• Gel Dev 1 month ago

    you feed the animal and they immediately in heat and do unspeakable thing and have baby… what the flying fk these food contain???? on the other hand, japanese might find these food useful

  • Sufyaan Ur-Rehman 1 month ago

    10 out 10

  • Lochlan Jacobs 1 month ago

    We love you samara

  • Michael Gresham 1 month ago

    Your other house was a noob but this house is a pro or a legend

  • Michael Gresham 1 month ago

    Who wants a holloween special 5 hour long like if you agree do it on ark you can paint all of the animals orange

  • Makari Albritton 1 month ago

    U can get a cat that looks just like Miku

  • Robyn Polite 1 month ago

    I hate your boyfriend

  • Jovanni Welsh 1 month ago

    Next episode get a lot of cats and dogs

  • Jovanni Welsh 1 month ago

    And plastic texture pack

  • Jovanni Welsh 1 month ago

    And mods like cooking mods for samara and car mods and helicopter mods

  • Wesley Mcwilliams 1 month ago

    samara you have to make it in the crafting table

  • Devan Coomes 1 month ago

    More Tomb Raider please! 😁 also, great stream Samara!

  • Yenis Urbaez 1 month ago

    Hi Samara

  • Toyo Tires 1 month ago

    Samara Dye a sheep a color you want and then use your shears to shear it so that every time you want that color of wool you just shear the sheep for it

  • You both should do a balcony on top of the entrance :)))

  • Abigail Metelus 1 month ago


  • Akhenaton DeCoteau-John 1 month ago

    They should go to the Nether , like if you agree.

  • Unipanda 3000 1 month ago

    hat mode

  • Unipanda 3000 1 month ago


  • Morgan Wennerstrom 1 month ago

    Please get the city texture pack. it’s a lot easier to tell what is what and it makes houses and gardens look a lot more modern

  • Epic Castillo 1 month ago

    This is probably the best Minecraft live stream so far you’re awesome Samara!!!!!!!!

  • Jayden Hill 1 month ago

    Jake watches her videos or was it Emilio Martinez

  • Mia Burrola 1 month ago

    Hi Samara, you and TG should do a challenge for who can build the better house on creative mode and have the comments vote who won.Hope you do this and like if you agree

  • Dj michael 1 month ago

    put lites down so mobs want spawn

  • Dj michael 1 month ago


  • Henry Fong 1 month ago

    Do more 🙄

  • typical trey 1 month ago

    I made the same house in minecraft pocket edition ps subscribe to typical gamer and samara redway 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • SDC 51 1 month ago

    Everything is posible if you belive《《tip think in minecraft that you are a tiny atume I’ve seen people build laptops, phones,》》There is ligit no limit to what you can build and engineer the limit is how far you are willing to push through remember my wise words LOL but still true🙋🙋🙋🙋Love the vids

  • Miguel Juarez 1 month ago


  • Sam Valencia 1 month ago

    it’s in the chest

  • Jalesa Kirton 1 month ago

    Look at stumpy cats house in minecraft

  • Mello Leven 1 month ago

    Use torch and a pumpkin to make a jacoklon

  • Brayden Thomas 1 month ago

    Granite counters

  • Brayden Thomas 1 month ago

    Andre is Lucky 🍀 for having you

  • Mico Corpuz 1 month ago

    Make dark oak door

  • SDC 51 1 month ago

    DONT make the roof a piramid make it that 2 sides comes toghter at a point or long row it’s more difficult but in the long run its totally more estetic proven

  • Alicia Teigen 1 month ago

    get a texture pack

  • india reynolds 1 month ago

    Love you

  • Javonte Hepburn 1 month ago

    I love you Samara Redway you are the best you’re the best girlfriend that Typical Gamer could ever have by love you love you too I love you all to games and all of you just do thanks for doing what you could do first and thank you for everything that you have done

  • Unipanda 3000 1 month ago


  • savage kid 1 month ago

    Do more

  • Natalia Viera 1 month ago

    boring play ark

  • Mateo Marin 1 month ago

    I just finished the stream it was long but good oh and also I think you can wear pumpkins on your head. HI SAMARA LOVE YOU

  • Duge Sweet 1 month ago

    Your my favorite YouTuber😀😀😀😀😃😀

  • Michelle Anderson Metcalf 1 month ago

    You should make a front porch if you’d like.

  • Eileen Arroyo 1 month ago

    Farm and garden

  • Michelle Anderson Metcalf 1 month ago

    This is literally like a movie but so awesome!!!!!!,

  • GuyWithTheGinger Hair 1 month ago

    Nice vid

  • Lacey Murphy 1 month ago

    Do ark

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