• simorne strauss 7 months ago

    Add a mod

  • Dylan F. 7 months ago

    You guys should see if you can talk to little Amy through Skype

  • Lorenzo Perfecto 7 months ago

    Hi Kelly little amy is good at bed war she could you again.


  • pugsy nair g 7 months ago

    my sis says it’s boring but I like it I wish I was little amy like if u agree 😄😄😃

  • Santi 7 months ago

    They should add little Amy to the little club

  • shatuska elias 7 months ago

    little amy is the best and se is welokom in the littleclub plz se is so good at it

  • Lucy Marshall 7 months ago

    Omg in the first one I was in team green and I was the guy that destroyed ur bed sorry

  • Penny Mattison 7 months ago

    AMY FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!AM I RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lucycutie1360 /LUCIA 7 months ago

    Little Amy is SAVAGE

  • Jeff Taylor 7 months ago

    Little Amy is amazing
    One like for little Amy joins little club

  • Julia Connors 7 months ago

    Why don’t Carly not play bed wars

  • Kamryn08 Stone 7 months ago

    Little Amy

  • evelin guerra 7 months ago

    Little Kelly can you watch it’sfunneh she played the same game and the same texture pack also plays Minecraft

  • Evie Ingham 7 months ago

    Shes not spiecial but lucky

  • Emely Guerra 7 months ago

    who else was thinking that little amy was in the little club?

  • Minecraft Kennedy Banks 7 months ago

    Wow You got 3 in a row

  • Sadie Gaming 13 7 months ago

    I’ve been filling sad today and I watch y’all and I fill better thanks so much for all y’all are doing for us I wish I could be a part of the little Club but that’s never going to happen so thanks pls read this!!!

  • Jesus Christ 7 months ago


  • zulma peramas 7 months ago


  • yobro884 7 months ago

    Do more live streams

  • Elizabeth Hawkins 7 months ago

    Little Kelly I play Bed wars with you I this I’m sorry I broken your bed I don’t know 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 but I think I was BAD

  • Private swat12 7 months ago

    LITTLE KELLY please do a star wars bed wars like so she can see

  • Delaney Sekulich 7 months ago

    Can you do a Little Kelly Mod for Bed Wars?

  • prince herr 7 months ago


  • animal lover 7 months ago

    little kelly if you are reading this I was wondering were you live in person and by the way I am a girl

  • Hailey Sarno 7 months ago


  • Emma-Rae Daniels 7 months ago

    amy is sooo good at bedwars like wow

  • KaiKai Plays 7 months ago

    I would try to play with them but I do not own a computer or laptop. Little Amy is so lucky good job Amy.😂👍like if you agree

  • Teng Fagela 7 months ago

    go little amy for the win

  • Brooklyn Nobody 7 months ago


  • Mr Giant nose 7 months ago

    Like if noticed donut hanging in little Kelly’s backround

  • Lavie House 7 months ago

    Who is little amy

  • Anna Kwiatkowska 7 months ago


  • Vicky Perez 7 months ago

    Make little amy a new member of the little club

  • Look at my pic and you will See that I love sarah 7 months ago

    I love that mode what’s it called

  • Ruby Silva 7 months ago

    PUT LITTLE AMY IN THE LITTLE CLUB, IF SHE’S AT AGE☺☺ leave a like if you agree!

  • Unicorn Slayer 7 months ago

    Why was Sharky saying bro basically the whole time

  • Husna Umer 7 months ago

    She’ll be a star

  • taishitt yt 7 months ago

    omg amy you are so lucky

  • Golden Gamer 7 months ago

    Little amy ur so lucky 😀 i hope ill once get a chance to play with them 😀 like little club members are my role models
    like if u guys wana play with LK and the gang 😀

  • Arfa7887 Meah 7 months ago

    Little Amy must be SO HAAAAAaAAAApy I would be

  • ariana gamer 7 months ago

    Amey is so lucky

  • Breanna Schiek 7 months ago

    So lucky wish I could play but I don’t now how to get in☺☺☺

  • Yolbi Fernandez 7 months ago

    Little Kelly put little Amy in the little club

  • Little Emily Minecraft 7 months ago

    Little Amy is soooo lucky guys

  • arlene flores 7 months ago

    Do a bed wars with the little club

  • Jehuriel Castro 7 months ago


  • Justin Hubbard 7 months ago

    Get amy to be in the little club. and she is really good at bedwwars!!!!!!!

  • Matthew chapman 7 months ago

    I would love to play with you on your team epic episode

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