• Landon Sever 3 weeks ago

    Lily is Harley Quinn

  • MWP 2312 3 weeks ago

    I think she likes you xylo and that’s the look of what the heck should I do at 39:42 XD

  • Clorox Bleach 3 weeks ago

    Hey xylo Panda Banned me because I said a joke to Laurance and he also banned me in every other server that he was in though I did nothing wrong in those servers, so though I appologies he banned blocked and removed me from the app. Do you allow that? Btw my discord is LvS-#2201

  • Ray Jayz 3 weeks ago

    hahaha Xylo has s new girlfriend who is very busy!!!

  • TheBlazingAssasinBlade X13 3 weeks ago

    Just make a new gun and upgrade the freaking mining thing

  • Mr.gnarly J Q 3 weeks ago

    Either xylo got an admirer or some one is really desperate

  • Falcon15splayz 3 weeks ago

    How xylo exits situations shoot the window and hanglide out

  • Cog San 3 weeks ago

    ginger shadow said your evil

  • steve c 3 weeks ago


  • Kai Kea 3 weeks ago

    When we said gun we didn’t mean a weapon

  • LonerLil 3 weeks ago

    I break all laws of physics

  • Jivjav Mik 3 weeks ago

    Xylo i want you to be able to shrink with ant man suits or any other stuff cause shrinking type of stuff is cool!

  • Mrslime 99 3 weeks ago

    Some people say that your a good wresteler but I bet you can’t pin me

  • Kenneth Jordan 3 weeks ago

    Shoot her !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shadow Reaper 3 weeks ago

    Xylo I think she is yandary for u

  • Dimonic puppet 3 weeks ago

    No no you’r evil

  • Dylan Campbell 3 weeks ago

    She is everything police

  • wolf blade 3 weeks ago

    are you going to make more yugioh videos

  • gaming kid 3 weeks ago

    Get a silencer!!!

  • gaming kid 3 weeks ago


  • gaming kid 3 weeks ago


  • gaming kid 3 weeks ago


  • gaming kid 3 weeks ago


  • gaming kid 3 weeks ago

    Emerald Broadway sword

  • Xeno_ SpeedsterG 3 weeks ago

    Xylo she is one of the few people who can see us and hear us

  • Batman rocks 3 weeks ago


  • All for One - One for All 3 weeks ago

    Happy New Year!

  • Obiejohn Ukonu 3 weeks ago

    She is teleporting

  • Abdullah Said 3 weeks ago

    Play pana

  • Jai Smith 3 weeks ago

    Say i love you lily

  • Taren Farmer 3 weeks ago

    Is lil some sort of cosmic entity

  • Joshua Cotton 3 weeks ago

    Use the florbs as wepons

  • Joshua Cotton 3 weeks ago

    Make lily your side kik xylo

  • Teamjay 3 weeks ago

    Be evil xylophoney

  • Deonna Fletcher 3 weeks ago

    make chicken nuggets

  • Cog San 3 weeks ago

    everyone knows your evil so you should use your evilness and kill or hurt or trap another player

  • Nicholas Hill 3 weeks ago

    I think your a anti hero

  • Infinity 4902 3 weeks ago

    Hey xylo I think lily has a crush on you and has physic/teleportation powers!! Be careful don’t let her into your secret base!!!!

  • Christian Ngnombouowo 3 weeks ago

    You should make new sounds

  • Vann Yarlott 3 weeks ago

    Is this starting to be a harem anime

  • Nicholas Hill 3 weeks ago

    You should try to date lily

  • Elber Bogdo 3 weeks ago

    Deadpool WHO gona take Ower the world IF you do it first

  • Ryan Abundo 3 weeks ago

    Can you become evil please😈

  • robert guerra 3 weeks ago

    Are you sure you are not

  • robert guerra 3 weeks ago

    Me too

  • Edouard de Rostolan 3 weeks ago

    M 249

  • Stephanie Floyd 3 weeks ago

    Loner Lil is Lily

  • STICK TALK 2 weeks ago

    She is using comands

  • HannahBug1 2 weeks ago

    16:00 … I like minecraft.

  • TEGPOP 2 weeks ago

    There is lightning stone on the edge of the quarry

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