• Kim's Funtube 2 weeks ago

    Bed Wars is a game in minecraft that we start with a team then we get iron Gold and Diamond emerold you buy stuff kill players destroy there bed then kill them for winning the game

  • Nikole Law 2 weeks ago

    More minecraft denis!!!😍DO LIVE STREAM

  • Yolay Plays 2 weeks ago

    Shield is useful?

  • Planet star 927 2 weeks ago


  • Extreme gamer 6 2 weeks ago

    Pls do more episodes of minecraft denis

  • William Watt 2 weeks ago

    OMG emerald is so rare

  • Vidu Rodewald 2 weeks ago


  • Ms Rainbow 2 weeks ago

    More more

  • Vandick Kwena 2 weeks ago

    gold is bad a gold sword does 4 damage

  • Vandick Kwena 2 weeks ago

    gold is poopy and diamond is awesome

  • Vandick Kwena 2 weeks ago

    my nickname is link

  • Tengku Hazard 2 weeks ago

    Yes 1st tiem mc u play

  • wolfgamer 2000 2 weeks ago

    Bed wars is a terrific game. How it works is, you start off with an island. Your island, is your island. (duh) Your job is to protect your bed, and make sure nobody touches it. So, you can purchase blocks, tools, potions, all the basic necessities. The other teams, are colors. Blue, aqua, yellow, pink, white, green and red. You can play solo, with a friend, two friends, or three. The way you win, is if everyone’s beds are destroyed and there are no players left but your team. This game, is fun and INCREDIBLY addicting.

  • Donna White 2 weeks ago

    MINECRAFT 😁😁😁😁😁😁🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Karen Dennis 2 weeks ago


  • Gilianne Yonzon 2 weeks ago

    Play more minecraft pls i really enjoy the minecraft

  • Rita Bilong 2 weeks ago

    Denis play BedWars plz!!!!!

  • Ms Rainbow 2 weeks ago

    U got a potato from a zombie

  • Aimee Gines 2 weeks ago


  • Juan Paolo Arabit 2 weeks ago

    you can enchant with lapis

  • Ruqayyah MAHFOUZ 2 weeks ago

    hi denis my fan

  • Aèsthetic Megan MSP 2 weeks ago

    I would love for you to play Crazy Craft and invite alex, corl, and sketch to the server! (But first finish this series so you get used to all of the controls and stuff ik its been a while)

  • Juan Paolo Arabit 2 weeks ago

    you get the potato when you kill a lot of zombies maybe carrots too

  • Nareman Abodan 2 weeks ago


  • Nareman Abodan 2 weeks ago


  • Sana Abbas 2 weeks ago

    Denis in bed wars u have ur own bed and u have to save it other players will have to break it so u cant respawn thats how it is played and u need to break other players bed

  • Mark Whiteside 2 weeks ago

    Agggggggggggg you’re cry

  • Nikolina Lazic 2 weeks ago

    It is on hypixel servers

  • Nicole Salinas 2 weeks ago

    My world in minecrafts name is Denis is best!!!!

  • Ayush Mahajan 2 weeks ago

    You should look for Ssundee bedwars he is a pretty good player go and see how he plays bedwars

  • Sofija JUCKEVIC 2 weeks ago

    go dinis go you can do it goooooooooo you fond diamonds this epesobe good job

  • Cora Leigh Martyn 2 weeks ago

    Bedwars is where you get these loads of blocks and try to get out their beds and with the blocks used around your bed and when another player comes you fight them off and if you fall off the base you died and you start again


  • Sofija JUCKEVIC 2 weeks ago

    okay you might have a team or you can be solo

  • Spinosaurus King 2 weeks ago

    ROBLOX is better than this blocky game

  • Sofija JUCKEVIC 2 weeks ago

    you have a bed and you need to protect your bed and if you whant you can destroy other poeles beds and you need to cooect diamonds and emeralds I’m sure that someyone in the palls played it I think!!!!!!??

  • Spencat MinecraftCat 2 weeks ago

    finally u do more minecraft

  • FoxyPanda studios 2 weeks ago

    I neeeeeeeeeeeeeedd moreeeeee

  • BLUE fire 2 weeks ago

    Denis I got a wild crafting recipe 1 stick and 3 diamonds give you a diamond sickle

  • MCMATER 13821 2 weeks ago

    Play with corl

  • Karen Enolpe 2 weeks ago

    dont let you’re bed dastrued dinis

  • Kira Jensen 2 weeks ago

    Denis please do more of of minecraft hotel with the pals

  • the10thpokeball 2 weeks ago

    Do pt 2 pea

  • Kerry Okane 2 weeks ago

    If you run it makes your hunger go down

  • Latoya Moran 2 weeks ago

    Wowwwwwww Denis..Sorry I’m late ,😛. .
    Denis:That’s okay and guess what I’m going to do another video and fortunately I can’t take you with me!!
    Me:Oh thats okay Denis I mean…..Wait did you say fortunately?

  • farras star167 2 weeks ago

    Play pubg and record it

  • David Armstrong 2 weeks ago

    Pleez play more minecraft

  • Kerry Okane 2 weeks ago

    Denis I honestly would explain bed wars but I don’t know what it is either XD

  • Minecraft Gamer Girl 2 weeks ago

    bedwars is a mini game where your on a medium sized island and you have a bed. You have to protect your bed wuth sandstone, wood planks, and wool. But I prefer you play multillayer so you or your teammate can fight, and the other one can protect the bed. But the main thing is to break other players bed’s.

  • AISTE martynas AISTUTE? 2 weeks ago

    Gold is so bad damage iš Low with gold items or
    golden items

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