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  • PrestonPlayz - Minecraft 3 weeks ago

    YOU GUYS/GALS ARE AWESOME! Thank you for watchiong the stream <3 what did you think about the new gamemode ? 🙂 I LOVED IT!

  • Erik Ditty 3 weeks ago

    That’s funny and awesome. I was just gonna suggest the hypipixel server to you! Murder mystery is a fun game on the server.

  • Shaby Talo 3 weeks ago

    Come on

  • Lily H 3 weeks ago

    Did anyone thing that the buildings looked like an Elephant?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Shaby Talo 3 weeks ago

    Do it for me

  • Tyce Radio 3 weeks ago

    This is similar to lava race

  • John P 3 weeks ago

    you are the best

  • Betty Boudreau 3 weeks ago

    Why can i see the live chat still?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • lu daoxue 3 weeks ago

    for pixelmon you have to hit the shadow of the pokemon to battle it

  • Peter Galica 3 weeks ago

    good job preston

  • Flamer 12345 3 weeks ago

    I can beat that record

  • Skilar 3 weeks ago

    I love how passionate you get over your games and also when you express how much you love your viewers and followers. ❤️ You have a big soft heart that holds us all together like a family. You’re child friendly but still appealing to older viewers. Even if the games or modes you play get old, you are always doing new things that you enjoy and think may interest your viewers. I love listening to your videos in the background while I’m doing something. I love your dumb noises and fun personality which never gets old. *Such a passionate, loving human being!

  • JpKiller666 56676 3 weeks ago

    I love your video and I subscribers to you prestonPlayz 😀

  • JpKiller666 56676 3 weeks ago

    I leave a like 😀

  • Leah Fisher 3 weeks ago

    Hey! Y’all should get a party of 4 together with shot and another YouTuber and do 2 v 2 and 4 v 4 together.

  • Queenwolfie 1034572 3 weeks ago


  • Matthew Gordon 3 weeks ago

    I played dis gamemode today, and i LOVE it

  • Reecy Peecy 990 3 weeks ago

    Someone dropped the juke nuke on a few of those rounds…

  • Dillon Valle 3 weeks ago


  • Matthew Surya 3 weeks ago

    Preston speed bridge is easy if you wany to learn speed bridge just learn

  • Baby Chan 3 weeks ago

    this was a great vid

  • ProgoPlayz PG 3 weeks ago


  • Christopher French 3 weeks ago

    your better

  • for the crawn kir0a33216 3 weeks ago

    preston you are the best vids ever:)

  • Jackistheruler 12 3 weeks ago


  • ????? 3 weeks ago

    Could you do one for me even though you are not playing it right now.

  • Daniel Java 3 weeks ago

    play with kenny and shotgun

  • Lil Whiskers 3 weeks ago

    Hi I want a slam dunk please you are my favorite YouTuber

  • Tiffany Forslund 3 weeks ago


  • Ariana Richards 3 weeks ago

    Congrats on 6 million subs have a great EASTER weekend or if you don’t celebrate easter have a great weekend everyone

  • King of FUN 3 weeks ago

    I bought 2 of the 6 dollar t-shirts

  • EvanMackBook ] 3 weeks ago

    i have litterally 10 minutes to order

  • Chrystal Smith 3 weeks ago

    Sad dayz! Wanted to buy my 7 year old a T and the promo code wasnt working and was only take $6 off instead of selling for $6… Now they are selling right but are sold out. So much from getting my boy his fav YTuber T… 🙁 We love your videos Preston, we watch you together <3

  • Cricketgods 123 3 weeks ago

    Preston Can You Tell ShotGun That I think he is much better than you. TechnoBlade is better than you and tell shotgun to do like a speed bridge tutorial. Also Preston You are fine too.

  • Meg Beturne 3 weeks ago

    sup Preston

  • Joseph Gavin 3 weeks ago

    I was watching muder mystery Minecraft videos yours I’ll catch your next store deal

  • Barry Nuevo 3 weeks ago

    Unsub to shot guys NOT SUB TO SHOT

  • madmax cool 3 weeks ago

    this vid is so awesome

  • Reptar King 3 weeks ago


  • Dylxn 3 weeks ago


  • Missypuppylover Yall 3 weeks ago

    U should do Subnautica Preston

  • Anil kaul 3 weeks ago

    I missed it 😔

  • Tony Hawk 3 weeks ago

    there should be TNT also

  • Noah Jarrad 3 weeks ago

    I LATE BUT COOL VID PS are you LandonRB’s Brother?!

  • Nexo Sounds 3 weeks ago

    Do more!

  • Murat Budak 3 weeks ago


  • Mr_Earwig 3 weeks ago

    Really good video but could you please do Money Wars again? I miss those games.

  • Christopher Copening 3 weeks ago

    I have been watching you for years and do more moneywars with Landon

  • Korgie Ait 3 weeks ago

    Lol their figght is funny

  • Melanie Brown 3 weeks ago

    How do you get the jumpers and stuff

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