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    evribodi do not ptes *0

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    When he was talking about the cat with the basket ball thing I saw a look (green)

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    Ha dan can you do try not to laugh challenge more because i love it like if you agree

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    I love your videos

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    my naber made this vedeo

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    I like the memes. Especially the Batman One! 🤣

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    I love ya

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    I saw a green poo

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    Peanut butter jelly time way er way er peanut butter jelly!!!!!!

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    Pop level

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    At 1.40 there was a poo

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    I’v subscribed by the way I’m Georgie you Flint to

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    Wow! at 17:09 The ending Is AWSOME!!! Great work now,KEEP PLAYING TROLL FACE!!! Bye dan 🙂

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    Because he is batman

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    Haha you don’t now your meme anymore

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    Just do most stupidity thing

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    Dan bat man

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    I love ❤️ when dan plays the troll game

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    Dan the wresseling meme was the last one you showed us

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    you missed a poop

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    dan go school record doing maths📓✂️

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    901 min dantdm funny Nyan Cat it didn’t mean anything thank you you wonderful I know you blue hair

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