• Sonya Davydov 4 months ago

    Episode 4!!!!

  • Sonya Davydov 4 months ago

    More make 5

  • Matthew Shrock 4 months ago

    blaze powder

  • Madel Lazaro 4 months ago

    When you want to end the game you go to the End not the nether

  • Tyler Johnson 4 months ago

    Ps tuber your incorrect 6 times 2 equils 12 equils 67!!

  • IzzyGL 4 months ago

    uugghhh how could u just end the vid strait after u find dimonds ?!

  • IzzyGL 4 months ago

    anyway do more minecraft survival single player

  • Zulify Gaming 4 months ago

    Make a episode 4 please 🌎🌍🌏

  • NEVA'EH RAMOS 4 months ago


  • KJ Bolt 4 months ago

    DangerDenis (Denis’ username) = Danger Dolan

  • remo b 4 months ago

    Notafacathon squad

    where you at

  • Lucas Waddell 4 months ago

    Plz do a pixlemon quest!!!!!!! plz it is fun!

  • Levi Smith 4 months ago

    i saw a domgon

  • Bret Sparks 4 months ago

    Is reginol subbing for sir meows a lot because sir meows a lot is wayyyy better than reginol

  • Kara Lim 4 months ago

    Denis, if you find a village, in one of the house there is a diamond inside a chest

  • Sylveplays 256 4 months ago

    I saw CROSS!!!!

  • Angel Vivar 4 months ago


  • Joshua Kosha 4 months ago

    Blaze rods into blaze powder to make

  • Amy E133 4 months ago

    denis : reganold is a crazy person, sometimes i dont know whats going on in that boys head

    Me: really denis ? i thought he was a pumkin head ?!

  • Tib con Gaming 4 months ago

    A blaze rode

  • minion michael 4 months ago

    Hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahha hahahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahahaha😋 sry it was just silly

  • MMichaelGaming //// MGTV 4 months ago

    Denis 6 x 8 is 48 not 42

  • Nazarell Williams 4 months ago

    To end the game u have to vo to the end portal

  • Amazing Beautiful Girls 4 months ago

    sprinting makes your hunger run out

  • Liam Cox 4 months ago

    Downside of the farm. There is a cave full of skeletons to kill you right by it

  • Jamison Johnson 4 months ago


  • Elli Brazil 4 months ago

    What’s so bad about going outside at night in Minecraft?

  • Gaming With seb 4 months ago

    in the nether you should build up and throw ender pearls until you reach the top of the nether

  • Jolena Bryan 4 months ago

    I knew he would find diamond cause he found one in the 1st episode and one in the 2nd. So I just thought it has to be in this episode, it has to be

  • Robby Canales 4 months ago

    Pls don’t become a minecrafter play roblox more

  • DARK PRINCE 4 months ago

    Make an armor stand and put RECHENALDS head on it

  • DARK PRINCE 4 months ago

    Plis it looks coool

  • DARK PRINCE 4 months ago

    Li a body for RECHENALD

  • DARK PRINCE 4 months ago

    One stone slab and 5 stick

  • Future RL 4 months ago

    Do more and make a farm and if you can get villagers then you can make farmers pppllllllllsssssss

  • Kostas Alamanakos 4 months ago

    You miss the obsidian

  • Kostas Alamanakos 4 months ago

    Obsidian 18 :25

  • Jerome 4 months ago

    restaurant land!

  • prash plays 4 months ago

    Denis you need 12 blaze rod from Blazes and 12 enderpearl from enderman pls pin this comment and make a shoutout of me pls

  • Cherrie Joie Calvento 4 months ago

    Denis did you cheat?

  • Puggie Media 4 months ago

    Denis, to make an eye of ender you need blaze rods and then turn them into blaze powder in the crafting table. You will also need ender pearls. Combine the blaze powder and ender pearls together to get eye of ender!! I hope this helped you denis!!

  • bigg playz 4 months ago

    Denis what is the seed for your world

  • OnlyNoahTv 4 months ago

    To go to the nether you need 12 obsidian and flint,n,steel

  • Alfie Becker 4 months ago


  • TheGaming Saiyans 4 months ago

    Finally u find 6 diamonds

  • LordSK 4 months ago

    denis you need blaze powder to potions and eye of ender and you need 3 wither skeleton head and 4 soul sand for the Wither
    when you kill the wither you get a nether start then you can make a beacon

  • Kyrie Liam Pasicolan 4 months ago


  • Dragon Black 4 months ago


  • Lukas M 4 months ago

    You should make a house in the neather

  • Dragon Black 4 months ago

    I lobe the fact that Denis randomly finds diamonds when he isn’t trying that hard

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