Minecraft Building with BdoubleO is my minecraft lets play series


  • SeanBits 1 month ago

    My life is complete again! Best series on yt!!

  • Mas0o0n 1 month ago

    Just by doing this, you bring so much into all our lives. Thank you Bdubs <3

  • gamingjoe 1 month ago

    Oh yeah he’s back again. What a great day this is

  • Hudson Silva Oliveira 1 month ago

    Of course we are glad to have you again brother, more than you imagine! About the 1.13 update I have two major things for you, man: FENCES and TRAP DOORS lol I saw a review couple days ago, and the second the guy talked about fences, I remember about your bridge lol.. finally you’ll get it the way you wanted to. Excited to see what amazing thing you’ll build with those.

  • MCPrimetime 1 month ago

    “Ever heard of Minecraft?”

  • LtKernelPanic 1 month ago

    Great to see you doing videos again! I know what you mean about taking some “me” time. I need to make some major life decisions about the future this year and yeah it’s gonna be “fun.”

  • JJARED BEATS 1 month ago

    Blessings to you, B.

  • Clarke Paper and Knife 1 month ago

    Man I have missed that intro music!! <3

  • Trisha Bouma 1 month ago


  • Wollip 1 month ago

    Welcome back, Bdubz!

  • Ashford Tyler 1 month ago

    Finalllyyyy your back!!! Love to see u back also would love to see the vlogs again.:)

  • Eduardo Ferrón 1 month ago

    That intro… I really missed it, I’m glad you’re back buddy 🙂

  • chris 1 month ago

    Boy you quoting the Bible in the 6 years you work the land and then let it rest for a year!!!!!!!

  • Spino2Earth 1 month ago

    This is episode number 473 from Bdoubleo and when am done watching this then i will watch Etho`s 473 episode 🙂

  • Chic Gamer 1 month ago

    I’m so glad Building w/Bdubs is back!

  • Blue Tactic 1 month ago

    hey u can make like a wound on the dragon with wool

    like battle scars with brown wool I think it could be cool idk I’m to happy to think

  • king boros Gangsta 1 month ago

    u sure like your fans

  • JoannaArtz 1 month ago

    I’m so happy you’re back! The hole in my soul has been filled again x3

  • tess2013 1 month ago

    Welcome back, Bdubs. My family missed you so. Love to your family from ours.

  • Jaynee Burks 1 month ago

    You are loved!

  • Caesar on Toast 1 month ago

    So good to have you back! Looking forward to seeing what you get up to with the water updates in 1.13!

  • Rebecca Haggerty 1 month ago

    This brought absolute joy to my day, so glad you’re back Bdubs!

  • blumsicle 1 month ago

    What about some magma and glowstone blocks mixed with stained glass for some fire breathing action?

  • TamTroll 1 month ago

    i has to stop this video at 9:27 and go record some Xcom, because Bdubs is inspiring.

    anyways i’m back now. time to finish the video.

  • Charles Mullen 1 month ago

    Man bdubs. So sorry for your loss. Every time you talk about your daughter in a video. Gets me right in the feels. Prayers for you and your family sir.

  • Tarkel Price 1 month ago

    Pls update the resource pack!! So happy you’re back.

  • Alexis Soto 1 month ago

    Tears of joy :’-)

  • Fuzzy Bear 1 month ago

    Can confirm as a farmer

  • Master Siu 1 month ago

    It’s awesome to see you making a castle up on that hill. Cause that hill was pretty much like “Aegon’s Landing”, where in the first episode of finding this place you made a tiny wheat farm on the top of that hill. Now, you’re turning it into King’s Landing LOL.

  • Gryffon Phoenix 1 month ago

    Bdubs!! You should build something like the biltmore house. With the fast untouched acres behind it and its gardens. It would be so pretty.

  • Qrunkk 1 month ago

    Much love man! You’re nostalgia is rubbing off on me, might be time hop back into minecraft 😀

  • Aidan Curedale 1 month ago

    Its great to see you back, this is my favorite building series

  • Meredith Blackburn 1 month ago


  • Tasha 1 month ago

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  • Jennifer 1 month ago

    my condolences on your loss

  • Greyson Turner 1 month ago

    That intro!!!🔥

  • Andy pot 1 month ago

    I love you too bdubs

  • W4T3RF0WL3R_23 1 month ago

    Bdubs, I believe you’ll get to see your daughter again… praying for you brother🙏🏻

  • Blake Horsley 1 month ago

    totally do a video with Ari!! That would be awesome!!

  • Blighter 88 1 month ago

    You are without a doubt the most creative builder in Minecraft. I mean really who thinks of making fog with stained glass. That is so cool.

  • Barry vest 1 month ago

    I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I can’t even imagine that pain as a Daddy to four of my own. My sincere heartfelt love to you and your family. I hope your wife is healing. I am glad your back though, your videos are a highlight for me and many others. Thanks for all your hard work.

  • Lucien de Jager 1 month ago

    Whooooooo! It has returned!

  • SunnyD626 1 month ago

    Welcome back, so good to see you playing again. Love to you Nicole and the girls

  • Lucien de Jager 1 month ago

    And my god, the house at 15:45 with the green and yellow windows is still on your best Bdubs!

  • Wow, more than half of the viewers plays Minecraft? That’s surprising!

  • Woah, that’s glass?!? Cool!!
    I thought it was some kind of modded effect!

  • I feel like you were getting emotional at the end there… <3

  • ethan cowles 1 month ago

    Would the end rod lights be good as spikes on the tail/spine or no? Like if you agree!

  • White Boi 1 month ago

    no dragon in real life? Have you heard of a Bearded oh I Dont know DRAGON??? lol love you Bdubs happy to see you in the subbox again.

  • Marianne Van Doorn 1 month ago

    So happy to have you back! Can’t wait for the vlog

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