Today we play How To Minecraft and go to the Nether!


  • Jamal Akhter 1 month ago

    Who else thinks cauldrons are practically useless because you can only get 3 bottles of water while wasting a bucket of water
    The only use is for water in the nether

  • Blazer 6905 1 month ago

    I LOVE Deshas voice its so calm and soft

  • XFLEMAX Playz 1 month ago

    Yooooooooooooooo I am back

  • Patrick Rudd 1 month ago

    Next time go look for chests in the fortress

  • Dylan Graham 1 month ago

    Can u make secret brewing room Incased with obsidian

  • Andude49 1 month ago

    Please stream at 2:00 EST please, with everyone else on the server.

  • Snobalz Productions 1 month ago

    Ben “we also need….”

    Jerome “models” *quickly slurps*


  • stephen lorens 1 month ago

    jerome strongest ppl in the season of h5m is kenny he have enchat table and enough diamonds for full diamond armour + the sword and he have enough blaze rod for the brewing stand and have nether wart and soul sand

  • Overcomecross98 1 month ago

    Do the jungle

  • Vohn Sacueza 1 month ago

    I think jerome should make a new channel so he can start off by scratch

  • Cuvee Dom Martini Balasta 1 month ago

    Why is ep 3 not 2

  • Lavaman- Dylan 1 month ago

    Let minidear build u a new house

  • Shawn Brooks 1 month ago

    Play with prestin please?

  • #Minecraft dooz Refrea 1 month ago

    Jerome what arkmob or just ark

  • Alanna Dena 1 month ago

    I have tested mobs and magma blocks and overworld mobs won’t cross magma blocks.

  • Daniel Noel Erese 1 month ago

    Pls dont judge me but alex and dasha married ?

  • De de Kong 1 month ago

    Jerome what about water brithing

    Like if you agree

    ps don’t know how to spell brithing

  • Nubby MC 1 month ago

    Dasha is so fking anoying

  • God speed 1 month ago

    Don’t stream with Ben please

  • fierohplayz 1 month ago

    Season 2 was da best

  • Crazyfred1 - Minecraft and more 1 month ago

    Watch by next week there is going to be no one on the server besides them and admins

  • Xhale D 1 month ago

    Bring back minidude

  • The Gragen 1 month ago

    Hey jerome why not have the server hold up to 50 people and have slots for you guys only so people can play and you guys will always be able to play , in terms of griefing add a plug-in to not allow the fans to use tnt or to place blocks ex. make your “properties” in an “area” thats only has perms to you guys or have the same hub but a different survival world for bases for the fans

  • The Gragen 1 month ago

    not sure if it still works but jerome get a fortune pick and use it on the nether warts

  • fire gaming12 1 month ago

    The captain lets you teleport there

  • Mohammad Syed 1 month ago

    I love H5M

  • Neon plays 1 month ago

    how to fool people

    Read More

  • Nathaniel Navarette 1 month ago

    Play getting over it

  • Qrow Game's 1 month ago

    # How 5 minecraft

  • Zippy2707 1 month ago

    Dasha sounds different

  • Corey Cridland 1 month ago

    Why does jerome wait for everyone to leave 🙁

  • Zachary Flora 1 month ago

    Ok this is sad Austin moved in your house

  • Daniel Dorey 1 month ago

    Plz have game sound

  • Timothy Aogon 1 month ago

    Wait Jerome said ark is tomorrow

  • Dark Matter Gaming 1 month ago

    Beans mike staticy

  • Cutiegamer 123 1 month ago

    Ugh just bens mic AHHH

  • Roxy Bro 1 month ago

    Hey Jerome if you’re reading this I just want to let you know I have a concision and you are getting me through these hard times

  • Joahua Rocha 1 month ago

    I got a roblox hack ad trying to scam like boi

  • Jeff Jeffrey 1 month ago

    Btw Jerome If you hit f the item in ur hand goes to your offhand slot

  • Jeff Jeffrey 1 month ago

    You can throw potions and shoot bows from your offhand

  • marqtsgyuc chjefgycu 1 month ago

    what is noni

  • Nacro Raz 1 month ago


  • Micaela Brownie 1 month ago

    savageLife hehehehehehehehheheheheheheheehehehehehhehehehehehehe

  • Denise Smith 1 month ago

    Is minidear a joy or girl

  • Kennethenious Miller 1 month ago

    Anyone else notice him throw his pick in the fire…lol

  • Kevin Otero 1 month ago


  • Liam Danaher 1 month ago

    Were os jerome in michagan its snowing 😁 ❄🎄

  • AdamThaBoss 123 1 month ago

    Is daisha the person from the league of legends advery

  • April Wimmer 1 month ago

    Cant believe the first time Dasha asked for Netherbrick you didnt give her the 55 you had!

  • Z _DRAGON 1 month ago

    Was the “cat” giving you pizza ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

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