• Lenin Gilbert 6 months ago

    WAIT Pete gave the sword back

  • Dave19PlayzMC - Minecraft 6 months ago

    is it just me or quif have drunk but swings fast without blessed?!?!?

  • Jason Johnson 6 months ago

    anyone know of any servers that are like how to minecraft?

  • 2LiTCosmic Dragon 6 months ago


  • pack?

  • Rocket3691 6 months ago

    whem don’t you ever get the keys when you don’t get keys content gets worse

  • BlakesFishingGuide 6 months ago

    I will sub to anyone with 3 account if they sub to me, and reply ‘done’

  • Timothy Sullivan 6 months ago

    Kenny, please fight quiff in the mine next time. And try staying longer when everyone else leaves because u can get $$

  • benjamin allen 6 months ago

    u can have up to 6 custom enchants vanilla enchants dont matter u can have as many of them as u want on top of ur 6 custom enchants

  • Don't Read My Profile Picture 6 months ago

    kenny the type of guy to eat the bone and not the chicken.

  • Shaun Sloman 6 months ago

    Just goes to show how bad quiff is without his op stuff

  • 2LiTCosmic Dragon 6 months ago

    Put hell forge in all ur armor if u can 😀

  • Ice dragon and ice Phoenix daily stuff and things 6 months ago

    i have the h4m ip and i didnt hack anything im not whitelisted on it tho so i cant join LOL XD i promise i didnt hack anything its just i used wurst 1.10 its not a real hack btw or evan a hack

  • Ice dragon and ice Phoenix daily stuff and things 6 months ago

    i rly wanna be witelisted on H4M SOOOO BAD IM DONE NOW LEL

  • Erik Mueller 6 months ago

    I don’t like this pack xd

  • Tristan Kelly 6 months ago

    You should do some more vids with speedy and side

  • S carr 6 months ago

    i noticed tht rob n vikk rarely log onto the server at the same day, if one of them is on usually the other is not lol

  • Jesse Bozka 6 months ago

    You didnt say love you to anyone. Rude

  • Love Hurts 6 months ago

    He should pvp more

  • TheCratingPack minecraftgaming 6 months ago

    I just noticed I know that the custom enchants helps kenny but i think most of his pvp wins is mostly his pvp skills so gj kenny(S)?

  • THEULTIMATESWORD /TUS Plays 6 months ago

    Keep that Huahwi texture pack plz

  • FiremenPlayz 6 months ago

    give us ur texture pack folder

  • HYP3R_ Gaming 6 months ago

    You should get intimidate max for your set cause it can counter the strength effect of your opponent

  • Angel Lopez 6 months ago

    Maybe I can play with u and Preston I watch all y’all’s videos plz suscribe to my channel and thank u and tell your friend’s

  • TheCratingPack minecraftgaming 6 months ago

    Kenny if you have the 5zig mod and optifine you can double zoom by setting both zooms from both features different keys and press them at the same time it will double zoom

  • Alec Ovan 6 months ago

    You should tell the admins to remove confusion from your sword because it doesnt work thats what the admins did to vikk his necromancer didnt work so they gave him ninja 4

  • AssassinsDragons YT 6 months ago

    You swore

  • Kenny Lee 6 months ago

    lol i like how Kenny is always ready for pvp

  • Keanu Richards 6 months ago

    Kenny you should put the more important enchants like extra health, fire resistance, regen, speed, and strength on your chestplate and legs

  • Keanu Richards 6 months ago

    Also Kenny rage is a multiplier for every time you land a hit without taking damage

  • Matthew Wade 6 months ago

    The WWII goes to my sub box!

  • Kurniawan Wirodimedjo 6 months ago

    Idk if just me or someone else is on the begining like pete and now don’t like it.

  • Matthew Wade 6 months ago

    Who is the person talking at 15:00

  • Raqiba Bissessar 6 months ago

    Why is everyone watch qiff kill ppl /:

  • anish nair 6 months ago

    dude,why r u playing so passive in the mine?kill people and dont wait till the last sec to do it since they can peace out

  • Thomas Savage 6 months ago

    what is kenny’s texture pack it is littttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • RozMz ;-D Minecraft 6 months ago

    Hate this

  • Grace Smith 6 months ago

    Can some one help me I play modded minecraft a lot and I get 1-5 fps I play xms2048 and xmx4096 and it say my allocated memory is 100% I have 8gb of ram what can I do to help I have optifine installed

  • Megadwarf 47 6 months ago

    Kenny you can put rage on you’re sword vikk has seven custom enchants on his chestplate

  • Megadwarf 47 6 months ago

    IS Kenny not gonna be here tomorrow. 1:28:54

  • Ennio Hoxha 6 months ago

    When you fight vikk you are going to get rekt

  • King Krusher99 6 months ago

    kenny is de best in the pack

  • David Costa 6 months ago

    Kenny you can have a max of 6 CUSTOM ENCHANTS not total enchants

  • Sanjei Jong Seijuro 6 months ago

    Yay! Kenny’s sword is back!

  • Natu Hagos 6 months ago

    1 hour 3 min funniest moment

  • ALLENPLAYZ- MINECRAFT 6 months ago

    kenny if keep inventory is on then u can stay in the mine even if u get killed by border bec border is no player

  • ALLENPLAYZ- MINECRAFT 6 months ago

    kenny if all of the custom things if from cosmic the max custom enchant is probably 10 bec its ten on cosmic try adding 8 enchants on ur sword

  • Christina thurman 6 months ago

    Rage 3 mean you do 4× damage faster then 1 and 2

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