• the apple 1324 1 week ago

    I love your videos

  • Mihaita Lupoaie 1 week ago

    name the horse minecraft boss.

  • videos for ramadan موسي 1 week ago


  • videos for ramadan موسي 1 week ago

    name the horse rainbow

  • Shahnaz Nadia 1 week ago

    Those zombies are husks

  • Nadia Abid 1 week ago

    I actually noted that u made half of the roof in 1 minute xD

  • Country Pandas 21 1 week ago


  • SilverThumb 1 week ago

    name the horse ripple

  • Kevin Smith 1 week ago


  • Zejnepe Maliqi 1 week ago

    hi denis your is not poo ok

  • Kyron Richards 1 week ago

    It is esp 21

  • Zejnepe Maliqi 1 week ago

    and hi

  • Zejnepe Maliqi 1 week ago

    and hi😇😇

  • Asta 1234567 1 week ago


  • Kitty Witty 1 week ago

    hi hi

  • Peter Stucki 1 week ago


  • The gaming Cat 1 week ago

    You need 12 ender eyes to get the full stronghold

  • Liz Nurse 1 week ago

    Name THE horse nines a lot I reply ON most of your vids🔙🔝🔜🔱🔱🔱🔱🔱😉😉😉😉😉😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃👕👖👕👖👕👖👕👖👕👖👕👙👙👙👙👙👙

  • Kitty Witty 1 week ago

    slimes live in caves and swamps they always follow you and they cant swim so you can lead them to water and drown them

  • Angie Rushiti 1 week ago

    kity of the day

  • Hele Tigane 1 week ago

    yis 21

  • Kristin Stevens 1 week ago

    Denis you should put fire aspect and flame on your sword it will cook the food they drop

  • Kendra Marcus-Jones 1 week ago

    wear a pumpkin on your head to protect you from endermen it will change your vision though

  • Legend Gamer 1 week ago

    Sorry guys but I think Denis is the best pal so is sketch

  • Foxygamer125 FNAF 1 week ago

    U should name the horse horsy
    I couldn’t think of eny other name

  • Isaiah Meraz 1 week ago

    I subbed love u denis

  • Boluwatife Fashola 1 week ago

    You can’t gat a better shield but u can customize the sheild

  • Jameel Beasley 1 week ago

    when the creppers blow up us your shelid and you don’t loose heath

  • Gladis Garcia 1 week ago

    Do /keepinvetory true

  • Pikachu Bae Two 1 week ago

    Yaz name the horse Speedy plz Denis I requested that name :3

  • cniki1 1 week ago

    Denis name is King Dabber

  • Exotic Gamer 1 week ago

    He forgot that there was a chest

  • Niko Pavletic 1 week ago

    Loving the series

  • David Pitts 1 week ago

    name the horse , girl: snowie, Daisy, Horsey, Miss horsy alot. Boys: Blackie, Gustave, stake, Sir horse alot, fart :3. plz name the horse one of this name

  • Doug Ross 1 week ago

    do you have to pay for minecraft???
    you should also make a horse farm plz pettey plz?DO IT!!!!!!!!

  • Altanbagana Shiituu 1 week ago

    Hey denis get mods not mobs

  • Altanbagana Shiituu 1 week ago

    You can grow mushrooms faster on soul sand

  • Altanbagana Shiituu 1 week ago

    Yes make diamond armor

  • LumberPB 1 week ago


  • LumberPB 1 week ago

    And those zombies are called husks

  • Allyson Hoffer 1 week ago

    Name your horse Sir Nays A lot!!

  • Lea Murphy 1 week ago

    Maybe you could name the horse ‘Ace’?

  • Amasing omg Elvr 1 week ago

    Put on a pumkin and ender man want atack

  • Jake Paul 1 week ago

    Name him Savannah

  • Jake Paul 1 week ago

    Or her XD

  • Kaia Lestage 1 week ago

    Denis you can hit a ender man and wear a pumpkin head and it won’t try to kill you

  • Ania Ella 1 week ago

    There are not zombies there are husk.

  • jasoelliott 1 week ago

    U r amazing denis

  • Sabrina Sigala 1 week ago

    Who’s watching in 2018

  • Dark Sniper 1 week ago

    GO F*** URSELF

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