• Typical Gamer 1 month ago

    This was definitely our BEST Minecraft episode so far! I love how the house is coming along. What do you think? Comment and let me know anything small (or big) that we should add to the project. If you watched and enjoyed this video be sure to LIKE + SUBSCRIBE for more daily YouTube videos and livestreams! I hope you have an AWESOME day! 😀

  • lensky pavelus 1 month ago


  • Chineze July 1 month ago

    Kill Samara 😈😈

  • Bunk adams 1 month ago

    Nice video

  • LEGIT BOSS 1 month ago


  • Evan Wooten 1 month ago

    Change the doors into iron doors

  • jamelah h 1 month ago


  • thla bawi 1 month ago

    Typical gamer I want you to play more Friday the 13th

  • thla bawi 1 month ago

    More Friday the 13th please please

  • XeanGaming OMG 1 month ago

    i like your new house i mean masion so all of the new here pls subscrbe so they can hit 10,000,000,000 subs

  • Itz Exipii 1 month ago

    Wheat is for sheep

  • Sire Spriggs 1 month ago

    you are the best youtuber in the world and samarh to

  • Wilkskids Wilks 1 month ago

    Make a pool

  • Ashton Namanny 1 month ago

    Ashton rock stor

  • Francisco 1 month ago

    If you enchant your pickaxe you can get silk touch and anything you break like glass will come back

  • Lord Shame 1 month ago

    What is the server

  • Jacob Styles 1 month ago


  • Views 1,999,999 1 month ago

    plant your own tree in the house for like a tree house

  • Explosion Happening123 1 month ago

    Make the basement into minchaft

  • Theodore Robinson 1 month ago

    A texture pack

  • Seth Jenkins 1 month ago

    awesome video

  • Danielle Del Carlo 1 month ago

    You guys are the best YouTuber livesteamer you guys are the best couple

  • Sade Nervis 1 month ago


  • Bishoy Shenouda 1 month ago

    play crossout

  • Liam Crowe 1 month ago

    You should make a balcony in between the U at the front of the house

  • typical panda 1 month ago

    How about a swimming pool in the third floor?

  • Silvestre Alquizar Yaya ba uh 1 month ago

    Find a temple and get the treasures and break the blue clay block and wath out of the white presure plate brake is un the desert

  • Silvestre Alquizar Yaya ba uh 1 month ago

    And they are desert vilage if you see a cros sand break the midle and you see a doungen with a end portal and thers a mob spawner break it because thers silver fish inside

  • OfficialEli 808 1 month ago

    TG!!! If you don’t want samara to see your name tag, press L SHIFT. *don’t tell her*

  • Lockey530 Heng 1 month ago

    Do a secret fireplace

  • Mr. ShayFlake 1 month ago

    Please buy samara a mic cause i can’t hear her boiiiiiiiii

  • Eolasark 1 month ago

    How many ads

  • Aj Cyrill Dy 1 month ago

    Get The Rock(Iron Golem) back there.

  • hassaan rao 1 month ago

    More Minecraft!

  • jj gamer 1 month ago

    The golden apple gives you extra hearts

  • Jeff 123 1 month ago

    Awesome video funny when u said ‘Yeah I kill sheep’ 😄

  • I want to see one of you sleep and the other stay awake. plz

  • Andy Benally 1 month ago

    Take 3 wool and 3 wood from Madden

  • Fred Baldwin 1 month ago

    Love your vids tg I just got a account so I could finally sub I have been watching you from the start

  • Charlie Wootton 1 month ago

    Please make a roll play server

  • Virak Both 1 month ago

    If you golden apple it will give
    Golden haeh

  • Soccer Master 1 month ago

    there is is colored glass

  • Sundas Sohail 1 month ago

    Roblox is betttttter

  • Abby Anand 1 month ago

    This is actually not a special episode.This is the boring episode.Everyone hate watching people build.

  • Soccer Master 1 month ago

    TOP REDWAY I SAID ONLY TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shane Causon 1 month ago

    😃your the best

  • aymaan abraar 1 month ago

    Tg where is ark

  • VinzEcho 1 month ago

    Make the server cracked pls

  • Tristan Buaron 1 month ago

    the golden apple more heath

  • Josiah Ragland 1 month ago


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