• Jack Brown 2 weeks ago

    You should bring back mod vs mod
    And while your at it you should play around with the avatar mod again

  • adam remily 2 weeks ago

    The metal ore may be bigger than Jerome’ s body but it sure is smaller than Ben’s ego

  • Vid 101 2 weeks ago

    You should build to the both side of the raft because the game has a center point (same as your spawnpoint) that allways centers on the center of the curent so also the center of the lane where stuff is spawning at

  • Elliott Wallis 2 weeks ago

    What was that upgraded hook he got and how

  • Kiran Gandhi 2 weeks ago

    This game is so satisfying

  • ADRIAN ATTAWAY 2 weeks ago

    Adam as in skydoesminecraft

  • Anthony Hsu 2 weeks ago

    When shark comes by, kill it and you get really good food

  • LiamPlayzmc and More! 2 weeks ago

    Dasha shoild play subnautica

  • Wyatt Reagan 2 weeks ago

    You die and when you wake up, all you her is, “Oh hello there, im the death merchant”

  • Zavzav17 xavier 2 weeks ago

    Hi Jerome i love your videos I have been subbed ever sceences your first 1000 subscriber’s and i love your all of your videos and i have bought ever single one of your murch and i hope you reach 7 million subs soon love you Jerome and i have watched every video of yours and p.s. ben is a wet noodle

  • Inferno Gamer 2 weeks ago

    I wish I could get Raft.

  • Billy Sorrell 2 weeks ago

    It’s so dark

  • Joshua Corre 2 weeks ago

    22:41 dasha, “plant fish?”

  • Billy Sorrell 2 weeks ago

    That’s better

  • luiz eevee 2 weeks ago

    do more pixalmon
    pliss jromeasf

  • Green eggs and lamb Joey 2 weeks ago

    I can dead lift 230 and bench 140

    Beat that

  • Chewydrake 355 2 weeks ago

    Not even 10 seconds and jerome is already staving

  • Peyton McCann-Ashton 2 weeks ago

    SkyDoesMinecraft Adam?
    NetNobody Adam?
    The Adam of my childhood whom i miss dearly?

  • Preston Beeman 2 weeks ago


  • Roy Blake 2 weeks ago


  • Jason Giese 2 weeks ago


  • Kish Gundapaneni 2 weeks ago

    Jerome name your ship ss bacca doggo

  • Anthony Estrada 2 weeks ago


  • Anthony Estrada 2 weeks ago


  • jeff mckinnon 2 weeks ago

    Play dying light

  • Morgan Parisi 2 weeks ago


  • SkaterX23 2 weeks ago


  • SkaterX23 2 weeks ago

    *Combat Con*

  • shunshine Bright 2 weeks ago


  • Packers Power 2 weeks ago


  • Daryl Griffith 2 weeks ago

    You named the shark after me!

  • Kristin Neff 2 weeks ago

    Throw Ben over board!!!!!!!!

  • book nerd 2 weeks ago

    If you kill the shark you get meat

  • James Kearney 2 weeks ago


  • mercatch219 SCS 2 weeks ago

    Holy there seems to be a lot of sad stories in the comments but I love this series and probably the best moments are Jerome falling in the water, going on the different rafts and just “ WHERE WERE YOU KEEPING THAT!!!” Also we can’t forget how much Jerome was holding out on, they were shocked XD

  • Syrah Omar 2 weeks ago

    Great series. Pls keep going…pls

  • Joanna Shi 2 weeks ago

    Yay!more raft pleasee❤️️😍😻❤️😘

  • Xach Johnson 2 weeks ago

    Jerome: Omg, it’s like a fish guitar
    Me: don’t you mean a bass?

  • Toxic Soul 2 weeks ago

    Over bord!!! Plz!

  • Husky Lover #1 2 weeks ago

    #BeetBacca #BeetManToo. LOL 😂

  • Robinator 1103 2 weeks ago

    38:10 lol Jerome has had a metal hook since last episode

  • Yuskei Lazo 2 weeks ago

    This whole episode dasha was the real mother of the group i was dying the whole time

  • Death Strike 2 weeks ago

    If you like scuba diving do Subnautica like if you agree also get Daisha on that game to 😉

  • Jose Nuenay 2 weeks ago


  • Rygy HS 2 weeks ago

    The leader of the ship is Putin, i mean just talk to the cat

  • Nation TM 2 weeks ago

    Is the crafting dead ever going to continue again?

  • TAK da GRIM 2 weeks ago

    Hey Jerome plz read this I’m saving up $1,000 for my Channel I started weeks ago and need some subs so I want to help you so you can expand, and maybe I could too!

  • Pi Eagle 2 weeks ago

    I like how near the end austin thought he was the first to make a metal hook lol

  • Alexandria Browder 2 weeks ago

    #ALWAYSBLAMEBEN!!!!!!!! 😆😆😆😄😄😄😂😂😂😀😀😀

  • Alexandria Browder 2 weeks ago

    Yeah he lifts Food to his mouth 😆😆😂😂 :This is not a mean comment it is ment to be a Joke so please don’t take this the wrong way 😯😯😯😌😌😌😔😔😔🙁🙁🙁😕😕😕😕🤕🙃🤕🤕😖😖😖😓😓😓😓 PS: Biiiiiiggggg Fan, Keep up the good work 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😄😄😄😄😄😍😍😍😍

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