How To Minecraft Season 4. An SMP series. Enjoy!
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  • KEANE 1 month ago

    -Warzone Envoys
    -Dungeons(Like the H2M ones)

  • Dan Crouse 1 month ago

    Vikk get the developers to make tamed horses invincible so people will actually use things to
    Pvp and stuff

  • Jonathan Rivas 1 month ago

    why didnt he save his custom enchant token?

  • Chill Out 1 month ago

    Speedy and side have like 9 name tags

  • Harvey Daniels 1 month ago

    Hide n seek like so vik can see

  • Rocket Pickle 1 month ago

    Will it be shipped to Turkey ?

  • Ryleigh V 1 month ago

    Do more pvp and do pranks

  • Nicholas de Sa' 1 month ago

    Vik honesty go to Vegas bro it your birthday take a brake we can handle one day 😂❤️

  • Ivan Snusmumrik 1 month ago

    No, personally i am against too many custom enchants. It will be just like CosmicPvP; a clusterfuck of custom enchants and plug-ins. After all, this is a SMP server.
    Fact: CosmicPvP has over 52 custom enchants, making it very difficult for beginners to understand the game without loosing focus on the main objective of the game, whatever that may be.

  • Mohammed Owais 1 month ago

    You should do something with the war zone as its purpose is slowly dying out and instead of getting revenge the person should be taken to court and then people vote if he is guilty and people can be bribed also he has to wear the same gear as he commits the crime in and he will be dropped to his death and his gear will be auctioned off and the victim gets a small pice of the gear I know this comment is really long but I hope you read it and put this in how to minecraft

  • Vik’s late for episode 59 😂😂😂

  • BTR gaming 1 month ago

    Me and Vick have the same bday except b/c of time zones his is Wednesday and mine is Tuesday

  • Tia Jarvis 1 month ago

    Omg this neeeeds to be animated……

  • Adam Finlay 1 month ago

    I think for 1 mil it should be 100% head chance

  • HeyNewRulesIRule 1 month ago

    Just a quick question, does headless work on mobs?

  • Laraeb Alam 1 month ago

    is that vikkstar merch u r wearing couse if it is im buying it it looks disgustingly nice lit bro its everyday bro england is my city

  • Sarbzero 1 month ago

    You should implement where you can buy MCMMO levels using your cash balance. For example, 1 sword level = $5,000.
    Also a stat system. You can buy a book which gives permanent increase in your stats for example a $100,000 book which gives you 1% faster hp regen (or 0.1%). Or other stats such as increase in melee damage.

  • SharpShot427 1 month ago

    Please have someone animate this xD so fricken funny

  • t Ringz 1 month ago

    41:00 you should make an Animation

  • Craw Muss 1 month ago

    Just use MCMMO to break down armor and tools into iron and gold etc

  • t Ringz 1 month ago

    48:00 should be an Animation 😂

  • t Ringz 1 month ago

    51:40 should be an Animation

  • Matt Tube 1 month ago

    Just animate this vik plz

  • TheBest 1 month ago

    This episode was great Vikk please more like this I loved all the banter with side,speedy,and Kenny

  • London Leung 1 month ago

    This episode was sooooo funny 😂 I laughed so hard

  • Liam Lorenzen 1 month ago

    I like how Vik does interesting things like level grinding not on video but then he records himself building a stable.

  • PAC MAN 1 month ago

    i love episodes when they laugh alot

  • Dylan Colon 1 month ago

    My mom shares a birthday with you😎

  • Natanael Lazarescu 1 month ago

    U should charge people if they want to play connect 4

  • epicman_ no1 1 month ago

    ill get two of these cos they are useful. **grabs three.** BOI!!. BRUH!!..

  • Who Knows 1 month ago


  • ibrahim issa 1 month ago

    Vikk you should get speed enchants in

  • When is daily stream

  • Kane Strevens 1 month ago

    do the same kind of pen Kenny did for his horses

  • Colin111 Puckett 1 month ago

    My birthday is on Wednesday too

  • Trey W 1 month ago

    Vikk you should take a break on your birthday! You deserve it

  • Justin Wilkie 1 month ago

    Vikk my birthday is 5 of August

  • Tyjuan Jackson 1 month ago


  • David Escobar 1 month ago

    1:01:51 when you care more about the design

  • Judy Bivona 1 month ago

    My b day is 4

  • Judy Bivona 1 month ago


  • Adnan Shaben 1 month ago

    I haven`t laughed that hard in a while

  • Tyler Paul Francis 1 month ago

    My birthday is on August 7 also happy birthday for Wednesday

  • Estivin Cruz 1 month ago

    This would be a great minecraft animated shorts video!! I laughed so much

  • Martin Jou 1 month ago

    1:01:51 How KFC is made xD

  • Jared González 1 month ago

    Best vid so far

  • Melissa Hanson 1 month ago

    custom enchant suggestions. (sorry if these have been added and i didnt realise)

    venom goes on swords – poison effect

    stoner goes on sword – nausa effect.

    soldify goes on armour – resistance effect.

    cow power goes on armour – has a 1 in 7 chance of removing all negitive potion effects.

  • Kakashi Hatake 1 month ago

    Stream chat is so dumb. All they want is to kill

  • Tyler Kauffman 1 month ago


  • DJ FRESH666 1 month ago

    You where hanging the cow in the view of the public 😂😂😂😂

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