• CrissyNouara Khan 3 months ago

    Denis your my fav I hope you make episode 21

  • Matoputti 3 months ago

    Please make the roof

  • BillyThe Pilly 3 months ago

    Denis try getting an infinity bow for unlimited arrows

  • Olivia Terblanche 3 months ago

    Wait raw eggs?you were pointing at the raw chicken!!😂😂

  • Steven Doreen 3 months ago

    With the shovel it gives you Grass Path!!

  • lisa gallagher 3 months ago

    I think your good at minecraft

  • Paula Flesher 3 months ago

    This is cool Minecraft

  • elise jackson 3 months ago

    it craetes s bit of a path
    0It makes a bit of a ptah

  • Addie & Griffin!!!!! 3 months ago

    use command blocks

  • JBLD Garces 3 months ago

    Denis get a enchantment called infinity and you will only one arrow

  • JBLD Garces 3 months ago

    Denis you can only enchant to level 3

  • JBLD Garces 3 months ago

    On smite

  • Alan Jania 3 months ago

    In order to stop it rain you have to fall asleep

  • Alan Jania 3 months ago

    Denis I think you should take some obsidian and flint and steel just in case you get lost in the Nether

  • 99pearljam 3 months ago

    this is episode 19

  • Anna Misiewicz-Andruchow 3 months ago

    Todays my b day and gapę yall r havin a Great day

  • StrangerThings 3 months ago

    PLZ GIVE THE COWS AND CHICKENS MORE ROOM! How would you feel if you were cooped up DEEEEENNNNIIIISSS. ALSO

    Hi 🙂 Big Fan! (Srry if the message sounded rude….)

  • StrangerThings 3 months ago

    Denis: The most important thing to us right now, are these Ender Pearls.

    Me: Depends… do you have eggos?

  • Shea Brown 3 months ago

    you shd chek on the mushros

  • Aydan Tallon 3 months ago

    Man what is up dines

  • Gray Harrison 3 months ago


  • nicholas Levesque 3 months ago

    Enchanted the bow with the best one denis and nice videos by the way your my hero in the whole wide rest for r eternity denis the best minecraft player better then unspeakable gaming

  • Kayden & connor in motion 3 months ago

    Destroy the anvil and replace it and it will fix

  • Elsie love -roblox and more 3 months ago

    Denis you should farm villagers

  • Justin Newell 3 months ago

    If you get a flame enactment it cooks you the meats

  • Hadley Hazelton 3 months ago

    I don’t want to get the pals pack because your my favorite pal

  • Claire Russell-Wood 3 months ago

    it makes a path

  • Finn Burling 3 months ago

    Name your sword

  • mama judo 3 months ago

    Do the rooffffff!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Levinia Valerie 3 months ago

    You killed some baby cows AND YOU DIDN’T SEE YOU KILL IT WHAT?

  • Makes a path

  • Rodulfo Gencono Jr. 3 months ago

    denis that zombie spins.

  • Steven Lee Jba 3 months ago

    HAI DENIS can you make minecarft ep 23

  • Steven Lee Jba 3 months ago

    and 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 34 35 36 37 38 39 40

  • Steven Lee Jba 3 months ago

    please Denis

  • Vanessa Vids 3 months ago

    Denis put a chest near the farm
    And a chest near the cowns for the weet

  • Solsa Rock 3 months ago

    right clicking with a shovel makes paths if you have seen a village there are there

  • Maria Arroyo 3 months ago

    Why do you have to keep your cows wet put a little bit of block on top of them

  • Michael Allen 3 months ago

    Gold is worse than iron DenisDaily fyi

  • Nathan Bigelow 3 months ago

    Since you damaged your horse you can feed it and heal it, to see its health go on it and to the right on YOUR health it says the horses health

  • Brenda Dreher 3 months ago


  • Cats4life Nina 3 months ago

    I’m sooooooooo behind

  • darius Hartsfield 3 months ago

    well it is a shovel so it would shovel grass dumb dumb

  • YetterEA 3 months ago

    Yay I love short ones

  • Opal Truitt 3 months ago

    U need to finish the roof that’s how the spider gets in DAH DAH😐😑😐😑😐😑

  • Opal Truitt 3 months ago


  • Jesse Milleson 3 months ago

    Denis try riding a pick you put a saddle on it and then combine a fishing pole with a carrot hope you have a great day!

  • alexha rezare 3 months ago


  • Joanna Marie Bangsil 3 months ago

    Denis put the farming chest in the farm close to the farm

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