Today we play Minecraft Troll Parkour and build our own traps!


  • The ElementalPug 3 months ago

    coffee is amazing

  • Jacob Johnson 3 months ago

    Poop is poo and a like on this comment will bring no harm

  • Vinb123 3 months ago

    ben is lying we do have nicalodian but it is cable

  • RB Bucky 3 months ago

    Jerome I love coffee ☕️

  • Liam Matheson 3 months ago

    mom youtube is drunk again

  • Demonlord1815 :P 3 months ago

    Jerome and ben should have got a point for the first course since dondo and biff cheated and blocked a pathway

  • Demonlord1815 :P 3 months ago

    I love coffee and tea

  • 2pυмp ѕнoт 3 months ago


  • hayden leayr 3 months ago

    I drink tea and I am 12

  • Carrie-Ann Springett 3 months ago

    More plz

  • piggy gamer 1975 3 months ago

    I like coffee and Im ten

  • Earth Destroyer 3 months ago

    Nicolodian or however u spell has been around for 10-15 yrs in the UK

  • Daniel Wilbraham 3 months ago

    We have Nickelodeon in UK

  • Ching Hui Wong 3 months ago

    for the next course, the people playing should play in adventure mode so they cant break blocks and cheat -_-

  • Hurt Maxi 3 months ago

    Biff ye bunz kid

  • Andreu Maynard 3 months ago


  • Spencer Dude 3 months ago

    I like coffee with hot chocolate it super gooood

  • toad mania 3 months ago

    Ik like coffie jerome mod me lol😎

  • Jm Monares 3 months ago

    They cant even make it in normal parkour what maes you think you can make it in trap parkour

  • pawandeep grewal 3 months ago

    I don’t like coffee ☕️ I’m 8

  • Unknown Gamer 3 months ago

    I like coffee

  • liam Fickau 3 months ago

    You guys are cheaters he did not break it

  • Gerrycorn_ Ducky 3 months ago

    Bork 192

  • Teagan Wilder 3 months ago

    Danny phantom

  • Solon Martin 3 months ago

    I don’t like coffee

  • Gcruz 13 3 months ago

    U should do one with Preston

  • skidogboom gaming 3 months ago

    I’m brittish

  • skidogboom gaming 3 months ago

    I don’t like coffee

  • skidogboom gaming 3 months ago

    I love rich tea biscuits plain on there own

  • Tom HINCHEY 3 months ago

    Jerome I luv coffee but me don’t drink

  • ShadowsOfGaming 3 months ago

    For shame mods, coffee is amazing

  • Ieuan Bessant 3 months ago

    like if you dont like coffee

  • death reaper 3 months ago

    I love coffee I even turn it into ice cubes

  • Tedzo Mank 3 months ago

    They cheated

  • Cardz Rule 3 months ago

    I like coffe

  • Ruby Galhon 3 months ago

    Eeww coffee,I like tea, Indian tea

  • Thomas Forty 3 months ago

    Yo I’m British and I am addicted to coffee I drink minimum 30 cups a day

  • Blackwolf07 3 months ago

    You should make a vlog of opening the box of goodies we don’t want to be left out.

  • jordon lionetti 3 months ago

    jerome plaese stop goint into your inventory because then we cant see what they are doing and you always go into it when somethis funny happens

  • Jean-Sébastien Brodeur 3 months ago

    Still don’t see how you were suppose to go up in that second parkour of Austin and Alex.

  • Blackwolf07 3 months ago

    I rewinded it there was no ladder they cheated you get a point still watching it (late) I don’t know who won yet

  • Aiden Li 3 months ago


  • Hunter Graves 3 months ago

    Alex your wrong there was no way i checked so recheck the facts before you lie
    sorry but you had it coming

  • TateBoiiis 3 months ago

    Ben always removes blocks calling it impossible when they are very much doable. They’re just quads or neo jumps

  • TateBoiiis 3 months ago

    Rich tea is da best

  • Jacob Fore 3 months ago

    Coffee is reality

  • armed kalev 3 months ago

    You could troll them (its possible in gamemode 0)

  • Dog The Dog 3 months ago

    Ben is ew and Coffee is ewwwwwewwwwwewww

  • Michael Deschaw 3 months ago

    I don’t like coffees because I’m 9

  • Mike George 3 months ago

    dismiss the coffee, but wut about In-and-Out’s new “item” the HOT CHOCOLATE.

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