Today we play with the Zeus Lucky Blocks!


  • Tremane Saunders 1 month ago

    Ben did cheat because the helmet he got from Steve didn’t have prot 4 when he described it at 26:00 but it did at the end

  • STRIKE TEAM 1 month ago

    The word zeus in the videos clip is spelt wrong 😉

  • Kane Nguyen 1 month ago

    Nice thumbnail Jerome. “Zues” 😂

  • Joel Vacopoulos 1 month ago

    I am greek

  • Jhester John Calma 1 month ago

    Can Ben even talk straight?

  • Chase Michael 1 month ago

    Hide and seek on this map. Like if u agree

  • jerome bacca 1 month ago

    I have a dog named Zeus and I’m Greek

  • Carter Braun 1 month ago

    I love the typo on the thumbnail. ZUES!!!

  • XP_Crafte d 1 month ago

    omg it is on peaceful so ben can just regenerate hearts

  • Ice Assassin 1 month ago


  • Flintspiral23 1 month ago

    That is a mouthful of M’s in that title Jerome…

  • reapers bane 1 month ago

    Did u note the fact that ben gave him self instent helth for 100 seconds

  • SHREDDER 1 month ago

    Who else noticed he spelled Zeus wrong in the thumbnail

  • X GAMING 1 month ago

    15:20 list more blade or more like you are acting like ol cheatster bean

  • X GAMING 1 month ago


  • X GAMING 1 month ago

    Jerome do some more Roblox (one game you can do with fans that I know one you tuber use to do is play survive the natural disaster(I might have spelled a couple words wrong)

  • Peter Bloody Man 1 month ago

    Its on peacefull ! Grow some eyes !

  • X GAMING 1 month ago

    Jerome new lucky block idea 💡 Nice posture lucky blocks

  • NIghtFury 494 1 month ago

    when is mike myers coming back?

  • sagewage 0613 1 month ago


  • Alex Wright 1 month ago

    Zeus is spelt wrong in thumbnail

  • Abdul hafiz 1 month ago

    Spelt *zeus* wrong

  • FouzPlays 1 month ago

    “Buddy, what’s goin’ on everyone” – Jerome 2017

  • Trong Hung Vo 1 month ago

    Blade wins

  • Connor Royse 1 month ago

    zeus doesn’t have a warship ra does but he is an egyptian god

  • You guys should use the meme luckyblocks there funny

  • Jonathan Sachse 1 month ago

    Hehe he pronounced hephastus as hepatitis

  • Sion Mathew 1 month ago

    At school im writing about zeus so what a coincedence

  • Filipe Caldeira 1 month ago

    Subscribe if you love JM

  • Kneddy Andre 1 month ago

    Can you do anime lucky blocks like sword art online

  • Sarge 1 month ago

    yeah i have a feeling that the ship is the Argo II

  • andrew the animator 1 month ago

    I love Greek mythology

  • MC. Thunder 1 month ago

    Who Made Your Thumbnail? They Spelt It Wrong. It’s Triggering Because People Always Do The Same For My PlayStation Username.

  • Lion Guy 1 month ago

    Am I just crazy or is bean giving instant health ONE for ONE HUNDRED seconds?

  • Code Named Limey 1 month ago

    lol the thumbnail.

  • Faiz Daoed 1 month ago

    *facepalm* Zeus is mispelled in the thumbnail. Dondo pls!

  • Stacy Edmonson 1 month ago

    They dont do percy jackson

  • Ben Sand 1 month ago

    Too short

  • The One Avian 1 month ago

    That ship is probably the argo

  • CrafterMath Elite 1 month ago

    the buy server link is broken Jerome…. just saying… or at least its like that on my screen for whatever reason… pls fix it whenever you get the chance to I know you’re a busy guy and all so I understand if something pops up and takes over that…. its whenever you get the chance to fix the buy servers’ link from your company.

  • Jude Plays 1 month ago

    Do posidieon

  • GoatBot 42 1 month ago

    And why did they misspell Zeus in the thumbnail

  • supergamigmonkey 1 month ago

    Jarome set the blindness for 1 second

  • Golden Ravenclaw 1 month ago

    The airship is the Argo 2

  • Marfel Marfel 1 month ago


  • Marfel Marfel 1 month ago


  • Laura Bigman 1 month ago

    It’s the Argo 2!!!!

  • Andrew Aman 1 month ago

    You made my life have meaning

  • Evil Assassin 1 month ago

    Jerome if Ben does that just gmc a new pair in, that so unfair

  • Isaac Fleming 1 month ago

    so apparently there is a hammer called the ‘hepatitis forger’

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