Typical Gamer plays Minecraft! Playing Minecraft with my girlfriend!


  • darkwear gt growtopia 6 months ago

    Spiders can climb anything so you water around the ladder than go up and put a trapdoor so it cant enter

  • R_D_S_J 6 months ago

    For real life mod when Michael becomes a billionaire or has 5 mil use iron mod to “buy” a iron man suit

  • Carter Bonham 6 months ago

    Hi TG and Samara love your videos you should play pixel gun 3D 😊

  • darkwear gt growtopia 6 months ago

    Bedrooms floor wood rest stone cause can be burn

  • David Kelley 6 months ago

    This a tip shovels are good for breaking sand

  • safi zaheer 6 months ago

    use the crafting table to make sand

  • Jhuztin Estipular 6 months ago

    I built 3 houses

  • FROGGY THE EPIC 6 months ago

    U are so bad at Minecraft

  • Gerald Akam 6 months ago

    play just cause 3

    it is so awesome

  • Typicalgamer team_TGE7 6 months ago

    Make the roof of cobblestone

  • Battlewolf 75 6 months ago

    Go fishing u might get a very good bow or other thing even saddles

  • Tuxedo Steve 6 months ago

    Bye Jeff’s house

  • Deborah Abayomi 6 months ago

    Bones to tame wolves

  • Jennifer Thurmond 6 months ago

    Sorry I did not watch live stream I’m watch it in the morning

  • Fourti Ahmed 6 months ago

    Tg play strended deep

  • Joe 5209 Jim 6 months ago

    I have started school

  • XxWILDWOLFxX 6 months ago

    I hate that you are a noob and don’t know everything about the game if you stare the enderman in the eyes he will attack because he is like slender man Just enderman you missed another temple I’m not a hater I love your vids and I subscribed and liked a tip make your house of obsidian because it can’t blow up and hard to break to break obsidian you need diamond pickaxe another tip find a enchanting book and grab it and go to a anvil and anvils can be found at villages also you need experience put sword on first slot of anvil and next slot enchanting book this is what the enchanting book should say knockback or sharpness or fire aspect that’s all find three and you are a god another tip to make anvil 7 iron blocks left top middle top right top middle bottom left bottom middle bottom right that’s recipe

  • Marcus razote 6 months ago

    You cant paint armor and houses lol samara only the leather armor can be painted and its the im soory to tell you that im really soory to what im gonna say but its good for you being crazy with painting……….SAMARA SHUT UP AND PAINT IS USELESS FOR YOU AND SHUT UP ABOUT FREAKIN MOTHERTRUCKIN PAINTS SO STOP AND YOU STPPPPPPPPPPPPP ABOUT ANIMALS BC THEY ARE USELESS EXCEPT FOR HORSE AND WOLF BUT EVERYTHING LIKE BUNNIES R USELESS ……. now im GONNA TELL THE CREATOR TO REMOVE BUNNYS AND PAINT FROM MINECRAFT AND ARK

  • Sami Almohsen 6 months ago

    Nvm,can vo

  • Typicalgamer team_TGE7 6 months ago

    And never put torch or every think around creature spawner because light stop the creature spawner work and if you want to your stuff have the best level you need to have a box of bookshelf around the enchanting table and when samara fall on the pressure plate in the desert temple that pressure plate ignite the tnt and that temple blow up and if creepers or tnts blow up in water they don’t destroyed any blocks and endermen just steal your stuff and spiders die in water

  • awesome morrey 6 months ago

    On water

  • Traco 21 6 months ago

    Use rotten flesh to heel your dog

  • Konstantinos Streinu 6 months ago

    It was a trap

  • TOSSYDJ 6 months ago

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  • EzioAsassin 6 months ago


    If you need help with *Minecraft* *PC* go watch *HermitCraft*

  • Lukey Boy_7 6 months ago

    When making Fridaythe13

  • Dhmhtrhs Kottarakos 6 months ago

    The temple has tons of loot!!!!!!!!!!

  • JDs World of gaming 6 months ago

    Tip:to get dimonds you need to be on level 20 underground like for TG can see

  • Faizan Osman 6 months ago

    If you don’t want stuff then you can either throw it in lava or a cactus

  • Iris Afroz 6 months ago

    You and samara are the best youtubers ever

  • Jude Abdoo 6 months ago

    Build a house and then build a huge wall with ladders on the wall

  • Juan Escobar 6 months ago

    Typical gamer can you play forza horizon 3 next live stream

  • Viktor van Riel 6 months ago

    Hello TG. Download ”ExplorerLite” on your phone. Should help with crafting.

  • isaiah TG IS THE BEST YOU TUBER IN THE WORLD 6 months ago


  • Little Church Boy Whom Was Saved By Christ 6 months ago

    I started school a month ago

  • Debbie Sanderson 6 months ago

    Get the sheep you can make beds

  • zero gaming valentine 6 months ago

    Love it

  • zero gaming valentine 6 months ago

    Play roblox!

  • Chris Williams 6 months ago

    Do not hit the mikes and do not harm there home. 😠😠😠😠!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Saleh Shgair 6 months ago

    i love you

  • lightningnolt 467 6 months ago


  • dhogan 2saucy gaming 6 months ago


  • dhogan 2saucy gaming 6 months ago

    Tg is the best YouTuber

  • Marcus razote 6 months ago

    Tg you can put torches beside enchanting table qnd dont listen to other people just listen to me they are trying to you to being noob im the king of minecraft its true i know everything

  • CYH GAMING 6 months ago

    Get a paut

  • dhogan 2saucy gaming 6 months ago

    And pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeas play with xpert

  • Faizan Osman 6 months ago

    If you tame a horse you can put armor on it

  • Faizan Osman 6 months ago


  • Rebecca Raymond 6 months ago

    You can’t steal from villageres

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