• Rewind Rumble 3 weeks ago

    Please do the world a favor and check out the Season Finale: Naruto vs Greninja: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fP0hG94T5xs

  • Mark Guyton 2 weeks ago

    Nooooooooooooooo. PopularMMOs would win!!!!!!!!! still like Dan tho…

  • Silver Bokoblin 2 weeks ago

    Another seemingly random video where stuff happens. Strange how this channel consists of extremely random things that make no sense and rewind rumble has only the best

  • Joshua Correau-Smith 2 weeks ago

    Just saying but couldn’t they use PopularMMOs stats from the mobile game Monster Legends because he appears in it and he is a legendary monster (Most powerful kind of monster) he could use the stats he has when he’s at full level in Monster Legends and use some of his attacks he uses in Monster Legends 😶

  • SuperMega MasonGamer/SMMG 2 weeks ago

    Can you please make me on the roster

  • Tanell Johnson 2 weeks ago

    how did they get their that fast

  • da lord mikefox 2 weeks ago

    pls a two on two rematch…

  • Gabe Chitty 2 weeks ago


  • Alex Bauer 2 weeks ago

    Sonic, Shrek, and regular show vs the incredibles, finding nemo, and monsters inc. So its a 3 push battle.

  • Jamie Hosier 2 weeks ago

    Ciel and Sebastian vs Integra and Alucard

  • Megareviews Locas 2 weeks ago

    Dan also has a book

  • You can use Dan’s book as well, and also Dan has gone on adventures like Pat and Jen before he also has a secret lair with robot armor and stuff like that

  • Jeremy Quintana 2 weeks ago


  • SsgSs3 55 2 weeks ago

    8:40 explains why dan won shows clips of pat wrecking dan

  • Omar Jr Ramirez 2 weeks ago

    Dantdm is more better than Logan Paul!!!

  • Ariel Dougan 2 weeks ago

    DanTDM Deserved to win!

  • Darius Fire 2 weeks ago

    how about nightmare, baby, golden freddy, puppet, BB, and purple guy vs frisk!!!

  • Icha Ade 2 weeks ago


  • dudh trưa b syria 2 weeks ago

    Yì thực vật có 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Christian Schaake 2 weeks ago

    Can you pls do undertale vs jurasic park and jurasic world lego and pls make jurasic park and jurasic world lego win because im a fan of the jurasic park and jurasic world lego

  • YouChi Vidoes 2 weeks ago

    do a star wars and star trek war

  • Tails X 2 weeks ago

    How…no when did mine carts do damage?

  • SegeTheHedgehog ! 2 weeks ago

    what has been seen cannot be unseen

  • ThePhoenixKing 2 weeks ago

    PAT!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ProGamerTonyYT 2 weeks ago

    No more jumpscares please kids watch this

  • Nicko BianchiEX 2 weeks ago

    I need to know the roster

  • Shelia Logsdon 2 weeks ago

    Who cares if you can ride a mindcart you can’t kill a chicken with one of them


    Do Nostalgia Critic vs Angry Video Game Nerd! Please let the Nostalgia Critic win!

  • Supergaming Kid 2 weeks ago

    Can I be in it please

  • super real madrid 2 weeks ago

    What’s about sr pelo vs smg4 it’s a cool fight

  • sebastien 2 weeks ago

    here is three things that should battle
    1 annoying dog vs bill cipher (sorry if i i didnt spell it right)
    2 herobrine vs sans
    3 double battle here ultra sans and disbelief papyrus
    LIFE IF YOU WANT HIM TO SEE THIS (sorry i only used undertale stuff its just their battles are the best

  • Kasa Jizo 2 weeks ago

    This was unfair because Dan got his cart

  • Greg Heffley 2 weeks ago

    Do Big Nate VS Greg Heffley, please.

  • Kill Zone 2 weeks ago

    Im so Angry i will unsuscribe and i will unlike😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😡😡😡

  • Gevorg Vecikjan 2 weeks ago

    DanTDM he still better, because he did drove through guy!

  • Jakepaul SUCKS 2 weeks ago

    Do curry vs jordon

  • Dahnovan Abraham 2 weeks ago

    Do Optimus prime vs ultra man

  • Craig films 2 weeks ago

    Can I be in the YouTube free-for-all in a YouTube

  • Craig films 2 weeks ago

    My character is pretty strong

  • Linda drijaru 2 weeks ago

    Popularmmos should have won

  • Mary TheCat 2 weeks ago

    Go DANTDM!!!

  • theonetheonlyerich: 2K 2 weeks ago

    Why do you have different channels for all these fights. I wish they were just in one channel

  • theonetheonlyerich: 2K 2 weeks ago

    How do you make these animations?

  • theonetheonlyerich: 2K 2 weeks ago

    Im new here i dont know if you done this yet but a pokemon v yugio tournament!! I probs didnt spell anything right

  • zei lor 2 weeks ago

    People say that I get a free I pad if this comment gets 20000 likes Ps totally nota lie

  • cape ruza 2 weeks ago

    Sunky vs sanic please

  • Teddy 85 2 weeks ago

    pat has claimed to have become the litch king to he could just freeze him in ice and them kill him

  • Teddy 85 2 weeks ago

    please include rainamator in this he be really easy to do all his videos fallow a canon

  • Toywork Animations 2 weeks ago

    Yes! I new Dantdm would win!

  • Owen happy n Bensonpark 2 weeks ago

    Dantdm is way mush better

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