• Stany Jacob 4 weeks ago

    tm cut

  • Rainforest Gazette 4 weeks ago

    You can make strong with three cotton and worms help grow ur plants

  • Joel Gomez 4 weeks ago

    It also 1 shots u

  • Lucy Lopez 4 weeks ago

    So cool when you made the zombie jerky
    But so gross

  • Richard Roman 4 weeks ago

    Think!!! play pokemon ex fighters!!!!!!!!!!

  • Valentina Badass 4 weeks ago

    i THINK the worms help u with the garden srry if am wrong

  • Cloud Nine 4 weeks ago

    Knock Knock!

    Who’s There?


    Doctor Who?

    Sorry, im a nerd.

  • Abigay Campos 4 weeks ago

    Plis play cod ww2

  • Matt Bing 4 weeks ago

    Thinknoodles what happened to thinks lab??

  • hackers of the sins 4 weeks ago

    Think I have island royale but I have a problem I have no computer and also love your videos Keep up the good work I’m happy for you for being part of my life if I cry I watch you videos to get well even when I’m mad I watch you videos to clam me down Best Youtuber 😜😉

  • kingchristian lavierda 4 weeks ago

    What is the list Of the Mods,I really need the list of the mods,please….

  • Diamond Plays 4 weeks ago

    Bricks and sticks are gonna get u dog licks!

    What the heck did I just say?

  • Elias Becerra 4 weeks ago

    it broke the sword broke

  • Elias Becerra 4 weeks ago

    oh his sword didn’t brake

  • Jaden Joe 4 weeks ago

    See if you make a Charged Certus Quartz sword! Is it possible? (regular Certus Quartz is as good as diamond) You’re awesome!

  • SangheiliWarrior 4 weeks ago

    Loving this series!

  • Casting kings 4 weeks ago

    Think if you make a cow farm it will help with Dairy and Protein and Grain because to breed cows you need wheat and you could use the extra wheat to make bread and with the cows kill all but 2 or 3 “3 if you wanna be safe just in case you end up killing to many” “i made that mistake :p”. And I love your videos keep up the good work!!! And look in the top right it tells time.

  • #Pug Tato47 4 weeks ago

    Plz upload the vlog that you were talking about on ask think may 2018.

  • MASTERofTHEwarCry 4 weeks ago

    HI THINK NOODLES YOU ARE THE BEST YOUTUBE. I want to know what is your most favorite video

  • Oscar Larry 4 weeks ago

    Can you play baldi’s basics learn and education

  • Maarlin X 4 weeks ago

    play jailbreak new update

  • susan eraruby 4 weeks ago

    Please make tree house

  • Deepak Gulrajani 4 weeks ago

    Can anyone link me to the website for this modpack? Please! 🙂

  • Crystal Jem 4 weeks ago

    (Like every other commit I know this will be looked over, but it’s hard to wach your vids with this constent thing here)

    Love your vids but why do you have so many emoji close ups every few moments. Kinda hurts my eyes. (No exaggeration) its difficult enough with the ochulear moter definition. I know you don’t do the editing yourself anymore on your own… But your incharge of the one who dose. Please do it speringly or probably when its funny, not as often as in this vid… It hurts. 😞

    (Welcome back to Minecraft btw. Hope I can continue to watch… And hope this is seen 😟)

  • Makuta C 4 weeks ago

    You can pick up the berry bushes with shears

  • N1C0L3 4 weeks ago

    I kept on laughing when you zoom in to your face😂😂

  • kamrul hasan 4 weeks ago

    I saw your sword magically disappeared and it didn’t break

  • Dani Pasztor 4 weeks ago

    Piay safe Granny

  • Creeping creeper Wood 4 weeks ago


  • Chrizekiel05 Gaming 4 weeks ago

    Come check put my channel. It may not be as good as Justin’s, but its okay with fortnite, Call of duty, and Overwatch livestreams. It is Chrizekiel05 Gaming.

  • ranran playz123 4 weeks ago

    Think do you remember the grumpyfrom sabnautica

  • run Sausage run 4 weeks ago


  • run Sausage run 4 weeks ago


  • Tiger Zero 4 weeks ago

    Baby mobs steal your stuf bro and u are wellcom

  • Ninja Eye 4 weeks ago

    ply more

  • Ashton Chai Po Wei 4 weeks ago

    Save the village

  • Phạm Tiến 4 weeks ago

    Nice vid, keep it up! Plz play merge dragon for fan choice friday!

  • Anton Johansen 4 weeks ago

    Can you make a video about how to get mods? PLZ!

  • Rich Gian Mojares 4 weeks ago

    Think you can make the cotton to strings i saw it from LDShadowLady called one life minecraft

  • skeeG Assemble 4 weeks ago

    Pls build a tower

  • Dhyce Ferrer 4 weeks ago

    Can you play granny again

  • Dogo Potato 4 weeks ago

    plz make another video about bedwars

  • super cinema 4 weeks ago

    Your channel died

  • Varsha Shaji 4 weeks ago

    Think play shadow fight 3 mobile game

  • Elizabeth Salinas 4 weeks ago

    Do fortnite pve

  • Gamingisawesome 4 weeks ago

    SAFE AND SOUND!!!!!!!!!is your intros name.

  • Pineapples 4 weeks ago

    Play raft it’s really good

  • JustANormalAnimeFan 4 weeks ago

    Your channel needs help

  • Johnlongears 4 weeks ago

    does this series have every mod installed?

  • Venanzio Zeon 4 weeks ago

    Guys don’t remember to subscribed imnothinknoodle😅

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