Woodland mansion destruction! (7)

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  • Christian M 7 months ago

    This is cancer

  • Xx ShadowGamer xX 7 months ago

    Toycat you can put mending on anything you just need a librarian that offers mending books! It’s easy

    BTW you deserve 17,241,048 Subscribers

  • Ratta Roo32 7 months ago

    16th lol

  • Mermaidelina 7 months ago

    Seven+ streams to take this thing down! Your patience and dedication is pretty awesome.

  • ste 215 7 months ago

    Ibxtoycat I have seed for xbox 360 it has 3 to 4 woodland mansions and on village and 1 desert temple. The seed is -3725794502506564616 ☺

  • Leyton Selkirk 7 months ago


  • Cindy Pieper 7 months ago

    Can you make a video of a game called escapist2

  • NeonSplatBall 7 months ago

    See you tomorrow

  • Salvador Morales Grillo 7 months ago


  • Ryurious 7 months ago

    Hey Toycat, was this a pane in the glass to do? Also, it is really annoying that you left the chests / left them for last.

  • Chris is an Artist 7 months ago

    1:25:34 he answers me

  • Jedd DuPerow 7 months ago

    That is so coll

  • Jedd DuPerow 7 months ago


  • MadO'Bliv 7 months ago

    Wow. If it took you this long to destroy this mansion, imagine how long it must’ve taken Mojang to build it?

  • ToyCat's dad 7 months ago

    I wanted to watch the stream D: sorry son

  • sup 85 7 months ago

    I subscribed subscribe back

  • Joshua Dempsey 7 months ago

    just a suggestion but you should try and do a deconstruct the ocean temple,love your vids keep up the good work

  • Joelmatic gaming D 7 months ago


  • XD Plays 7 months ago

    Hey I know its not relevant but is the beta update this week ?? Plz include in one of your vids

  • SuperSam 3235 7 months ago

    After this you should recycle the nether fortress

  • Brandon Whitright 7 months ago

    Do a face reaveal

  • State gaming 7 months ago


  • skig red 7 months ago

    Floor is lava

  • Toy cats daughter 7 months ago

    I was alseep I’m sorry dad

  • EVIL TOYCATS TWIN 7 months ago


  • As you were eating this I was reading cereal 7 months ago

    Toy cat you should make a town/village with the stuff from the mansion

  • Basketballer101 Mason 7 months ago

    Whens The next ps3 update?

  • MR ADW 7 months ago

    Are you making a 8th stream because its not done yet??

  • Capamike 7 months ago

    Can you do a totem of undying farm with that?

  • tyler the train 7 months ago

    I always miss these

  • Zainul Abbas Punjani 7 months ago

    Hey ibxtocat! I got inspired by you deconstruction of the BIGGEST structure in Minecraft…I’ve decided to HOLLOW out the mansion and turn it into my house

  • TheLowerLow 7 months ago

    Actually IBXToyCat I’m Really Sorry. I’m actually the first one to destroy a whole Woodland Mansion than you. I destroyed it 2 weeks ago.

  • Lila Hurst 7 months ago

    Toycat the wings plus lether in an anvil will good the durability

  • GekkeManJay 7 months ago

    Why are you destroying such a villa im never gonna get

  • v Galactus 7 months ago

    I’m confused, I don’t really follow Minecraft anymore but I loaded up a creative and this very mansion was in it. I literally have this house wtf

  • Pierce - BANG SCIENCE 7 months ago

    Don’t eat the sand or it’s game over

  • Samuel Pitsilids 7 months ago

    Boring series

  • Samuel Pitsilids 7 months ago

    Your really just wasting your time on this crap

  • Spycart Reborn 7 months ago

    Ibx there is a YouTuber called supersheftery the made a hail mod and wants people to see it if you get time check it out.

  • Thomas Karackal 7 months ago

    Toycat u r such a great youtuber I thought u had 1 million subs

  • Sock Central 7 months ago

    If I own current Xbox skin packs like the villains pack, will they be carried over to the bedrock edition??

  • Goofy RIDER2 7 months ago

    Today is a great day 😀 Can i have subs ?

  • Toycats dog 7 months ago

    Me was eating during livestream

  • Wafity 7 months ago

    good one

  • Nebula 7 months ago

    What a waste of time

  • Top Sean 7 months ago

    How do i watch the beginning of this series? it doesnt seem like theres a playlist of all of these episodes (not the descruction series, the survival minecraft series). im a new sub and i wanted to watch it but im not really sure how

  • TheBiggestMyth TBM 7 months ago

    949th like

  • Kelto n 7 months ago

    It is night time where I am and I never got told that you were live I’m in usa 🙁

  • officially toycats wife 7 months ago

    No religion no politics no starwars

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