• D Xtreme 5 days ago

    I am a big fan

  • Simon Pickering 5 days ago

    You can put the map in your off hand

  • Teal Forest Gaming 5 days ago

    take the saddle off first

  • Teal Forest Gaming 5 days ago

    Denis, I’ve found millions of “Water Dungeons” in my 3 months of playing minecraft

  • Teal Forest Gaming 5 days ago


  • Teal Forest Gaming 5 days ago

    the chests are in the buildings with the lava

  • Blue creeper gaming And more 5 days ago

    Name your horse sir horse alot

  • Ali Zavala 5 days ago

    Why is the pals pack 59.99 dollars

  • Rebecca Durkin 5 days ago

    I love the exploring ones because I can colour my Christmas presents for people for Christmas XD

  • emily b 5 days ago

    Don’t get

  • emily b 5 days ago

    Rid of it

  • emily b 5 days ago

    Who agrees

  • Abigail Broking 5 days ago

    I love these travel videos

  • Apples Orange 5 days ago

    Name the horse rapidash

  • Cadence Sena 5 days ago

    You put the name tag in the anvil it will say name tag on the top type the name you want and it will cost you some levels and that is how you do it

  • William Avila Canale 5 days ago

    denis go to a anvil to name your hourse

  • Patti van den Kieboom 5 days ago

    it was a jungle not a swamp!

  • Esther Feria 5 days ago

    Denis if you want to name your horse you need to name your nametag in an anvil sorry if my spelling is wrong and you can now name your horse after you name it in the anvil

  • Anyah Hill 5 days ago

    go home

  • Phenix Stockton 5 days ago

    Pumpkins help you during fights for endermen and makes them do less damage

  • nmrobey 5 days ago

    I LOVE watching you do traveling vids they are so fun to WATCH!!!!:)))))😍😇😇😍😇😇😍 and my favorite food is 🍉!!!!!

  • Yin Ma 5 days ago

    Idk why I’m yin ma

  • Yin Ma 5 days ago

    But I’m alice

  • SarahtheKitty A 5 days ago

    To name a hourse you have to put the name tag in the anvil and name it then put it on the hourse!

  • Chuck Jacobs 5 days ago

    you could have made the jump Denis

  • StoryShift Chara 5 days ago

    R U NAMING THE HORSE JUSTICE?!?! IF U R ILL LICK MY SHOE ( jk ) & + I <3 the travel vids <3 :3

  • Heather Shopteese 5 days ago

    why don’t you set your world to crateof

  • Enrique Domínguez 5 days ago

    Call it flash

  • acme77th 5 days ago

    I subscribed

  • Cavalier HIghlightS 5 days ago

    You passed the blacksmith in the village which is the house with the chest

  • iamstuning YT 5 days ago

    Yes, do more travel ep! It gives us time to get to know you better without all of the nonstop action in the way!

  • Alaina 5 days ago

    r u ever gonna go back in ur old holes cave

  • Candice Kelley 5 days ago

    LOL love

  • jerby garcia 5 days ago

    denis to make a nametag you need to use the advil and then type it and name it blaze and make it then apply it to the pony

  • luz biveros 5 days ago


  • Diamond brothers Gaming 5 days ago

    Dennis you can use the eggs for making cake and pumpkin pie

  • MMichaelGaming //// MGTV 5 days ago

    Denis to find village chests you have to find a blacksmith

  • Victoria Ysabel Tuazon 5 days ago

    Yeah i think it is the dark forest mansion cause i found it at creative

  • Victoria Ysabel Tuazon 5 days ago

    I said the wrong name i dont remember thats why

  • km.dreamer angel 5 days ago

    I found the mansion on my world its near the snow biome

  • Alex Surguy 5 days ago

    I love traveling videos

  • Naythan Mondragon 5 days ago


  • MegaMan586 5 days ago

    It’s called a roofed forest biome. And that’s where you get the mansions. Duh.

  • Death Dragon5799 4 days ago

    its not a mushroom island

  • Loly Puss 4 days ago


  • Elizabeth Campbell 4 days ago

    Those dogs are wolfs🐶👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻Good day

  • jennet uraida 4 days ago

    cool minecraft videos!!!!

  • jennet uraida 4 days ago

    i subscribed!!! <3<3<3<3

  • mila pernitez 4 days ago

    I think i skip a episode but that is okay

  • JyronKenneth Martinez 4 days ago

    Did you that denis missed an house with an chest

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