_KING 6 months ago

    Denis i subbed since u had 60k subs

  • Joshua Knowles 6 months ago

    My name is Joshua

  • haizan mahar 6 months ago

    You are noob on minecraft denis

  • Emma Hanks 6 months ago

    When the dragon was in the mildle you use your sword on him Denis

  • Jennie Enohnyaket 6 months ago

    The ender mans are helping you dines

  • Trang Lam 6 months ago

    Endear Dragon fight!!!!

  • Aroldo Lopez 6 months ago

    Denis go to end city

  • Aroldo Lopez 6 months ago

    plz play bedwars

  • Arda Karadoğan 6 months ago

    I am here since the begining nice work

  • Cray Cray 6 months ago

    Denis change the title change denis is the best at minecraft

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