• ItzRampageO_O 4 months ago

    Obvious walrus takeover

  • Drei Playz 4 months ago

    Op all people

  • Borky Bork 4 months ago

    I like how he has 2 hypixels on his minecraft servers

  • Keemer Killstar 4 months ago


  • Rocker652 4 months ago

    upload more or ill ddos ur gaming chair so you have to watch original aces video on how to get a good gaming chair

  • v. noob 4 months ago

    Did you get your logo from zombever the movie if you did gime dat ass ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Blockyviking// Erik 4 months ago

    Ban everyone

  • Henri Mation 4 months ago

    dab on them featured comments

  • mineman 4 months ago

    At least it isn’t WARLESS skin

  • evetrix 4 months ago

    U should open a youtube channel!

  • Turtle MC 4 months ago

    You should spam SUBSCRIBE TO SPIFEY

  • Sky TrexZ 4 months ago

    delete the server

  • Varris 4 months ago

    ther has to be spifey rank

  • Temay 4 months ago


  • skboii mems 4 months ago

    Spifey since you said about skycade, play with jacksucksatlife

  • bob jones 4 months ago

    Had You asked me “change ur skin” then I would say

    no u memeing walroose
    (walrus goose)

  • haxor 777 4 months ago

    give yourself gamemode

  • Mega Lucario 4 months ago

    its kill or be killed

  • Smanbg 4 months ago

    U get dimonetized cos u black and no racism on yodub 😉

  • KayoticPvP 4 months ago

    @Spifeyy I dare you to go on hypixel and chang your name to SpifeyIsAWalrus and spam SpifeyIsAWalrus

  • PootisDispenser 4 months ago

    my life sux lolz

  • itzinguli 4 months ago

    Ur using Devine right?

  • Experations - Minecraft PvP & More 4 months ago

    What are featured comments
    Lol Lol Lol, Spifeys Fans are gonna be a fan that swirls
    Haha I’m funny.

  • Yoav Tsafrir 4 months ago

    ban skeppy

  • AsianMeal asfsfasff 4 months ago

    I actually got hit by a bike. Someone named spifey threw it at me.

  • Michael Vlogs & Tutorials 4 months ago

    Make the server a dating server c:

  • TheNormalPenguin 4 months ago

    Make everyone spawn on an island or in the ocean and have the annual “Spifey noob hunger games”

  • TheNormalPenguin 4 months ago

    Delete the server

  • BionicFrost 4 months ago


  • Tycho 4 months ago

    Who here doesn’t even play minecraft lol

  • Great_Master Gaming 4 months ago

    delete your life

  • A Plastic Bag 4 months ago

    It’s your joy chips ahoy
    How about how you feel steering wheel?

  • Timothy Davey 4 months ago

    Hey guys, it’s your boy, chips ahoy;and your mums a boy

  • Springjaw The Bunny 4 months ago


  • Thomas 18 4 months ago

    delete the server

  • XGrapplixX 4 months ago


  • IzAddy Cute Kid 4 months ago


  • sajtibarni™ 4 months ago

    delete the server

  • ExoCarry 4 months ago

    delete server…

  • BilalTheBigBoy 4 months ago

    phantom huahwi
    phantom huahwi
    phantom huahwi
    phantom huahwi
    phantom huahwi
    phantom huahwi
    phantom huahwi
    phantom huahwi
    phantom huahwi
    phantom huahwi
    phantom huahwi
    phantom huahwi
    phantom huahwi
    phantom huahwi


  • IceeBlue 4 months ago

    Destroy a mini GAME

  • 501-Minecraft I Gaming & Entertainment 4 months ago

    I left a like just because of bike joke 😛

  • /op every player

  • QuickFizz 4 months ago

    It’s your butt, Pizza Hut

  • SaltyMuffinGaming 4 months ago

    U should abuse ur rank by tping every1 to a place and then making them have a twerk party or they get keeled xP.

  • WarriorPlayz / wtapped 4 months ago

    Been here since 5k sub’s but PLZ don’t play hypixel its for bad pvpers and people who moved from mineplex

  • Reincerated 4 months ago


  • _ DistinQed 4 months ago

    Pls post daily and destroy spawn with iron armoured zombies

  • Granny 4 months ago

    “Get your socks we’re wearing crocks”.

  • HenkieChannle Henk 4 months ago


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