Today we play a brand new minigame Minecraft Domination!
Check out my


  • Charlie Schmit 3 weeks ago


  • phang sina 3 weeks ago


  • Ethan Resor 3 weeks ago

    For Gold Rush a mac ten should be purchased for 32 Diamonds

  • cool what about u ? 3 weeks ago


  • Drago Bertschinger 3 weeks ago

    maybe kills give 10 points make it a lot more comparative in my oppinion

  • BillyBobJoe 3 weeks ago

    Just figured out there is a city near me called Jerome

  • Aiden Nick 3 weeks ago

    25th also jerry should not of shouldn’t of used the scare

  • NeoN NeoN 3 weeks ago

    a.r are not ment to be use on face to face combat
    their are snipers

  • DeadSlayerZX 3 weeks ago

    31 Jerome is best boi

  • Evan Boucher 3 weeks ago

    Where’s the pixlemon at I haven’t watched it on your Chanel for 5 weeks man, MORE PIXLEMON

  • Lonnie Creech 3 weeks ago

    The game mode is cool but there is to many bugs.

  • Cookie_Is_The_Best_Rabbit :D 3 weeks ago

    Last D:

  • Michael Fraser 3 weeks ago

    The true 1v1 map is rust from MW2

  • Ew Gross Weird 3 weeks ago

    Never been a huge fan of the COD minigames, but out of the bunch, this is the best

  • Robinator 1103 3 weeks ago

    By having 200 points they could of bought the best gun.

  • Anonymous Hacker 3 weeks ago

    Lol yesterday i watched ninja vs pirate cuz i love jeromes old videos and its the same map

  • Goodra Games 3 weeks ago

    Hey papa, are you going to minefaire in New Jersey in August?

  • Benjamin Yang 3 weeks ago



  • I missed this map and the memories, OGs will know *slurrrp*

  • bacca dad

  • Alvin Sebastian 3 weeks ago

    jerome how about every kill you got 2-5 points (you choose) and add blocks that can be destroyed by the gun so like a barricade

  • Patrick Mendiola 3 weeks ago

    Put secret chests in the map and put diamonds, weapons, or ammo inside it

  • Patrick Mendiola 3 weeks ago

    Also make the guns cheaper

  • Patrick Mendiola 3 weeks ago

    And make the armor unbreakable and make it so you can buy gapples

  • Jamie Sutton 3 weeks ago

    I wanna see more streams with sigils and biff

  • Cajun Crawford 3 weeks ago

    Once again another cut off oh buddy but this time it sounded like he said eddy

  • kadyn smith 3 weeks ago

    make it so that you get 25 points per kill and raise the point limit to 1000

  • gamer 2018 3 weeks ago

    can you put tarret plz jerome

  • Shaun Murtaza 3 weeks ago

    I was fasting

  • Sethum Mewnaka 3 weeks ago

    Is it only me that notices that most of the weapons are from DOOM

  • Alexander Elderhorst 3 weeks ago

    the points are blue lapis so blue team will win every game

  • Micahbear90000 bear 3 weeks ago

    I love how dasha calles Jerome jerry

  • Matthew Wernert 3 weeks ago

    I just got my ID.

  • Joel Hoadley 3 weeks ago

    Hi i love your videos

  • Joel Hoadley 3 weeks ago


  • Indira Narayan 3 weeks ago

    Jerome’s chat might be the most boring stream chat in history I mean they’re literally spamming don’t spam

  • carlysle bailey 3 weeks ago

    Just wondering what happened to andrew

  • Pepl Onloo 3 weeks ago

    I love that desha calls Jerome Jerry

  • andres hernandez 3 weeks ago

    hey Jerome I’ve been a fan ever since you played hunger games with the bajin canideid

  • Slimmer 3 weeks ago

    Dasha is useless

  • La Nockwilson 3 weeks ago

    Need to mack regen hart faster

  • Normunds Augstkalnietis 3 weeks ago

    Play d&d

  • Breezy_JE Animates 3 weeks ago

    Jerome another 4v100 for old times sake

  • Brenda Nevaneeth 3 weeks ago

    Ok but Alex tho at 21:20 😂

  • Arvid V 3 weeks ago (minecraft server)

  • Nolan Roof 3 weeks ago

    play with alanta craft

  • Lily Canary 3 weeks ago

    Nonstop Gun War going on… 🙂

  • Jackson Smethie 3 weeks ago

    no cheating dasha

  • John Tsunami 3 weeks ago

    I remember the map. It is where they played mike myers with vikk, pete, and preston.

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