Welcome back to another live episode of H4M, today we give rob a


  • Grayson Tyler 8 months ago

    Lachlan you’re the best ARK player you’re better than kingdaddydmac so an you plz make more

  • V.S. Henar 8 months ago

    Live plz

  • GAbe GAmes 8 months ago

    This Channel is dead

  • Sean Wang 8 months ago

    what happened to slim rancher

  • Adam Black 8 months ago

    What afl team do you go for?

  • xDeathByLaserx 8 months ago

    Lachlan, Can you react to wendy’s roasting people please

  • Bulba TuberMC 8 months ago

    wait, so Just Verb is in H4M… but not Landon

  • GlintFЖ motɨoɴ desɨgɴer 8 months ago

    Ol lachy

  • Smitty Murphy 8 months ago

    the x

  • Flameo360Games 8 months ago

    hey Lachlan i really want you to make pixelmon 1 more time and choose charmander pixelmon is the best video you have ever done so please make 1 more pixelmon server PLS and i saw there is mega evolution in pixelmon know

  • Tariq Mougarbel 8 months ago

    Lachlan your yes button is green so when you lifted it up it changed to birch planks 🙂

  • Minister Mo 8 months ago

    I love the banner but plz change the Garry to a pidgiot bad spelling I know

  • Axel Martin 8 months ago

    My Minecraft skin is the same as yours

  • jamaica whaley 8 months ago

    omg your australian me to

  • Marko Vlogs 8 months ago

    You are American

  • Ludvig Strandsberg 8 months ago

    How can i Download and play this with my friends? With the commands and all

  • Edsel W 8 months ago

    do pixelmon island

  • Our Adventure 8 months ago

    Lachy I’m begging you to start getting some money and start getting some stuff done. Plz!!!! Try mining in the war zone and borrow one of vick’s pics. That’s the current meta for money gaining!!!!
    Also, nugget cave would be nice

  • Finnegan Wolff 8 months ago

    The banner’s too loud

  • ENALLEY 8 months ago

    Put the map in your house inside of an item frame

  • Anthony Dean 8 months ago

    play pixlemon again

  • Hersh Halparin 8 months ago

    Yes yes

  • Hersh Halparin 8 months ago


  • Pigstronaut 8 months ago

    Didn’t delivering used to say delivery?

  • Destroyer Playz 8 months ago

    live h4m vr

  • Kathy Midgyett 8 months ago

    Bring back vaq

  • Kathy Midgyett 8 months ago

    The admin are stanky

  • Kathy Midgyett 8 months ago

    The Adkins are stanky

  • Kathy Midgyett 8 months ago

    The admin aren’t as good as vaq

  • IRONMINER180 8 months ago

    you should put something with super hot

  • Garrett Coleman 8 months ago

    Why did you Preston out Ark

  • Bernice Mercado 8 months ago

    Liked, what is that resource pack called

  • Charlie Trussell 8 months ago

    Yes play pixelmon

  • Caleb Beatty 8 months ago

    Do Treasure wars

  • Chris Bray 8 months ago

    no vr

  • CAROL EVANS 8 months ago

    Do ark ragnarock please! 🙁

  • Trenton Feucht 8 months ago

    U have to catch up to everyone else because people are getting creeper spawners

  • EGtheGaming 8 months ago

    Do this more no more vr

  • Ballerz Readz 8 months ago

    Too many people say Lachy isn’t making progress…
    If you’ve ever expected progress from Lachlan, you may as well name yourself Lachlan and make a server.

  • Tyler Noel Snyder plunkett 8 months ago

    Rob is the flower flower King

  • Unveenloomer 77 8 months ago

    I’m a Aussie and I love your videos

  • Dark-tyling Gamer 8 months ago

    no vr pls

  • popper 300333 8 months ago

    lachlan u and the pack should play rust please play rust

  • David Worcester 8 months ago

    I’m disliking because I don’t won’t vr

  • TT Smee 8 months ago


  • Thi Bra 8 months ago

    what is his texture pack

  • Rhom rhom gaming 8 months ago

    do u forget about your crazy craft 3.0 hatching an egg on your egg the creeper egg

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